ios 8

  1. seitsme

    Q&A Tethered vs untethered

    hello, I frequently see the terms tethered and untethered on jailbreak websites. I will try to jailbreak my iphone4 ios 7x to ios 8x and not sure what these terms mean and do to the phone. thanks
  2. J

    force itunes tu use ipsw file

    hi so i have a iphone 4 that i use to test random stuff and i want to install IOS 8 ya i have read it is a no can do but i dont care if i brick it so can i force itunes to use the ipsw file for the iphone 4s? or can i edit the Iphone 4s ipsw file so it thinks it's for a iphone 4? Thanks
  3. mxims96

    iPod touch Should I update my iPod Touch 5 (from 8.0.2) to 9.3.5?

    Hello, I originally updated my Touch to 8.0.2 from iOS 7 because I thought it would make it operate smoother, and it turns out I was completely wrong. Over two years later, I have jailbroken the device, and added some of my own improvements such as disabling the dynamic blur effect that Apple...
  4. elliwhi

    Whatsapp for iPod and iPad I've started a petition to get it back on iPad and iPod Touch. I constantly have family and relatives abroad asking me "Do you have Whatsapp?" Unfortunately, I always have to reply with No, but I have other apps such as Viber and...
  5. PrinceKickster

    Asking for ultimate iOS stock wallpapers dump until iOS 10

    I don't know if a similar active thread for this actually exist somewhere here in MacRumors Forums because I'm totally a new member here. I'm humbly asking for all the wallpapers exist on iPad and iPhones that's been added until the very last major iOS release; iOS 10. Also I want to ask for the...
  6. C

    iPhone Jailbroken Iphone won't download apps

    ios 8.0 iphone 5s, used pangu to jailbreak. As of a week ago i cold not download or update apps. Instead it gave me a blue loading circle and then nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated and if anymore information is needed I will get it.
  7. C

    iPhone Restore iOS 8 using old iTunes backup, possible?

    Hi to all, like many others, I learned the hard way iOS 9.2 isn't compatible with iTunes 11.4 on Snow Leopard. First a quick background: I bought a used iPhone 5c from a friend who never upgraded it past iOS 8.3. He was just fed up with Apple screwing the updates, and asked for an official...
  8. B

    Any way to restore my iPhone to the same firmware?

    I'm on iOS 8.3 at the moment and I would like to restore my phone, but keep the same firmware, 8.3. Is there any way I can do this? I would really like to wipe everything clean and start fresh, but keep my current jailbreak at 8.3 if possible. Alternatively, if there is a more current iOS I can...