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  1. Z

    transferring photos

    What im trying to do is kinda complicated. There is an iPad, a MacbookPro and a Photos Library file. I want to transfer, in the photo library file, a few photos from iPad. That Photos library, opens flawlessly in Photos (by pressing the Option key, when Photos launches). In that library, i wish...
  2. stasapps

    Universal Bedtime Stories and Sleep Sounds

    Download on the AppStore Hello, everyone! I'm thrilled to introduce you to a project that's incredibly close to my heart. As an indie developer, I've poured my passion into creating an application designed specifically with our children in mind. Imagine an app where stories come to life...
  3. S

    Rename data plans on iPad?

    I got a new cellular iPad and installed a bunch of free eSIM data plans that I found online, however I can’t seem to find a way to rename the plans? Is this not possible on iPad OS? I won‘t be able to remember which is what in the future 😅
  4. R

    Carrier App to Split View?

    Hello! I’m very bad making shortcuts on the its app. Can someone help me to do the following on iPadOS? - putting split view mode on (normally it is off) - opening Zotero in fullscreen and voice recorder on Slide Over. Thank you!
  5. m0ng

    Stolen Device Protection - How come it’s not on iPadOS too?

    Apologies if there‘s a really obvious reason that I’ve overlooked… But i’m curious as to why this feature didn’t make it to ipads too… given that they‘re mobile and share many commonalities…?
  6. Sverkel

    iPad Black dot on iPad screen

    Hello. I got the 10th gen. iPad and after some weeks of use I saw this black dot on the screen, I can’t clean it off and if I tilt the iPad it looks like the dot is on the display itself and is being reflected on the screen. Can someone tell me what it might be?
  7. J

    iPad mini Help connecting USB Keyboard

    We have a 5th Gen iPad Mini. We got a USB A to Lightning adapter so my son could use a keyboard and mouse with it (it has 2 USB A ports on the adapter). The mouse is working great. The keyboard is clearly seen - as it takes input on the lock screen (entering a code), and the keyboard keys...
  8. N

    All iPads iPad newbie questions

    I just bought my first iPad, a 10th generation base model. I have had iPhones for a long time. On my phone, I usually open apps by tapping the Search button near the bottom. I don't see this or an equivalent feature on my iPad. (iPadOS 17.2) Also, I removed the App Library from the Dock at...
  9. R

    What is the lightest back cover for an iPad Air 4th generation?

    I've recently bought an iPad Air 4th generation to replace my iPad Air 2. My new iPad is slightly heavier than the old one but it seems much heavier because I bought a silicone gel back cover to protect it and that's really heavy - 105 grammes/ almost 4 ounces! Anyone got any suggestions for a...
  10. H

    iPad Ipad app for copying multiple items consecutively?

    Is there any free iPad app equivalent to Clipy for Mac that allows users to select multiple pieces of text from a webpage and then paste them all at once? Thanks!
  11. developer_black_code

    iPhone Vocabulary Widget (Quick Learn 8+ language ) [App]

    Vocabulary - Quick learn words Are you ready to embark on a journey of linguistic empowerment? Look no further than Vocabulary - Quick Learn Words the ultimate mobile app designed to supercharge your word power effortlessly. Learn Languages...
  12. pubwvj

    iPad Can't get Guided Access to work on iPad

    I did enable Guided Access on my iPhone so I know I am doing the right steps. But I set my iPad up the same way and when I go into an App and triple click the Home button it simply exits the App back to the Home screen filled with App icons. I have tried this with Photos, Safari, Google and...
  13. Berti10

    iPad Pro iPad‘s downgraded USB-C port?

    How it it possible that i’m able to connect an external 2TB SSD to an iPhone 15 Pro, but not to an iPad Pro 12.9“ which has a even better thunderbolt port?
  14. J

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11inch M2 screen rippling issue?

    I picked up this iPad Pro about two weeks ago. And today while I was writing in Goodnotes I realised that there was a 'rippling' effect that was happening in the bottom centre of the screen (portrait mode with Face ID module facing up, slightly above and to the left of charging port). It didn't...
  15. S

    All iPads Apple Rebranding

    I recently thought about all of the Apple product lines and noticed how the naming scheme for all of the products isn’t uniform: we have MacBook airs and pros, but iPad airs, pros, base and minis. So, how could Apple do a major rebrand of the naming scheme, if the names were to be the same...
  16. TheAppleFan2004

    All iPads Would an iPad and Apple Pencil make a good serious note taking device for University?

    I'm planning on entering University next year, and I've had this question for a while. Would it be ideal to replace all my notebooks for an iPad and an Apple Pencil to take notes on during lectures? It would be a portable device, and I can keep all my notes centralised as well.
  17. S

    Other iBook reborn - Foldables by Apple

    Should apple resurect the iBook brand for potentially upcomming foldables? It wouldn‘t be the first time apple reused it‘s trademarked names for another produvt category (MagSafe). Apple always tries to differentiate itself from competitors by calling a product differntly than established...
  18. Populus

    Apple Music New to Apple Music. Questions and first impressions.

    Hello everyone! As the title says, I’m new to Apple Music. I’ve been using Spotify every now and then, for more than 10 years, because on Mac and iPad you can use it freely with ads. However, I never used it intensely. It was fine, and I hope they remain an alternative to Apple Music...
  19. M

    iPad Capturino: Use your iPad as a monitor with pro tools for photo and video

    Hi everyone, Recently launched Capturino. A UVC app that can be used for photo and videographers. It is a completely free app for just screen use if that is all you need. The app has been optimised for the longest screen use (around 7-8 hours, %50 brightness, iPad Pro 2018 11", which is my...
  20. P

    Line in ipad screen

    Hello everyone. I have a 10th-generation iPad and the last few days it has a line when I touch the lock screen and press certain areas, as indicated in the image and the video. I emphasize that it does not always happen, only sometimes, such as when the iPad is turned on from 0. My iPad has...