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ipad pro 12.9 9.7 note taking notes

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    iPad Pro 12.9" vs 10.5" for a university student

    Longtime lurker here, I wanted to hear your opinions. I'll be going to university in September to study CS and I already have a MacBook Pro 15" from 2015. I want to buy an iPad for notes(handwritten mainly, but also typed), media consumption and all the other uses one might buy an iPad for...
  2. M

    iPad iPad Pro arriving Monday, can't decide on note taking app...

    I started researching which app I would use since the major reason I bought the iPad Pro is to use it for school as my main note taking device. I quickly discovered that Notability and GoodNotes 4 where the two most popular apps and, after some more research, I honed in on these two. The problem...
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    is 4 hours of battery life on the Pro @100% brightness defective?

    i live and work in bright environments. anything less than 100% brightness is difficult to see. today i killed my ipad pro 12.9 battery in a little over 4 hours, just using the timer for my workout, and a little light duty web surfing. is this normal? anyone else use this thing during the day...
  4. B

    9.7 Pro Large Enough to Take Notes on?

    So I'm looking to get either the 9.7 or 12.9 iPad Pro, in which I will mainly be taking a lot of notes with. I would rather the 9.7 due to it being more mobile and less obtrusive on a desk. However, do you guys think the 9.7 is large enough to be taking notes with all the time? Thanks!