1. S

    Changing IPA Binary Files - Help

    Hello everyone, I use an iPhone Xs with iOS 13.4 Jailbreak with unc0ver. I want to change some strings in the binary file of the IPA to install this app twice (changing the "CFBundleIdentifier" is not enough). I also need to change the value of the "CFBundleIdentifier" in the binary file...
  2. RumoredMac

    iPad Do you need to JB to install IPA via iTunes?

    I have obtained IPA which I want to install via iTune to iPad mini 2 (IOS 12.1). Although i am able to install and sync the IPA but on my ipad it appears as "waiting" with a weird circular wire icon. The app doesnt open. Is it not possible to install IPA via iTunes without jailbreaking? If JB...
  3. H

    iPhone What Happened to JMccormick264's GitHub Repo?

    Been grabbing the Twitter++ & Instagram++ ipa files to sideload from here: https://github.com/JMccormick264/PPAppsIPARepo a majority of the time. "Page not found" is happening now. Might be looking for a new source of up-to-date ipa files. :eek:
  4. Flo22100

    iPhone It is possible to install an app without provision, but how ?

    Hi, I always believe that it was impossible to install an app without Apple provisionning (enterprise, ad hoc, , development...). But I find an app in which they do it => 3uTools with their "Import photos" function. The app install and it just ask us to launch it, the app launch and that's all...
  5. H

    iPhone Cydia Impactor Error file:installation.cpp; line: 42

    Been sideloading apps on an unjailbroken iPhone X running the last stable release (iOS 11.2.5). Hit my 7 days and, as I've been doing for over a year, deleted the apps off the phone, then went to sideload them via Impactor. Cercube loaded without issue, but Twitter++ and Instagram++ came back...
  6. Gregzo

    iMazing | Manage your iPhone. Your Way.

    Hi everyone! I'm Greg, one of the developers of iMazing. We've been around for a while (remember Diskaid?), and somehow haven't started a thread here in all those years... I guess we were waiting for Dark Mode to come into the spotlight! iMazing is the ultimate iOS device manager. We aim...
  7. jagooch

    Ideas for portable light for smart connector keyboard?

    Since no one makes a backlight smart connector keyboard for the iPad Pro, I’m looking for a portable led light that I can use while typing in poorly lit areas. Kind of like now, my family is asleep and I’m not turning on lights that would wake them up while I work. Touch typing only gets you so...
  8. H

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Apzillza 2?

    Out of all the versions of Appzilla, number 2 was my favorite. I deleted my copy on accident and have searched frantically for hours for an IPA file somewhere. If someone can point me in the right direction i would be grateful. *(I do legally own this app.)
  9. Dvorsky

    How to find a discontinued but bought app

    I am desperately looking for LomoLomo or LemeLeme or LemeLemeHD app that I have bought 6 years ago. It is not present in the app store anymore. Still, if it was, I'd preferre to have one of the previous versions. Is there any way to find the .ipa to download, or any other workarround? Thanks...
  10. J

    Old snapchat IPA to view best friends?

    Is it possible to download and install the old snapchat app on older model apple devices to view the top 3 or top 5 best friends or whatever they had? I already have a jailbroken device on IOS 8.x and just wanted to know if this is possible. I also have an old ipod touch on a much older ios...