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ipad pro 11" 2020

  1. Adam1988

    iPad Pro Best USB-C HUB for iPad Pro with Otterbox Symmetry 360 Case

    Need Help on getting the Right USB-C HUB for iPad Pro late 2020. Hi Everyone! Good Day! I have been doing lots of research for a 9 in 1 USB - C Hub in order to get it for my iPad Pro Late 2020. So my research was actually giving me the greatest hopes of the world on the UGREEN Brand that i...
  2. S

    Airplay no video with ipados 16

    2020 Ipad pro 11" ipad os 16.1 I used to be able to airplay to tv's on iPad os <15.7. Now I am unable to on first on my Roku (which also I cannot usbC to hdmi adapter anymore either), and now my LG. The LG was working flawless the first time using airplay for about 10 minutes and then the tv...
  3. R

    All iPads Thinking about a power PDF editor/reader

    Hello all! Some days ago I've decided to purchase an iPad, but those are really hard to find right now, and so I've asked a friend of mine to buy me a refurbished iPad Pro 11 (2020). I've got to take photos in order to scan historical documents, and I don't want to do it with my iPhone (the...
  4. R

    All iPads Choosing an iPad! Help please!

    Hello! I have a 5th generation iPad, which I use mainly for media and, most important, work. I’m a PhD student, and I need to scan a lot of historical documents (when I run out of light, I pick up my iphone 11). My iPad is great, but it can't manage my workflow nowadays (hundreds of pages in...
  5. sarah3585

    All iPads iPad Air 4 vs Refurb iPad Pro 2020

    Hi, I've been close to buying a 64mb Air 4 which you can pick up for £549 new in the UK. However I've noticed Apple have Refurb 2020 11" 128gb Pros for the same price. The extra storage space on the Pro won't really matter to me. My primary uses will be media consumption (esp YouTube) and...
  6. jimmy_uk

    iPad iPad pro 11" - 2018, 2020 or all in with 2021?

    With prices dropping on iPad Pro 11" refurbs and last years stock, what is the better/smarter purchase right now: iPad Pro 11" 2018 - wifi 64gb - Apple Refurbished = £479 iPad Pro 11" 2020 - wifi 128gb - Costco = £600 iPad Pro 11" 2021 - wifi 128gb - Apple = £749 Would be used for general...