1. P

    HELP ! Never Seen Before ! Trying to install M.2 SSD on mid-2017 MBP A1708

    Hi everyone! I just bought a brand new A1708 13" mid-2017 i5 MacBook Pro (Function keys) that only has 128GB internal SSD. These come with special SSD drives, and by chance I found an adapter on eBay that I had never seen before (see picture). Basically it is advertised as being made for...
  2. P

    How can I install Mac OS on my Lenovo laptop?

    Can anyone help me with this or suggest a way to do it? Thanks in Advance :)
  3. M

    iMac 2008 - El Capitan stuck at install

    I have an older iMac 2008 where i dont have acces to the desktop any more, and need to reinstall El capitan again. Im using bootable USB with El Capitan from Apples website. My problem is when im booting it from the USB, starting to Erase the HDD/SSD, and start install it going far, but at the...
  4. S

    HELP! Mojave install has screwed up my Mac!

    Just installed Mojave on an older system that had been running El Capitan. So many problems now: 1) Every time I restart the computer it goes through the Mojave "Setting Up Your Mac" screens that normally only appear right after an install and therefore a lot of changes I've made get reset. 2)...
  5. maverick28

    Install iTunes 12.6.3 (the version with Store) over 12.8.2 – possible?

    Hello, Need what's in the subject however the installer fails and all the online recommendations are about overwriting 12.7. How can I achieve the same result by installing 12.6.3 instead of 12.8?
  6. Kaikidan

    iPhone XR why 2 iphones are mirroring content on each other?

    My sister recently bought an iPhone XR to substitute her old 32gb 6s. she made the initial setup and everything and was planning to use her old 6s as a media player or backup device, but... for some reason the 6S mirros everything that is installed on the XR, for example, she installed COD...
  7. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Need help with Mac Pro 1,1 - GPU and installing El Capitan

    I am working on a family member's Mac Pro 1,1 that they bought on eBay for cheap. It wasn't booting at all. I struggled to get the machine to see my patched El Capitan USB stick. However, after about a million random attempts, it booted to the USB when I held down the C key (why, I don't know...
  8. W

    Trouble updating 2018 13" MBP to Catalina from Mojave

    I'm trying to get the beta for Catalina on my MBP, but whenever I try to get the update, I get the message "An error occurred while running scripts from the package 'InstallESDDmg.pkg'. (An error occurred while installing the selected updates)" I press OK, and hope that everything will run...
  9. Arthur82

    Windows 10 Install fail /BootCamp/ iMac 5k 27 2017 / Fusion Drive

    Hi, I have a problem installing Windows 10 with BOOTCAMP, first the process was good, lowers the compatibility software, creates the partitions well and restarts to install windows. But when it arrives at the installation it does not detect my hard disk, it goes from accepting the terms of the...
  10. S

    OS Died after runing software update - reinstall issue

    I have a i5 (2010-2012 range) 27" imac All was well until i installed the Mojave update.. After install/reboot the start kept erroring out I tried to run the recovery.. no dice.. so maybe the hard drive had an issue? Ordered a new 1tb hardrive. installed it. The install works fine until i...
  11. aaron321

    Installing OS, but with files already on the drive.

    Is it possible to install Mac OS to a hard drive already containing files (with no OS), without first erasing it's files? If so, what is this type of OS installation called?
  12. modene1

    Speech Mic through Headphone Jack

    Hi folks, Bought this speech mic and cannot get Mac to recognise it. Done some research to discover that: 1. Use Audio Port option has been dropped in Mojave 2. Preferences - Security which allowing access to apps doesn't solve the unrecognised problem. 3. Can't find any reference to Line In...
  13. TimotheusOnline

    SOLVED // Issue updating to 10.14.4

    Update seems to have been downloaded, but after clicking "Update Now" in Software update, MBP reboots fully, but the update isn't installed. Navigating back to Software update shows that 10.14.4 is still availble, and the cycle continues. Is there something I'm missing?
  14. whippedcream101

    Do i have to format the SSD to use internet recovery mode or install macOS

    Hi so basically the boot of my HDD got corrupt of my MacBook Pro 2011 so I decided to install an SSD so I replaced the SSD with the HDD and removed the disk tray and put the HDD there to wipe later on and use as extra disk space. When i see the disk selection of the storage devices the SSD is...
  15. 6

    how to install 64-bit windows on old mac?

    macbook 2,1 (mid-2007) core 2 duo 4GB ram snow leopard windows 7 64_bit (i hope to install) according to apple, the mac only takes 32 bit officially. i hear there are unofficial ways to go 64? i don't want to delete snow leopard, though. i'm in the same boat as this poster here, and the answer...
  16. E

    Grey screen with external DVD drive

    Hello Everyone, I want to sell my Mac Book Pro 7,1 (Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHz). To this end, I want to wipe it up and perform a clean OS X 10.6.8 install. I have the original Snow Leppy DVD, which I know is fine because I've tested it on another rig. Now this Mac Book Pro has been souped up with...
  17. bonjourx

    Is it safe to update to Mojave now?

    I keep on getting the update to install Mojave and I'm wondering if its safe to update now? are there any recent issues or problems or bugs that have been not solved yet? I'm thinking of updating my OS but I wanna make sure that it wouldn't crash my computer.
  18. sneakChamber

    Help with Custom MacOs Build

    HI, I am trying to create a custom MacOs Build for some Macbooks in our office... The only condition is that it has to be USB bootable... I've used macOS Mojave Patcher, which creates a bootable USB install of Vanilla Mojave. I've also used AutoDMG to create a custom build of Mojave, but it...
  19. V

    Installing Older OSX Onto High Sierra Partition

    Trying to install OSX 10.5.2(Leopard) from original install discs onto a separate partition. However, no luck as it just reboots to main partition. I'm not sure if there's any other way to get the install disc to run. Anyone know how I can get around this large gap in OS versions?
  20. Tofupunch

    How to clean install Mojave w/ Boot Camp

    Hi Guys, This is my first time attempting a clean install of macOS. Do you have any tips on how to do this when my drive has a partition with Boot Camp/Windows on it? Does it even matter? When it comes to drives and partitions, things get a bit fuzzy for me. Any suggestions would be greatly...