1. bitsstrongbrands

    All iPads Is the iPad dying?

    I think the iPad is lost between the iPhone (mobility+power) and the new Macs (real pro apps, usability and productivity). If Apple launch a MacBook Pro with 5G, Catalyst may be the salvation for the iPad app developers. https://www.apple.com/mac-pro/ I use iPad as a big clock.
  2. sherwinzadeh

    iPad Announcing "PiP-it!": picture-in-picture straight from the YouTube App

    Hey guys, I'm Sherwin, an indie developer, and I just wanted to announce PiP-it! iOS 14 brought a lot of attention by bringing picture-in-picture, a feature that's existed on iPad since iOS 9, to the iPhone. But many apps, like the YouTube app, do not enable this feature. With PiP-it! you can...
  3. stevegerard15

    All iPads Anyone Using an iPad for Home Automation?

    I'd like to connect my iPad to few home appliances, though I'm wondering if this is a good idea. I also have a Samsung Galaxy and it seems to me that there things are easier as you can connect more devices. Do you have any experience with Apple Home kit or the Smartthings hub and do you use any...
  4. Designbymiz

    MacBook Pro and Ipad Pro

    Hello, I'm really excited about posting here. I've been a long time fan of Macrumors and the Apple ecosystem. Not a blind love for Apple, there are obviously a lot of areas for improvements, but the Apple ecosystem by far is the most fun and it's long-lasting products a huge appeal to me. I'm...
  5. M

    iPad Pro AppleCare for iPad Pro Worth it and which route?

    Hi all, just curious how many out there purchase AppleCare+ with their iPad Pro’s. I initially bought a 7th Gen iPad, so definitely didn’t find it worth it on that device, but i ended up swapping that out for the new 11” iPad Pro. Also picked up the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Thinking...
  6. Mr. Awesome

    iPadOS 14 - Can’t scroll with trackpad while using Siri

    This may be intended behavior, but on iPadOS 14 Dev. Beta 1, I can’t scroll with my Magic Keyboard trackpad while using Siri. I was expecting this new less-intrusive Siri to work kind of like Siri on the Mac, where you can continue performing other tasks while interacting with Siri. But this...
  7. R

    iPad Vector drawing app advice

    Hello. I'm new to the iPad Pro, and I'm looking for an app that excels in vector illustration. I have Affinity Designer for MBP, and I do like it. However, I keep hearing how the iPad version is very buggy and crashes without saving work, so I hesitate to spend the $20. Are there any worthy...
  8. N

    iPad iPad Pro 11 2020 Darker right side of the screen

    In portrait mode, the right side/ corners are a bit darker than at the other side of the screen. Does anyone have the same issue? Did Apple replace it for you?
  9. A

    iPad Pro No Ipads Pros avail in DFW and one month delivery?

    Hello. I went to order a 12.9 iPad Pro thinking I would then just pick it up at my local store but showing not avail for pickup in any DFW stores. Also delivery is showing out one month? This for the 12.9 wifi, 128GB (however, I tried with a bunch of models and got similar results). Really a...
  10. upintheclouds

    iPadOS 14 doesn’t allow widgets on the homescreen?

    I can’t find an image on Apple’s site of widgets on the homescreen, just widgets in the Today View in landscape. Can we not add widgets to the homescreen as well?
  11. Maid Marian

    All iPads Any fulltime Ipad-ers out there?

    Hey, I'm new here. I am contemplating and near convinced to try Ipod Pro as a full time system instead of Ipod air and also buying a new laptop. My chromebook won't hack it while I'm in NP school, starting this fall. My biggest questions are thus: 1. I'm thinking of going with a cellular model...
  12. T

    iPad iPad - Redownload unavailable with this apple id

    Even I have spoken to Apple Support and the policy is that one cannot purchase the application if the application was refunded or cancelled. Seems like Apple is running a shop like a monopoly, with the context that the application procreate was buggy in year 2016. Now in year 2020 I am willing...
  13. F

    iPad Issue with my new iPad Pro 2020 Magic trackpad 2

    Hi everyone I have a couple of questions regarding the iPad Pro 2020 and the use of a magic trackpad 2 I cannot click on magic trackpad to due to my disability however I was wondering am I able to highlight text and drag with just a tap. I know there is a tap to click option but can you tap to...
  14. S

    iPad My uncle ipad keeps locking when it says swipe screen

    My uncle ipad keeps locking when it says swipe screen. What I mean by this is he can't swipe it. I tried holding power and volume to restart it and it didn't work. I could do a factory reset but he would lose his email and he does not known password. I am wondering also if you can back up your...
  15. J

    iPad Looking for a best note app for my needs

    Hello there. I know there's been a lot of discussion on note apps already that asking another question is really embarassing... but here we go.. I'm looking for a best ipad pro note taking app for a typist. I rarely hand write, so any feature for hand writing is not important. The contents...
  16. M

    iPad Ipad youtube alternative

    I am looking for an app for Ipad that can only show the kids the channels i am subscribing on my youtube on my phone.. is there anything like what I mentioned to control the the media they are watching? i hope my inquiry is clear and not twisted 😁
  17. Tommaso Ammannati

    iPad Pro Left side of ipad pro heat up

    Hi everyone Is normal that the left side immediately warm up instead the right side stays cold? (Ipad pro 11 2018)
  18. H

    All iPads Apple news + is great on a iPad

    i have bought a month on my iPhone 11PM and found myself rarely browsing the news. The way the iPad is designed works perfectly for reading magazines and other + content. I have the 12.9 2020 pro aand could net be happier !
  19. bonjourx

    iPad ATT Number sync on iPad?

    hello! can anyone explain to me how number sync works? I am planning on getting an iPad Pro 12.9 cellular from ATT. Now I have an Apple Watch that is using number sync with my phone. I am just wondering if it’s possible for the iPad to have number sync too? I know my Apple Watch has its own...
  20. B1llyG

    Quality issue(s) with Smart Keyboard folio?

    Hi, for little over 4 weeks I own a IPP 12.9 and SKF. Due lockdown, I‘ve only used the SKF in house. However, there is already serious wear on the keyboard. Do other also experience this? I expect to have a faulty SKF as I also experience frequent keyboard disconnects. Will see if this can...