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  1. DuckMe

    [GUIDE] How to update to iOS 15.7.2 for iPhone 8/X/XR/XS/11/SE2/12/13/SE3

    The following content has expired and cannot be updated to iOS 15.7.2 now, and users who are still using iOS 15.7.2 will face serious security risks. It is recommended that all users update to the latest version. The following are kept as archives. FOREWORD You may have heard that iOS...
  2. DanRO

    Access old Neon wallpapers from iOS 15 on iOS 16?

    Hello guys! I just updated my 13PM to iOS16, and I am still using the OG Neon wallpaper which I love because of the animations. Is there any possibility to access them from the new wallpaper interface? I’d love to change the font for the clock but still keep the old wallpaper.
  3. P

    2022,Is it possible to roll back to 12.4.1 for IPad mini4 IOS15 now?

    LIKE the title:oops:
  4. S

    Shortcut Wi-Fi and Cellular for routine

    Hello everyone, I would like to know the frame to follow to do automation with IS on IOS 15 like: -If airplane mode is enabled = stop the shortcut -If cellular data OR wifi is enabled = stop the shortcut -If cellular data OR wifi is disabled = Enabled cellular data AND wifi -Wait 30 seconds...
  5. W

    AirDrop and using iOS devices as a data transporter

    MY CURRENT HARDWARE SITUATION: iPhone SE 2022 (running iOS 15) iPad Mini 2 (running iOS 12) M1 Mac Mini (running MacOS Monterey) late-2013 MacBook Pro 13", core i5 (running MacOS Mojave) late-2013 iMac 21.5", core i5(running MacOS Mojave) AirPort Extreme I recently bought the "new" M1 Mac...
  6. Drs247

    Annotations using Apple Pencil in eBooks in the stock Book app

    Hi all I have been trying to figure out a way to annotate/take notes using an Apple Pencil inside an eBook in the stock Apple Books app. Is this seriously not possible in 2022 ? Basically I’d like to be able to scribble my thoughts, underline, annotate etc like I’d do in a physical paper book...
  7. P

    My voice banned from setting up Hey Siri?

    I have a very strange problem with hey siri. I can't complete the setup with my voice. I bought an m1 macbook pro last year and when i try to setup hey siri, it kept saying "i didn't quite catch that please try again". I recently got an iphone 13 pro and i have the same problem. I tried saying...
  8. W

    iPhone SE (2022) Issues with my new iPhone SE (2022)

    A few weeks ago, I bought a brand-new iPhone SE w/ 128 GB SSD and AppleCare direct from Apple. I also ditched Tracfone (which was swallowed up by Verizon) and migrated my iPhone and phone number to US Mobile. I am still settling in, having never owned an iPhone before. My sole past iOS...
  9. C

    iPhone X iPhone X - Overheating

    Hi, Currently, I’m experiencing overheating on my iPhone X. Despite this iPhone being a couple of years old, it’s in good working condition. This overheating issue occurs at the back cover to where the camera is located. In order to fix this issue, I have tried to format my iPhone and limit...
  10. honglong1976

    iOS15 and iPhone 7 Plus - Battery life

    Hi everyone, I have an iPhone 7 Plus. 96% battery health. Great phone and I will be sad to replace it in the future. For those with this phone, what sort of battery life do you get with iOS15? I am using 15.5 Beta 4, and I get approx 2-3 hours screen on and 1 hour screen off (Fitbit - Mobile...
  11. mkrizan4

    Photos App - Memories Location

    Ever since I got the 13 PM, I had "Memories" in the "For You" at the top. Now after I factory reset my device, I have Featured Photos first, then Sharing Suggestions and at the bottom Memories. Why did it change positions since there has been no updates (on 15.4.1 all the time). And one more...
  12. DanRO

    Update from iOS14 to iOS15 on 12 Pro Max?

    Hello guys! I am still debating whether is the update worth it on my 12 Pro Max. I am on 14.8.1 and phone works like charm, no bugs, frezzes or any kind of issues, only the neverending 60fps videos stutter. I am getting 5-6 hours of screen time with around 60% of battery used. So is it worth...
  13. Reggaenald

    Unpleasant to type on iPhone?

    I’ve noticed since iOS 14 that when I type on my iPhone 11 Pro, it’s rather unpleasant, because there’s the slightest of delays every time I hit a button. I’ve the suspicion that Slide to Type might be the reason why, since it only started being like this since its introduction. I like that...
  14. jumpcutking

    Autocorrect: Not to nit?????

    So autocorrect has been converting not in a sentence to nit. Randomly and without warning… Also tries to fix tenses. “Tries” kept getting converted to “tried”… like what? Also “If” to “of” and “of” to “if”…. It’s like my autocorrect wants people to think, I’m lazy. Unlearned. Perhaps it wants...
  15. jezbd1997

    iPhone 13 Pro stuck on Photographic style

    Was testing out the new modes for the first time today and somehow on the standard mode got stuck on “rich cool”! Trying to click the reset button does nothing like on the other modes. My only option to use regular mode is to change another one of the modes to 0/0. Any ideas how to reset the...
  16. exogenous

    ios 14 disabled download updates, disable notify updates but 1984

    Latest point release of ios 14. iphone 12 downloaded ios 15 despite settings. Now it is nagging me to "upgrade" to ios 15. Short of wiping the phone how do I stop these nags? Or will full reset sneakily install cached ios 15? (subsequently I have blocked and...
  17. Z

    iOS 15 Focus colours in Settings

    Does anyone know why the Focus choices are different colours in Settings? Why are Sleep and Work in grey?
  18. E

    iOS15 on iPhone 8 Plus

    I'm still on iOS14.8 and wondering should i upgrade to iOS15. Any iPhone 8 Plus users did a clean install for iOS15? Any feedback on the performance/battery life? Thank you.
  19. N

    iPhone 13 ios-15, no Top Conversations listed

    Got iPhone-13 and restored from iCloud, ios 15 All messages came through, no issues However, going to Settings -> AppleID -> iCloud -> Manage Storage -> Messages -> Top Conversations It shows "Zero KB" I have over 800MB in Messages. What happened here?
  20. E

    Have they changed something with swiping?

    Since ios15, my phone’s (iphone13 pro max) swipe sensitivity seems totally different. I cannot reliably perform the left to right (back) swipe gesture anymore. It’s like the phone thinks it’s incomplete and bounces it right back. I can’t figure out whether I’m swiping too fast, too slow, tooo...