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install media

  1. JohnGregory

    There's an easy way to install the brand new Catalina beta!

    I tried earlier today with great frustration to allow the System to update Catalina. I kept getting error messages that the Mac could not be restart and try it again. After several tries...failure. There is a solution! Allow the System to download the beta. Stop it form trying to...
  2. R

    PowerPC G5 install OS X assist

    Hello, If there is a thread already here that explains this please update with the link and I'll gladly read it. I did search the forum but did not come back with information I'm looking for. I recently acquired a 2004 PowerPC Mac G5 with no hard drive, and thus no Mac OS. I have read about...
  3. organicCPU

    How to obtain most universal macOS High Sierra installer / complete USB installer thumb drive?

    This is a question to other macOS collectors. So far I was able to cherish an operating system archive. My backup strategy usually consists at least of: 1.) a freshly from the MAS downloaded zip compressed macOS Installer app, stored on an external disk drive 2.) an installer thumb drive for...