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ipad pro

  1. Edx09

    iPad iPad as the only device

    There are always these questions about Mac vs iPad (Pro) and I felt like sharing my experience. I decided to switch to iPad back in 2016 after the original (1st gen) iPad Pro hit the market. I ditched my 13” MacBook Pro and never looked back. I always used my private devices for work and...
  2. O

    iPad Pro Will the OLED iPad Pros miss out on new on-device AI this fall?

    Rumors suggest that... If new on-device AI features require an upgraded A-series chip (A18), this sounds to me like they could also require an upgraded M-series chip (M4). Do you think that after we finally get a new design and displays, the new iPad Pros will miss out on such a crucial upgrade?
  3. T

    iPad Pro 80 to 5 percent battery drain in 2.5 hours, normal?

    Just received an iPad Pro Gen 5 12.9" and am concerned about the drain speed of the battery as it is significantly worse than what I was working with before on an iPad Gen 6. While I knew it was possible I would lose some time, this was hours. It's the first time i charged the device (the block...
  4. DHagan4755

    What comes next for M3: MacBook Air or iPads?

    Given the scant time the iMac received at Apple’s Scary Fast presentation it’s highly probable that a MacBook Air with M3 will be announced via press release some Tuesday after mid-January 2024. Meanwhile an Apple event in the spring seems more likely dedicated to iPads (and probably Vision...
  5. paulcons

    Linking Data Sources?

    So I got me a new smart ring (Ring Conn) that I really like. Lately I thought to link the data it collects to my Apple Health app, should be simple, no? All the instructions from them point to linking their app (that collects the data from the ring) to the Health app. So when in...
  6. El_Capitan

    iPad Pro Ultrawide monitor advice and recommendations, please?

    Hi everyone, I’m in a market to buy an ultrawide monitor. It would mainly be hooked up to my Mac but here’s the catch - I also want to be able to use it with my iPad Pro M2 12.9” in all of it’s full screen stage manager glory. I want something on a smaller side - 29” up to 34” maximum as it’s...
  7. J

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11inch M2 screen rippling issue?

    I picked up this iPad Pro about two weeks ago. And today while I was writing in Goodnotes I realised that there was a 'rippling' effect that was happening in the bottom centre of the screen (portrait mode with Face ID module facing up, slightly above and to the left of charging port). It didn't...
  8. thmsnt

    iPad Pro Network activity bug on Safari even with iOS 17.1

    Ever since iOS 17 (and now 17.1 as of today), there is a bug in Safari on my iPad Pro 12.9 where the network activity indicator keeps spinning endlessly despite all tabs having been loaded. The only way to get rid of this is to kill Safari and re-open it, but it will eventually come back. Anyone...
  9. T

    Unable to setup AppleID and Yubikey

    Hi folks, I have purchased two Yubikeys 5C NFC and tried to link them to my Apple ID on my iPad Pro through USB-C. Followed all the instructions (Settings/AppleID/Security/2FA/Add security keys) but I keep getting an error when it tries to "register" the Yubikey as a security key, saying that...
  10. T

    iPad Pro iPad USB port not detecting HDMI and External Drive

    Hi, I was using iPad OS 17 Beta from day 1. Few hours before ipad OS 17 official release, HDMI from USB port not working. I thought it was some kind of bug. But when I connected external drive, it also not working. HDMI and external drive also work with other devices. I thought USB C port from...
  11. C

    iPad No October Announcement?

    I saw the latest rumors are that there will be no announcement in October for new iPads. I really need to upgrade soon but now I don’t know if I should put up with my old iPad until the next refresh or buy one of the currently available models. The battery on my Pro 9.7 in is getting super weak...
  12. g2only

    iPad Pro Physical hardware custom buttons?

    I’m looking for a hardware solution (custom buttons) either off the shelf from a company/individual or a diy instructions. I’d like to have large “panic button” styled buttons for quick navigation for use on my iPad Pro (1st gens) to navigate a custom iOS app I’m working on… Any insights...
  13. s1oplus

    Resolved Is it worth the upgrade?

    Im thinking about upgrading my ipad 5 to an 11 inch ipad pro. Is it worth it?
  14. M

    iPad Capturino: iPadOS 17, A UVC viewer for photographers and more

    Hi there, I am a solo developer and Capturino is an app that uses iOS 17 UVC feature. I have been building this since the betas and saw another very similar to mine. While both apps can do the same (use the iPad as a screen), mine was geared towards a photography tool. So using a USB-C video...
  15. B

    Is there a back cover for the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a back cover one can snap on to the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard? Looking for a back cover for when I need a hard surface to write on in my bed, or even to put a plate or something when eating in bed. Just helps reduce space and clutter for me. I searched...
  16. B

    iPad Pro Quick Review of the A12Z 12.9 (refurb) just bought.

    Hi Folks, I already have a 11" (2021, M1) iPad Pro, but I wanted a big iPad just for home. I had occasion to play with the miniLED 12.9 for hours, and I strongly disliked its screen; not only for the (quite visible) blooming, but also because it's kinda 'hard' on my eyes. The content pops up...
  17. K

    Is a laptop right for me?

    I've been biding my time as I am chugging along with my now 13-year-old 2010 imac. I've updated the ram and replaced the hard drive, but alas, the vast array of restrictions software wise have pretty well started forcing me to look at replacement options. I'm looking for some input on what...
  18. J

    iPad iPad Pro 2021 went dead after less than 2 years

    Hi, everyone, my M1 2021 iPad Pro went dead after a little less than 2 years. I left it on the monitor's USB-C charging cable during the night, and when I picked it up to try to turn it on, it refused to. It went through normal usage – well-protected, no drops, no major scratches. I've used it...
  19. A

    Unable to finish update of iPad Pro, can you use Blobs to fix?

    I am unable to use my iPad Pro and it is stuck in update from prior iOS version. I understand that you cannot downgrade unless you use Blobs. Can this method be used to downgrade when it is stuck in update mode? Also, if this can be done, are the SHSH blobs unique for the iPad, or unique for...
  20. N

    Recommendations on case for iPad Pro 12.9”?

    Hey all! Just ordered myself an iPad Pro 12.9” 2022 model. This will be used mainly for drawing and designing for my woodworking/laser engraving business and will be used out in my garage and such a lot. Kind of worried if dropping or it falling m/getting knocked over. Is the otter box the...