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  1. MikePT87

    iPhone 5 or earlier How to downgrade from iPhone5 10.3.3 to iOs 6? Thanks.

    Hello, anyone successfully downgraded from iPhone5 iOs 10.3.3 to iOs 6? If yes, how? Thanks.
  2. AmazingHenry

    iMessage on iPhone 3GS?

    No, I'm not still using an iPhone 3GS ;). I've upgraded to the 5s now. However I still have a reason to be using iMessage on the 3GS. It was working until last month, when things started getting strange and no message would send or come in. We tried logging out and back in, but now I get an...
  3. HoloYolo

    Any active iOS 6 users in 2018?

    I have various older iOS devices running variants of their launch iOS versions, but one device, an iPod Touch 5 running on iOS 6.1.3, still sees use as a music player every day. The battery lasts surprisingly long because of that, even though the iPod is quickly approaching 6 years of age. What...
  4. n0klu

    Am I the only one using the iPhone 3gs still?

    I bought two iPhone 3gs phones long time ago used through They still work great. I found a company that will let me get only phone service instead of the "data" package the regular phone companies sell. I use wi-fi instead of the 3g networking. It works for me, although the apps are...
  5. O

    iPhone 6 BLE background scanning

    Hi guys. I'm having some trouble getting information from surrounding devices. From BLE devices side: BLE devices are rotating some information in Scan Response packet i need to catch. But i am unable to detect them. Is it possible that my phone is caching the information and not alowing me to...
  6. T

    iPod touch Anyone seen this before?

    Hi guys, I just received my brand new iPod touch 5G(bought it just to use iOS6). But just after I activated it, I saw a weird screenshot in my photo gallery. Scanning the QR code(censored)in the screenshot gives you basic info of the device[model, region, serial number(reason for censoring)...
  7. Z_GAB_X

    iPod touch Forgot password Ipod Touch 4th gen

    Hey folks, I have an Ipod Touch 4th gen running IOS 6 and i bought a new one, so i forgot that my 4th gen exists, and i found it in my drawer these days, and i want to sell it, but i forgot it's password, and i have some important files on it, how can i discover it's password or simply unlock it?
  8. iModFrenzy

    Should Apple let us 4S/5 Users downgrade to iOS 6?

    A few days ago, I took my 4S back to iOS 6. And I have to say, the way iOS has "improved" is disappointing. iOS 7+ brings a lot of functionality which I like, but it is just way too slow on these older devices. I ditched my 5 just because of how much faster iOS 6 is than iOS 7+. Not to...