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  1. PerryMadz

    Android to iphone: Handling files?

    Yes, sorry probably yet another "android/iphone" thread. :rolleyes: Let me digest tho.. Currently in the market for a new phone/experience as android is driving me nuts. So i have played around with an old iphone on ios12 and for the most part liked it enough to consider the move. However...
  2. pacorob

    Universal Apps that need Dark mode (black/night) [collection list]

    Back in 2017 I created a list of apps that had dark mode support pre-official Dark Mode iOS feature that launched in September 2019. Unfortunately in March 2021 (approximately 1,5 year later) there are still (big) apps out there that lack Dark Mode support. This is a list of those apps. This is...
  3. R

    iPhone Visual Voicemail - can't be deactivated?

    Ok, call me a Luddite but I do not like Visual Voicemail. It adds steps to the whole voicemail receiving & answering process & I find it is just one of those things that's a 'solution' to a problem that didn't exist. Anyhews, putting that aside... when I bought my iPhone Xs a couple of years...
  4. mrgreeneyes

    All Devices Syncing pdfs to all devices...

    Hello, i have 14 pdfs that are in the books app on my macbook. That synced to my iphone se but did not sync to my ipad. All the settings are the same on both devices. im not sure what i need to do. Is there a way to force my ipad to sync the books and pdfs?
  5. inkswamp

    All Devices Stop iOS apps from launching Safari

    Is there really no way in iOS 13 to stop applications from launching Safari? I've noticed lately one of the new tactics with in-app ads is to make the close button so small or unresponsive that you accidentally tap the wrong place and open the ad. That launches Safari which in turn sends you...
  6. E

    iPhone "Unable to update iCloud settings at this time" error iOS 13

    Messages are not downloading from icloud drive and messages are not synchronizing. When trying to delete messages in iCloud storage, the warning "Unable to update iCloud settings at this time" error in the picture I added appears. I have tried all the solutions including hard reset with iTunes...
  7. T

    iPhone SE Tap to wake on iPhone se 2020

    Does anyone know if tap to wake will be added? Would be a useful thing to have.
  8. nick_iphone7

    Some iOS 13 bugs still in iOS 14

    I updated my 7 to iOS 14 (i know guys, IS BETA,calm down) in the hope that the bugs I had with iOS 13 have been fixed, but alas, they are not. I am talking specifically about three of them 1. Blurred photos in Photos - I have to zoom in slightly to clear them and see their full quality...
  9. MrAverigeUser

    iPad bug in German keyboard Installation: ü,ä,ö,ß - how to get them back again

    hi there, as GERMAN SPEAKING member I just updated my iPhone and iPadPro from IOS 12.4 to 13.4.1 Unfortunately, a part of our alphabet disappears, there are nothing but "German" keyboards without the so- called "Umlaute" like ä,ü,ö, and ß ! At least if you activated keyboards of other...
  10. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Need little help for Health App

    Hello. I don't like redesigning in Health App on iOS 13, before I could see how many calories I had expended, now I don't find such statistics anywhere. If anyone knows where I can see them or there is some kind of setup that I can activate I would be grateful. Thanks
  11. Daniel Davids

    Can we talk about FUN iOS 14 features?!!

    Everyone is talking about a new call UI and split-screen... BUT .... I'd like to talk FUN, potentially game-changing iOS features. 1. Memojii DJ!!! See an idea of the concept. You host your own virtual DJ floor or join one.... as your Memojii! Bust moves out on the dance floor with...
  12. nick_iphone7

    iPhone Calendar App Problem

    Yesterday I clicked something while browsing a site (it was not a porn site) and now I get some notifications that I don't know how to remove. Any idea how to delete them? I did an offload and it didn't help.
  13. J

    iPhone Is it just me or is the video timeline crop super frustrating in ios13?

    It's basically impossible to position the start and of the yellow slider. Wherever you leave them, they jump to somewhere else. And you can't move the white time slider if it's remotely close to the yellow slider, it just picks up whichever end of the yellow bar is nearest - which wouldn't be...
  14. A

    iPhone 11 Phone calls on lock screen

    I very recently purchased an iphone 11 (upgraded from an 8). It's a great phone. However, every now and then I get a phone call on the lock screen, and it has the accept/decline options instead of the slide to answer. My iphone 8 did this as well. Is anyone else getting this? Is it an ios13 bug?
  15. R

    iPhone X - mail app doesn't work (iOS 13.2.2)

    Hello, after updating to iOS 13.x Mail app doesn't work any more on my iPhone X. It does not render a proper Mail list within minutes. With no mail-listing you can't read/write mails. Closing mail, restarting mail, restarting iPhone - no effect. After last update to iOS 13.2.2 it worked for one...
  16. mariosave

    iPhone XS iPhone XS Smart HDR doesnt work after iOS 13.1.3

    I made invastigation in a iPhone forum and other guys experiencing the same, and we would like to inform you about it. After iOS 13.1.3 Smart HDR on iPhone XS isnt working , neither manual. On Camera Settings if you have Smarth HDR enabled, when you shot o photo , App wont enable HDR even if its...
  17. S

    iPhone Is Apple fixing Mail in iOS 13? I still need to do everything twice.

    Adding to what I'm sure are the many complaints about Mail in iOS 13 being a glitchy mess. First off, I removed and deleted every single account on my phone, deleted the Mail app, and did a hard restart. Then I re-added all my mail accounts. The problems are still exactly the same. Basically I...
  18. F

    iPhone HomeKit and Geofence

    Hi all, Since updating to iOS 13, all my HomeKit automations which require geofencing, ie turning on and off lights, stopped working. I am using an Apple TV as a hub and everything is updated to the last version. Is anybody else experiencing this? Cheers, Fatih
  19. JoeWal

    Universal Treeceps – Activity & Workouts in an Immersive Virtual World

    Dear MacRumors community, this is a day I've been looking forward to for the last three years: My new app Treeceps is now available on the App Store. I have prepared a video that tells you all about it: You can download Treeceps here on the App Store. Working out - To me has always felt...
  20. Callmeslapnuts

    iPhone Editing text box when using Markup on photo.

    So I took a photo and used markup to add some texts boxes. I finished, then saved the new picture. Then I wanted to go back and change something, but when I opened it back up in markup, I could not select the text boxes in order to re-edit them. It was like when it saves it just fuses the text...