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  1. TopGuy1104

    All iPads iPad Air 4 as a laptop replacement and get a desktop or that and go for the pro?

    I'm thinking of selling my gaming laptop and replacing it with a gaming desktop while using my iPad to replace my laptop for doing my work on the go. I have owned the iPad Air 4 since November and despite how powerful the Pro is, I feel as the Air is more than capable to fulfil my needs and is...
  2. gfiore

    Magic Keyboard Durability/Reliability

    To all owners of the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, how are your keyboards holding up? Are they prone to failure? Do they get dirty? Do you use them every day or here and there? Etc. Thanks in advance for the feedback!
  3. P

    iPad Pro Where are our M1-Exclusive iPad OS Features?

    The article below references how several Mac OS Monterrey features are not available on Intel Macs and only available on M1 Macs. Seeing as how they’re cutting out people who made purchases that costed thousands of dollars, only a couple years ago, WHERE are our M1 iPad OS 15 features...
  4. P

    iPad Pro Difference in Experience Between the 8 GB and the 16 GB M1 Pro Models?

    Hey all, I am still not quite sure about this, as there have been a few comparison videos so far and things weren't clear from those. is there really no noticeable difference at this point between the experience of having an 8 GB model vs a 16 GB model, except for storage?
  5. S

    iPad Pro future of iPad Pro

    Well, the 2021 iPad Pro has been released to the wild and has been out for a month or so. It has the new M1 chip, mini led, up to 16gb ram and 2 tb storage. So where does Apple go from here? I can't use the available ram and probably will never be able to use a tb of storage or more without...
  6. Stuey3D

    Apple Music Cheap DAC for Hi-Res Lossless on USB-C iPad

    Hi all below is an Amazon link for a USB-C DAC that I use myself on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9 this works perfectly with Apple Music Hi-Res Lossless and for £16 for 2 you cant really go wrong. It claims in iOS that it can do 384Khz 32Bit Audio and Apple Music works perfectly with it so it must be...
  7. suyashsrij28

    iPad Pro iPad Pro return after deadline

    It’s been over 2 weeks since I got the iPad Pro and I now would like to return it. I started the returns process online on Thursday (1 day before the 14 day deadline) and the return instructions say I need to ship it back to Apple by June 19th. Can I take the iPad Pro back to the Apple Store I...
  8. P

    iPad Pro What would you Need to See at WWDC to keep your M1 iPad?

    Hey all, so it’s no surprise at this point that a bunch of people are thinking of returning their M1 iPads based on WWDC. One of the things brought up is Pro apps, though that could mean different things. For example, if they just bring in Final Cut Pro and I see nothing about Xcode or things...
  9. raqball

    iPad Pro New Magic Keyboard backlighting

    Picked up the 12.9” Pro with 512 SSD and the new Magic Keyboard to go with it. I am trying to see if I can use this as a laptop replacement… I am a home user so I am thinking this is doable.. Now to my issue.. The backlighting on the KB only activates when the room is almost pitch black. In the...
  10. psycoperl

    Does the $300 iPadPro "Magic" Keyboard Case that allow use of pencil and handheld usage

    I recently purchased the new iPad Pro 12.9 with the Apple Pencil and "Magic Keyboard" case. I am noticing a few things: I am unable to really change the angle that the iPad is displayed at, which may be an issue when I try to use it while standing at a counter and sitting at a desk. While in...
  11. cameron326

    iPad Pro iPad Pro - but what mic setup?

    Hi all. I'm upgrading from a 2017 iPad and looking at getting an iPad Pro. I use my iPad for work - recording video (front camera) and sound. Although the video recording of my 2017 wasn't the best clarity wise it was sufficient - and for sound quality I just popped in a Shure MV88 mic which got...
  12. pmorales

    iPad Scratch or hairline crack? Brand new iPad Pro 11 2020

    I bought a new iPad Pro 11 (2020) 3 days ago and I received yesterday. I was installing the screen protector when I noticed what it seemed to be a tiny scratch/hairline crack on the bottom right corner of the screen. The scratch/crack is almost impossible to notice unless you put the iPad...
  13. Devyn89

    iPad Pro 11” iPad Pro + MacBook Air or 12.9” iPad Pro?

    Howdy y’all Presently I’m trying to decode what the best solution for my needs is and I’m curious to hear some of your opinions. I don’t need you to tell me what is best for me, but what your experience has been. First a little background. Currently I have a 2018 11” iPad Pro, pencil and Magic...
  14. S

    iPadOS Photos app freezing when using Magic Keyboard

    I’m experiencing this issue with Photos App on iPad Pro 12.9”, iPadOS 14.6. Photos app freezes when I switch between days/months/years and scroll up & down a bit. It stops responding and I have to kill & reopen it. This only happens when Magic Keyboard is connected. I have two 12.9” iPad Pros...
  15. dukee101

    iPad Pro Convince me to keep my 2021 iPad Pro 11"

    I've had a 2018 iPad Pro 11" for a few years now and loved it. I'm a heavy Mac user but the iPad has its place for me, despite all the shortcomings of iPadOS. I use it mainly as my "meeting computer", keeping my M1 MBP docked on my desk while I go back and forth to meetings throughout the day...
  16. M

    iPad Pro M1 iPad Pro 2021, 12.9 - Battery Capacity % (Coconut Battery/iMazing)

    How is everyone’s rated battery capacity ? = Full Charge Capacity (mAh) / Design Capacity (of 10770mAh) Using either Coconut Battery (Mac), iMazing (Mac/Windows) to get the % from the iPad logs, mine only shows Full Charge Capacity of 10471mAh = 97.2% for a New 1cycle iPad for me ! iMazing...
  17. Ds6778

    iPad Pro I dislike the Mini LED display.

    Anyone else noticing black crush, or smearing? Also, there’s a “shadow” that’s along the entire border. Also, this blooming issue is very present on mine. Slight blue shift as well. Not nearly as bad as the blooming IMO. What do you all think? Bad unit? This article was very informative in...
  18. jaziCo

    iPad Pro New iPad 12.9 8GB Ram - Lightroom stuttering when editing

    Hey Gang, Like a lot of you, I got my the new iPad 12.9 256GB yesterday. As most of you are aware by now, anything less than the 1TB model has 8GB RAM, and 1TB and above has double (16gb). I was working on Lightroom last night, editing a raw photo (about 350MB), and when making edits in...
  19. purdnost

    iPad Pro Anyone Else Have This Bug with Their New iPad Pro Backup Icon?

    Settings > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups My new 5th generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro backup icon is the generic placeholder (or default, blank) with the black circles and lines. I tried deleting the backup and backing up again, but the issue persists.
  20. P

    iPad Pro Practical Uses of 16 GB of RAM?

    Hey all, So here it is. iPads are out. One of the novel features this time is 16 GB of RAM. A very compelling upgrade, but what is it's purpose right now? What does it change about your experience? There have been reports about apps not having to refresh while they're all open at once, though...