1. _AppleUser

    iPad Air Mysterious iPad Battery Drain overnight

    I’ve had this iPad Air 4 since January (somehow I got unlucky and the first iPad Air I got from December got dropped in the airport with Magic Keyboard case on and it jammed the power button :(), and ever since, I’ve drained about 5-10% of battery overnight and I can’t figure out why. I have...
  2. M

    iPad How To Access Websites?

    Dear All, I bought an iPad recently where I am finding difficulties to access a few websites whereas they are working fine with the help of VPN or proxy. On the other hand, I use Redmi Note 5 pro where all the websites are accessible. Is it something related to IP address or internet...
  3. xapp

    Universal X.app: Picture-in-Picture Extension for iPhone and iPads, supports YouTube, Chrome, etc

    X.app on App Store: Download Link - Picture-in-Picture Extension runs natively in Safari and transfers videos to in-app's browser for YouTube, Chrome, etc. - Fullscreen Extension activates native UI for YouTube and Twitch, which have better scrolling and skipping controls. Support email...
  4. Brandmail

    iPad Pro 11 M1 with the Dell D6000 power

    Hi all, I have the iPad Pro 11 inch M1 and the Dell D6000. The USB-C connection is so great. But I doubt about the watt. Can it harm my iPad Pro with the 130w? I have the power brick connected to the Dell D6000 for power support. Thx for all the reply’!
  5. B

    iPad Pro is it worth it for me to get an iPad Pro?

    I'm considering getting a new iPad Pro, but am debating whether I need it. for context, I have a 12 " MacBook (2017) that I use as my main device. I also have a surface pro 5. I would primarily be using this new iPad it for studying and note taking. I'm wondering whether the iPad would really...
  6. T

    iPad iPadOS is severely holding the iPad back... and Microsoft is going to save us...

    I love iPad and use it every day, and have done so since launch day with the iPad 1. I use it as a computer replacement for most of my non-work stuff. I also own a Surface Pro X. I installed Windows 11 on the Surface Pro X. Microsoft has made the entire user interface touch friendly, with a...
  7. The Clark

    All iPads Do you use the mouse on the magic keyboard or do you prefer to use your fingers?

    As the title says, do you use the trackpad on your iPad's keyboard case or do you just use your index finger? I've never owned an iPad but a lot of people say they do serious work on them and I'm wondering how it all works.. Thanks
  8. Ibara

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 2021 - Poor battery life

    I recently bought an iPad Pro 12.9 M1. Apart from being a little annoyed by the edge shadow, I was initially happy. However the battery life seems rather poor. As an example, browsing the web with both Safari or Brave will use 1% every few minutes. Sometimes even more. I found a Youtube video...
  9. F

    iPad For Artists… Death match between iPad Pro 2020 and Galaxy Book 360

    TLDR: Services for the iPad Pro are being held this Friday, on Craigslist. So, this will be too lengthy, but here goes. I am an old school Apple fanboy, with my first Mac being the bizarre DuoDock laptop that I bought for $100 (without the dock), from the smelly IT guy at my first job. I’ve...
  10. A

    iPad Air iPad Battery % Increase

    I just got an iPad Air 4 and have noticed a couple times now that when I turn it off at night, by the time I turn it on in the am the battery % is higher than when I shut it down. Ex: last charged to 76% last night, turned on today to see it at 80%. I never noticed it with my iPhone or previous...
  11. S

    iPad Air Help: Cause Ipad air 3 blank/black screen issue?

    Hi all! So since a few months my Ipad air 3 has the blank screen issue Apple recognizes in the following article: https://www.google.com/am...ank-screen-issue.html/amp My IPad air 3 has this exact issue (and is among the ipads produced between Mar-Oct 2019) but after many attempts to have my...
  12. magicschoolbus

    iPad Pro IPad Pro Dock Disappearing

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here; I have a brand new iPad Pro M1 11 inch w. Magic Keyboard. When I point the mouse over where the dock should be, it does not come up. However it will come up if I use my finger on the touch screen. Is there something I am doing wrong here? Shouldn’t the...
  13. pedzsan

    How to get the Menu Bar icon to do something in when iPad is being used as Sidecar

    When the iPad is being used as a sidecar, there is an icon in the top left corner that is suppose to do something with the menu bar. I've tried "Displays have separate Spaces" on and off and I've tried Photoshop full screen mode in various different ways and I can't get the icon to do anything...
  14. RDowson

    iPad 7th Gen iPad DAC Specs?

    Does anyone know what the built-in DAC on the 7th gen iPad can handle? My M1 Mac can do 32 bit 96 kHz but I know the iPhone lightning adapter can only do 24 bit 48 kHz so I have no idea what to expect from the iPad and it's DAC. Hoping it can do 96 kHz since no adapter is needed.
  15. J

    iPad Pro Will iPad Pro get improved monitor support in iOS 15?

    Will iPad Pro get improved monitor support in iOS 15? Maybe they will surprise us in the fall? I’m a teacher and this feature would help me out so much to hook up my iPad to my smart board to present to my class. I tried taking an Apple TV to school, but I was not allowed to connect it to the...
  16. suyashsrij28

    iPad Pro iPad Pro return after deadline

    It’s been over 2 weeks since I got the iPad Pro and I now would like to return it. I started the returns process online on Thursday (1 day before the 14 day deadline) and the return instructions say I need to ship it back to Apple by June 19th. Can I take the iPad Pro back to the Apple Store I...
  17. S

    iPad Pro UK - M1 Ipad pro mini led display true black ?

    Hi all, Blooming is not much an issue considering if we get deeper blacks. I noticed that when watching Mosquito coast, the screen doesn't show deep blacks and is grayish. Its extremely notable during titles in black background (feel like ash) and display brightness minimum in a dark room Also...
  18. takata0

    iPad Pro 15" iPad Pro spotted?

    Maybe I'm crazy, but I swear I saw a 15" iPad pro on the lap of a guy next to me on a plane. Flying SFO -> NYC. I even had my 11" iPad Pro in my hands as a direct comparison, his was way bigger than the 12.9". This guy was also a coder, he was working on code for the rest of the flight on his...
  19. MonsterBryton

    iPad Pro Returned 2021 12.9 inch iPad Pro

    I recently returned my 12.9 inch due to blooming. I just couldn’t unsee it, I loved The iPad and the size. I know that blooming is normal, but if that is normal, I don’t want it. 1499 is a lot for a device and to see blooming on almost every YouTube video is not okay. I wasnt also going to risk...
  20. P

    iPad .