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Sep 14, 2014
2020 Ipad pro 11" ipad os 16.1

I used to be able to airplay to tv's on iPad os <15.7. Now I am unable to on first on my Roku (which also I cannot usbC to hdmi adapter anymore either), and now my LG. The LG was working flawless the first time using airplay for about 10 minutes and then the tv went black and airplay turned off. Now all I get is audio with airplay to the LG. I cannot get video to work anymore. I have restarted Ipad and tv's (unplugged from wall) and all are updated. Now my LG also does not work for usbC to HDMI which has worked for almost year flawless until updating to IpadOS 16.

My old 2016 Samsung works for usbC to HDMI ok

No it is not the adapters or hdmi cables.
No it is not the HDMI ports on the tv.
No it's not the tv.
Yes it's IpadOS 16.


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Feb 18, 2018
Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
It's incredible. To be able to correctly AirPlay to my LG TV using an Apple TV HD (updated to tvOS 16.2), I need to use my iPhone 6 running iOS 12.x. Ridiculous! ☹️😏🤨😒😡
With my iPad running iPadOS 16.2 nothing works as expected.
- Selecting the Apple TV in the list of AirPlay devices causes that only the sound plays on the TV, video continues to run on the iPad, as reported by others.
- Duplicating the screen works but the TV screen isn't filled, because the image is reduced.
Both ways of video casting work as expected using my iPhone 6.
Since my Apple TV is updated to the latest software, the problem seems to be in iOS/iPadOS 16.
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