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  1. O

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 yellow bands across the edges

    Hi everybody, does anyone know if it’s normal for iPads to develop this kind of yellowness across the edges with age? I bought it in 2017-2018 and now it looks like this. I have reduced highlights on a photo a bit so you can see the yellowness better. Any help appreciated!
  2. O

    Universal Control over USB

    Based on what Apple have stated here I would expect Universal Control to function over USB but it is not? 5 - iPad and Mac must not be sharing a mobile data and internet connection. To use over USB, you must trust your Mac on the iPad. macOS Monterey - New Features - Apple (UK) Is anyone else...
  3. DD88

    All iPads Advice regarding getting my mum a new iPad later this year for Christmas

    My mum has had her iPad for about 6 years now I think (possibly longer) and it’s starting to show it’s age and is quite slow. I’m not sure what model it is, I think it’s just the iPad but yeah its old. Now I was considering getting her a new Air but if she found out I paid £569 she would go...
  4. R

    Apple Music Apple Music 2month subscription not reflecting on iPad

    My newly purchased MacBook Air M2 came with 2 months Apple Music trial and 3 month Apple TV trial. And in my Apple account settings, subscription section the Apple Music and tv subscription is shown as active in both iPad Pro 10.5 and M2 air. however only MacBook Apple Music is working and in...
  5. TheSynchronizer

    iPad Pro iPad Pros need more ports

    Since stage manager and the new display updates, these M1 iPad Pros are clearly trying to make these more suitable for Apple’s philosophy of these being potential laptop replacements for the correct target audience. With this I think comes the argument that these iPads need more ports. Yes...
  6. T

    iPad Pro Shame on you Apple

    Yesterday I went to the Apple store enquiring for a replacement of a smart keyboard folio for my Ipad Pro M1 12.9-inch that I purchased 150 days ago because the tissue started peeling off (see pic). The tech there told me right away that this should not have happened and that they could replace...
  7. S

    Please suggest a case for iPad Air 5 that covers the edges and is durable.

    I am paranoid of my ipad falling and breaking as I don't have apple care. Do I need a screen protector too? I mainly use the iPad for taking and reading notes and occasionally for watching Youtube. So my priorities are: - protection against falling etc. - good reading/watching angle - flat...
  8. 81Tiger04

    All iPads Best note taking app?

    I’m starting my PhD and looking for a note taking app for my new iPad Air. And since I’ll also be using my MacBook, I’d like the notes to sync so that it doesn’t matter which device I’m using or have in class.
  9. Gamercraft567a

    iPad Pro TestFlight under 13

    Can you get TestFlight under 13 and if no is there a alternativ?
  10. g2only

    iPad iPad gens good for text/iMessage compatibility

    Hi MR peeps! I’m looking to buy a used iPad for my elderly mom to be able to receive texts/iMessages from the family (all iPhone users at this point), but wondered what’s the oldest year model to start at as I start looking in the marketplace/eBay/etc…? I’d like to go larger than a mini, if...
  11. F

    iPad Undecided between iPad Air 5th gen and iPad 9th gen

    Hi all, I have a received a $600 Apple gift card for my birthday to purchase a new iPad and I really cannot decide whether to get the regular iPad, or opt out for the iPad Air. My main usage is quite basic: web browsing and Youtube/Netflix binging. I am not a gamer and do not use apps such as...
  12. P

    Can I set up an Apple Watch Cellular with a new iPad?

    Or does it require an iPhone? Does it matter if the iPad also has Cellular or not?
  13. P

    iPad iPad external monitor refresh rate support

    Hello! Can an m1 ipad support a 120hz or 144hz monitor. For example, 1440 x 2560 at 144hz? What I’ve found is: People claim there is no software lock limiting it to 60hz People still can’t get it to work My theory is that we would need a Thunderbolt compatible monitor to enable this! The...
  14. J

    iPad Auto-lock not engaging on I-Pad Pro (2021)

    Hi, Anyone else having this issue? Seems like it has been happening since the latest Ipad OS update. Essentially, my auto-lock will not engage. So, if I put the ipad down and don't hit the lock screen button, the screen will stay on and the battery will drain to 0. So far I have tried...
  15. A

    iPad Pro iPad Pro m1 12.9 oleophobic layer wears off?

    Hi Guys, I noticed a small “smudge” on my m1 iPad Pro 12.9 screen. I tried to remove with glass cleaner cloth and it helped but its still there if i touch this area with my finger. I think, it looks like that the oleophobic layer wears off … I attach some pictures to this thread. Is anyone...
  16. F

    Cmd + Tab on iPadOS 16

    Hello, does anyone know if cmd + tab on the new iPadOS 16 shows all the open apps like MacOS does or just a few like previous versions of iPadOS? I really hope Apple fixes this.
  17. blizzforte

    iPad Pro iPad Pro touchscreen completely unresponsive

    I was just watching YouTube when all of a sudden the touchscreen became completely unresponsive. It's been like this for over 10 hours now. It still played the video I was watching, with sound, and it still can rotate, the on/off buttons and volume buttons still work, but the touch screen is...
  18. A

    iPad Air Ipad Wifi

    Hi, Both my wife and I have an iPad. We have just had our broadband upgraded to full-fibre and I am able to get full speed on my iPad, but my wife can only get 50mbps. Have tried rebooting and turning wifi on/off with no result. Can anyone help? Regards Ant
  19. olegbarinov

    Universal iPad Calculator (my attempt)

    So, here it is! ⤵ The app is called "Solves". It's almost unknown so use the link 🔗. I'm making it in my spare time being a mobile apps developer. Hope someone would check it out and give here some feedback 🙂. Features: long editable expressions, history, multitasking, support for hardware...
  20. SimonTT

    Can you use an Apple Watch only with an iPad with iPad OS 16?

    with iPad OS 16 the iPad gained the Fitness app so can it now support an Apple Watch? I am currently on an android phone, an iPad Air 4 and a 2021 16" MBP. I barely use my smartphone for anything smart, so I just can't justify spending iPad money on a phone I won't use. traditionally this meant...