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ipad 12.9

  1. J

    iPad Pro Sell 6th gen 128 gb Ipad to buy a 256 gb 2nd gen Ipad Pro???

    Hi everyone, I need your input on a potential purchase decision. I am looking at a deal for a 2nd gen ipad pro that is 256 gb and 12.7 inch going for about $550-600 CAD. Now this 2nd gen ipad pro does come with a logitech combo case and keyboard, apple pencil. The seller purchased this back in...
  2. P

    iPad Pro Does Quick Start Set Up From iPad To iPad Work?

    When I first received my new 5th gen iPP 12.9 I tried to set it up using the quick start feature and my 3rd gen iPP which it replaced. When I started up the new Pro the quick start option appeared with the instructions to bring the other device close and scan the display on the screen. I’ve done...
  3. FasterQuieter

    iPad Pro M1 iPad Pro XDR display versus OLED

    I currently own a 2018 11" iPad Pro and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. I got a great deal on the Samsung and bought it mainly out of curiosity. I imagined I'd sell it on pretty soon. When it came though, I was blown away by the screen. For watching video, there is no contest with Apple's Liquid...
  4. NastyMatt

    iPad Pro Smaller fonts in Chrome?

    Any ideas how to make the zoom / font size smaller in Chome on an IPP (2020) 12.9” (doubt that makes any difference). I don’t mean pinch zoom I mean the actual font size. As an example, I use Salesforce an in Safari everything is laid out as if on a desktop with tiles in the right place, open...
  5. philpalmiero

    iPad iPad Pro in short supply?

    I live in the Washington DC region. I just looked at iPad Pro 12.9” stock in nearby Apple Stores. Seems there are just 3 12.9” iPad pros in the entire region including Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Is this a normal situation? A Covid induced situation? Or is a new iPad Pro going to be...
  6. G

    Respring on ipad pro 2020

    Hi everyone. Since buying the iPad, I have had problems with Restarting Springboard (respring). I sent my logs to technical support, but I didn't get a response for a month+ (support scanned my device and said that the device is fine). Every time after respring, another JetsamEvent appears in...
  7. petvas

    Smart Folio keyboard (12.9) vs MacBook Pro 13" (2018)

    Today I got my Smart Folio keyboard for my iPad 12.9 (2018) and I wanted to post my first impressions, especially compared to my MacBook Pro, which I use daily for work and leisure. I like the feeling of the smart folio keyboard, but I prefer the butterfly mechanism of the MacBook Pro. Of...
  8. Laisha

    iPad Threw Away My Messages Then Stopped Syncing

    Since my iPad upgraded itself to iOS 12.2, my iPad, Mac, and iPhone are no longer in sync in Messages. In fact, every one of the messages that I participated in yesterday are gone. Poof! Not only is this inconvenient, but it keeps me from trusting the integrity of any of my messages. Has Apple...
  9. TomPurcell

    Is this backlight very uneven?

    I know it’s probably been asked before but I’m just trying to assess if my IPad Pro 3rd gen screen would be considered within tolerance for an uneven backlight. I can’t tell if it’s a problem or whether my eyes are just playing tricks on me. It’s difficult to assess over a photo but any input...
  10. Coolpher

    iPad Pro Just upgraded from iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen to 11” and I’m not turning back

    I have on the boat the 1st Gen and the 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9 inch and when it came time to upgrade to the 3rd Gen I originally planned to buy it but because the availability through T-Mobile it was out of stock I am back ordered 2 1/2 months so I decided to go with the 11 inch model thinking I...
  11. Thunderbug

    iPad Pro Gen 3 screen issues

    So this my story and I hope I can get some help I bought the new iPad Pro gen 3 from Sams Club end of December, it was good then the screen started to freeze all the time but then it unfreezes works for a little bit then it freezes again, I can’t scroll or type or click anything so I return the...
  12. omairrr

    New iPad Pro keyboard case. Does it scratch the screen

    Guys, I Want to get the new iPad Pro 12.9 with the keyboard case. However, I am a bit concerned about the design. The previous iPad Pro, the keyboard would close up so the screen would be touching the microfibre back. On the new folio, the keyboard literally closes on the iPad pro’sn screen...
  13. SportsPhan8

    iPad Pro Any idea on when Apple is improving the battery life issues?

    Mine, I’m sure like many others does, drains so fast, it’s ridiculous — and has been doing so for several months now. It seems worse recently. It’s inconsistent, too. It’ll go from 20% to 21%, back to 20%, etc. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and experiences. I realize with updates...
  14. J

    iPad Pro my IPad Pro 12.9 has a strange mark on the screen.

    Hi guys, after purchasing this I pad two days ago, I noticed there was a mark of some sort on my screen. I can’t get rid of it. If you know what it is please tell me. Thank you.
  15. Alaxlmartin

    Want some IPad Pro Advice

    Want some advice on what to do on IPad Pros. Have 2015 1st gen 12.9, 128 GB, 6-12% Battery wear depending on check. Would like these features on the new one in 2018 (Even though I know all of these all aren’t possible) OLED (Unlikely) Home Button Still (Unlikely) No Glass Back (Possible) Retain...
  16. marbyc

    Use apple pencil to draw on video

    I can't seem to figure out how to do this. I have a video that I'd like to draw on... think a football video and I want to draw circles around the players freehand with my apple pencil and the video to be saved like that. I have a brand new Ipad Pro and just updated ios. Is there an app for...
  17. A

    iOS UIDatePicker ios 11 issue

    Presently we are working with iOS11, facing issue with UIDatePicker in iOS 10 everything is working fine. Below is my code this code working in Simulator in iOS 11, coming to device its getting crashing With NSRangeException like [__NSArrayM objectAtIndex:]: index 9223372036854775807 beyond...
  18. C

    iPad Pro Great deals on new iPad pros at BestBuy - Open-box

    So just because I was bored today I visited bestbuy's website and wanted to view their open box inventory. They have "excellent condition" 10.5 and 12.9" iPads available to ship for like $100 off MSRP (if I remember correctly). This is a great deal if you are trying to save some cash but still...
  19. areskins

    iPad Pro Does the original 12.9 iPP handle iOS 11 well?

    Rather than getting a 64gb 10.5inch ipp, Im leaning more towards the older 12.9 inch with more storage since I need the screen size and storage. For those who has the first 12.9 ipp on iOS11 Beta, is still fast or is it already starting to slow down?
  20. F

    iPad Pro 10.5 or 12.9 for academic use ?!?

    Hi guys. On the fence about pulling the trigger for the new 10.5 or 12.9. They really triggered me :-) !!! I'm kind of fully equipped (iMac at work & home (older models but OK), rMB for work on the go, iPad Air 1 for couching) but I really fancy the new iPPs as I always wanted to have the Apple...