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  1. JuanKr

    Tim Cook - Esquire Spain - June Issue

    Hi guys! You have here the new cover of Esquire Spain with Tim Cook!! He is on the cover of June Issue (launched today!) The interview is amazing...
  2. Sebastian79

    Conference Call Performace

    I have a skype interview which will be recorded and posted online. I am wondering which of my devices is the best way to go. -2017 MBP -ipad 7 -iphone xs I know the mbp camera isn’t all that great, but it would be the most comfortable to use on a desk. And one more thing I am wondering is...
  3. Z

    a remote interview

    How would a designer present his keynote portfolio, if he had to have an interview for work and due to the Covid issue, he could only had to present it remotely?
  4. M

    Good on-camera microphone for interviews, out-doors for Canon DSLR

    I shoot Canon DSLR and want to get into video recording with my Canon 6D DSLR camera. I have read that Canon cameras suffer from a poor audio pre-amp. Would appreciate inputs from Canon DSLR videographers as to what on-camera mics they have found to work well. I anticipate scenarios requiring...
  5. T

    No response after 3rd interview at Apple

    Hello, I had a FaceTime interview, a group interview with roughly 15 people and a 3rd interview with 5 people. They said that they will reply to us latest until yesterday, but I got nothing. One of the candidates which I kept contact with told me that he got a phone call after 2-3 day that he...
  6. Z

    Showing ur work on an online interview

    How would you show your portfolio work, when having an online interview? And also what is the best way so that your work isn't stolen from the possible employer or collaborator while having the online interview?
  7. macmaj0r

    Just had my Third interview... how many more?

    i just had my third interview for apple retail store. and I'm just wondering whats the next process, how many more interview till i get an offer. Today i felt like i didn't do my best i was nervous more on this one then the other 2. i got to the point where i where kind of stuttering to the...
  8. Qwertystar

    Apple Retail, second interview

    Hi :) I've managed to get through to the second stage with Apple Retail and I'm pretty nervous. What do I wear? I'm not use to this smart/casual dress for work. In the first interview I wore chinos and a navy polo. (By the way I'm female) What should I expect in the second interview? It's at...
  9. W

    Has anyone here interviewed at apple?

    I'm in the interview process with apple. I have been on three interviews already. My most recent interview was about 2 weeks ago. I am located in NYC so each interview has taken about 2 weeks to hear back from the last. They recently emailed me with the subject "it's time to complete your apple...