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  1. FireFish

    The 'Magic' Keyboard for the iPad Pro 12" - Am I the only crazy one here?

    Why in Zeus's Infinite Wisdom is this Magic Keyboard worth $350? :apple:🙄🤫🤭🤔 Have we all gone mad, or am I alone on this? :rolleyes: Also, what's so 'magical' about it? I dig the fact that the cursor appears on the screen, but that's worth $350? You can't even tweak shortcut keys the way you'd...
  2. Mac47

    Silicone cover for Magic Keyboard?

    Is anyone making a silicone keyboard protector (like this) for the Magic Keyboard? I’d like to keep dust and grime from getting under the keys.
  3. T

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9” (2018) Screen help

    The other day a drink spilled in the bag my wife’s iPad Pro was in. A tiny bit of liquid got on the bottom edge of the iPad, where the charging port is. When she went to charge the iPad, nothing happened. When I looked in the port, it looked like the contacts had some gunk on them. I worked to...
  4. A

    iPad Pro Magic Keyboard Coil Whine

    I got my Magic Keyboard for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro today. When charging with cable plugged in the Magic Keyboard it does make a sound similar to coil whine. I checked this with an Apple 18W and 30W Charger with original cables both 1 and 2 meters. It makes the sound when the iPad is attached and...
  5. S

    iPad Pro Ipad pro 10.5 restarts after 3 minutes

    I've just got my ipad back from getting a screen replacement. I put it on charge and went to use use and it restarted by its self and then does so after 3ish minutes. I've deleted all my apps and reset the setting and tried a hard reset but nothing worked. It's currently on 13.3.1 but it won't...
  6. L

    iPad Pro How’s Your 2020 iPad Pro Battery Life?

    My 2020 12.9” is getting me 8-10 hours of use. Random googling shows this to be around normal, while the 2018 model gets over 13 hours. Given that the soc is almost the same, as is the display, battery etc, I’m not sure why we see the reduced battery life. what are you guys getting?
  7. V

    Need helping choosing MacBook Pro vs iPad Pro upgrade

    I am an owner of a Mid- 2014 13' MacBook Pro 2.8 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3, Intel Iris 1536 MB, 512 GB SSD in macOS 10.15.4, and a 64 GB iPad Air 2, as well as an iPhone 11. I am a junior in college and have had the MacBook Pro for all of my college years. However, I am not...
  8. B

    Can anyone recommend a good full keyboard case for iPad Pro?

    Hey everyone! I've been using the Smart Keyboard Folio on my 12.9" and it's okay I guess. It works, so no issue there. The problem I've been getting into is I get used to the short key travel from my Folio (especially after heavy use during the weekend), and when I come back to my MacBook Pro...
  9. Mr. Awesome

    Should I get the iPad Pro & Magic Keyboard?

    My current setup is: iPhone XR 2017 MacBook Pro 15" iPad mini 3 I'm looking at probably replacing the iPad mini 3 with an 11" iPad Pro to supplement my Mac. I am also very interested in getting the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, but most of the reviews say it is mostly only necessary if you're...
  10. M

    iPad Pro Can’t decide between my 2020 12 inch or 11 - which screen quality is better

    Hey guys, so I got both the 12 and the 11 and I’m super OCD when it comes to clear white displays with even backlighting. Which display do you think is better based on the pics? In person the 12 inch seems to have a colder white, but does the 11 inch look yellow to y’all? The photos are with and...
  11. C

    Apple Pencil loses responsiveness?

    Howdy - I’ve got an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I’ve been using it for 2 years with the Paper App, and the pencil has been super responsive. Suddenly this is not the case. The pencil is not responsive at all. So I can’t draw curved lines. The pencil is charged, the iPad is charged, all...
  12. W

    iPad The iPad Pro is really starting to cause my Android and Windows fanboy shell to crumble.

    Originally from Reddit but no one seems to be responding there so... To put it shortly, since 2015 I've been known by everyone I meet as the Apple hater outlier, as most of everyone I knew had iPhones and Macs. Half of my extended family is South American in origin and a lot of them are very...
  13. N

    iPad Pro Magic Keyboard (Battery Drain?)

    Is it me, or this thing draining the iPad’s battery when not in use? 100% @ 3pm, no use at all and now 80% @ 5pm. Any one else seeing this? Thanks. *11 inch iPad Pro (2018), with 13.4.1 iPad OS
  14. E

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11” is the best Apple device I’ve ever owned.

    Long time reader but I don’t create many threads. I recognise this isn’t the best one but I just wanted to say that having used Apple devices for many, many years, the iPad Pro 11” is the best Apple device I’ve owned. It’s almost perfect. It’s incredible. For reference, I have a MBP, iPhone...
  15. X

    iPad Pro iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard makes me question ARM MacBooks

    So now that the iPad Pro can be paired with a full featured Magic Keyboard case, and even cheaper iPads also have 'laptop-like' keyboard with trackpad cases, I must question the actual purpose of ARM-based MacBooks, which seem like coming sooner rather than later. Of course we won't know until...
  16. ppenn

    iPad Pro Brand new iPad Pro Replacement...

    Just got a brand new iPad pro and it was DOA. Of course Apple offered to express ship me a replacement unit but had stores been open I know my local store would have exchanged me a new retail unit so that's what I requested Apple phone support do. It has seemed to cause a bit of a headache. I...
  17. W

    iPad Pro What is everyone’s experience with a refurbished iPad Pro

    So i‘m debating whether to buy a refurb 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 256GB or 11 inch 2020 iPad Pro 128GB but I’m unsure cause of I have never bought refurbished from Apple
  18. I

    Seeking 2020 Best Value Buying Advice

    Hello everyone! My family is currently sporting a late 2009 iMac (yup). It's nearing the end of its road. It's been a brave warrior, but after many years, I need to look into a replacement machine for family use, including some typical home/office use and occasional light engineering work...
  19. Z

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 inch or Macbook Air

    Hi, so I moved recently and my 2012 27 inch iMac no longer really fits my space as I have to share deskspace with my work from home setup (permanently, not just for Corona) which has 2 24 inch monitors. My computing needs are pretty basic at this point. I used to be a gamer, but for the past...
  20. F

    iPad Pro Buy now or wait?

    I have a question to ask you, I don't know whether to buy the iPad Pro just released or wait for the end of the year/beginning of 2021, since I believe that the new update is not sufficiently "innovative", on the other hand, who gives me the certainty that Apple brings out a further update...