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ipad pro

  1. A

    iPad Pro iPad Pro m1 12.9 oleophobic layer wears off?

    Hi Guys, I noticed a small “smudge” on my m1 iPad Pro 12.9 screen. I tried to remove with glass cleaner cloth and it helped but its still there if i touch this area with my finger. I think, it looks like that the oleophobic layer wears off … I attach some pictures to this thread. Is anyone...
  2. P

    iPadOS 16 - "Pinch To Exit Apps" gesture buggy/missing

    Just updated to iPadOS 16 on my M1 iPad Pro 11 inch, and the four finger "pinch to exit apps" gesture has now been removed. In its place is a prompt saying "nothing to copy to clipboard". I know Apple implemented the pinch gesture for copy and paste, but seems odd that they before the gesture...
  3. W

    iPad Pro There seems to be an issue with the Notes app on iPadOS 15.

    I was able to replicate this issue with multiple Apple Pencil and iPad Pro units at the Apple Store, even when Wi-Fi was turned off (which caused one of them to think it was being stolen and make a loud alarm sound, guess it was a first for the employees there who were more than understanding...
  4. F23

    Sell 12.9 iPad Pro & Mac Mini for 14" 2021 MBP?

    I have a 16 inch 2021 MBP. Also have an M1 Mac Mini (worth $360 resale), and a 12.9" 2021 iPad Pro (worth $670 resale). The Mac Mini & iPad were my daily drivers, until I got the 16 inch MBP this April. Now I don't use the iPad anymore. Mac Mini is hooked up to 49" Samsung Odyssey G9. I use...
  5. BhaveshUK

    iPad Everything you wanted to know about using Sidecar on iPad

    Good evening everyone!, I hope you are staying safe and well. I have created a YouTube video and transcript about how you can use your iPad as a second monitor for your Mac using Sidecar. Admittedly, I'm feeling a little discouraged with the video and debating whether I'll be continuing my...
  6. U

    iPad iPad cannot handle copying large videos from microSD, corrupts / destroys the file, then "content unavailable"

    iPadOS is not ready to be a laptop replacement for professional creatives if it can't handle basic tasks like copying files from a SD/microSD card. This has occurred multiple times across many months and multiple iPadOS updates: 1. Take microSD card (exFAT format) from GoPro/drone (videos...
  7. slplss

    iPad Pro Editing in LumaFusion for iPad with USB 3.2 Gen 2 SSD is a nightmare, would Thunderbolt drive help?

    I got over losing about a third of my Norway trip files thanks to iPadOS file copy corruption issue. I will never trust it to copy files from microSD to SSD again. But I want to keep editing videos in LumaFusion. It’s fun, and I take my iPP everywhere. There’s the issue: when editing 4k30fps HDR...
  8. TopGuy1104

    All iPads Any chance if i wanna take my iPad to me to a sports stadium with strict policies, would any one of these two these cases be fine?

    I would like to find out if I can take my iPad to a sports stadium with any of these two cases I have which i attached onto here. These cases can carry any of my belonging, my phone, wallet, etc and i’d like to have this type of case for traveling. Would it work out or not?
  9. Mezelluf

    iPad Wallpapers I made.

    I'll be posting all the iPhone wallpapers I make here and you can also make a request, enjoy! :)
  10. M

    iPad Magic Keyboard Backlit is Finally Adjustable from Control Centre!

    Today, I updated to iPadOS 15.4 Beta. Just randomly, I opened control centre settings to organize a few controls and……what I saw was that, Apple has finally provided an option to control the Magic Keyboard’s backlit brightness DIRECTLY from the control centre! Previously, the only way to adjust...
  11. TheSynchronizer

    iPadOS 15 is the buggiest OS Apple has ever released

    Hello, As title says. I mean it’s just unbelievable, we’re 3 months or so away from WWDC and iPadOS 15 is just an absolute mess. I love using both my macbook and my iPhone and have generally very smooth experiences with both of them, but iPadOS is just a complete disaster. I genuinely cant go...
  12. AstroRexaur

    iPad Air So, in what position iPad Pro 11" M1 stands now?

    I saw the apple event and was a little upset! Apple unveiled the new iPad Air and is practically the same as the iPad Pro 11" M1 (I owned months ago). So, my question is: there will be, in a future, a "biggest update" to the iPad Pro? based that Apple already transfer all the power from the Pro...
  13. fearless22

    iPad Final Cut for iPadOS 16

    Now that LumaFusion has announced availability for Android is coming before summer, which would match perfectly with WWDC's, is there any chance Apple finally brings Final Cut to iPadOS? And if so which hardware requirements are likely to be set for "compatibility"?
  14. Rainshadow

    iPad Pro Squeeze Clicking

    This is NOT a “gate” and it hasn’t affected performance, however, I was wondering what the hive mind thought of this. When I pick up my 12.9 iPP (2021) I can pretty regularly get a light “click” as if the case and screen are being squeezed enough to “click” together or on something inside...
  15. jumpcutking

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 3rd Gen to M1, should I upgrade?

    Should I upgrade? Yes, it’s one of those posts. So I have a 3rd generation (one camera at the back) iPad Pro 256g ( 220g is always free). I use it mainly for notes and sometimes for sideloading messages during meetings - quickly send a message while taking notes. I do A LOT of...
  16. I

    MS Project on iPad

    Any idea on MS Project good alternatives over iPad.
  17. Z

    iPad Pro Missing Callander entries after resetting iPad pro

    Just erased my iPad Pro 11 3rd generation and Callander has missing appointments yet they ar3vall there in iphone and other iPad mini any idea how to get these as the6 were all there before this
  18. Z

    iPad Separate user accounts on iPad Pro 11 3rd gen

    Can I set up separate log on account for myself and my wife on my iPad latest iOS version like on MacBook Thanks
  19. J

    iPad Pro Samsung T5 Issue

    Hi there, So I bought a used T5 from ebay to use specifically as a back up drive for my large iCloud Photo Library. Yesterday I selected a few hundred pictures starting from the beginning of my library, clicked Saved To Files, waited for them to download from the Cloud and saved them onto my...
  20. I

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 Help

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster! I’m finally in the market for a 12.9 iPad Pro, was going to purchase just after Christmas in the new year. Do you think I would be better off waiting for the new versions which are rumoured if they’re due to drop in March/April? It’s not...