1. holysmokesbatman

    iPad Pro 2020 iPad Pro getting very warm

    I just received my 2020 12.9” 256gb iPad Pro 2 days ago and have since only been using it to scroll through safari and watch YouTube videos. So, I haven’t done anything I think would considered “heavy usage“ at all, and yet, my iPad gets really warm. I left it alone for a few hours just to test...
  2. B

    Resolved Magic keyboard cosmetic flaw?

    Hi, first time posting here. I received my second magic keyboard almost 2 weeks ago as my first one was not working properly. But now i have discovered that there is a metal like silver line on the side of my caps lock key, is not that visible under a natural light but with lights on you can...
  3. S

    iPad Pro iPAD Pro cannot connect to outgoing server when creating account

    I have an IMAP account on an iPad Pro (iPadOS 13.4.1). I can get email but when I send an email it stays in the Outbox. I go to Mail accounts in Settings --> Accounts and Passwords and change settings to Use SSL, port 25, MD5 Challenge-Response and keep getting error "The SMTP server...
  4. bonjourx

    iPad ATT Number sync on iPad?

    hello! can anyone explain to me how number sync works? I am planning on getting an iPad Pro 12.9 cellular from ATT. Now I have an Apple Watch that is using number sync with my phone. I am just wondering if it’s possible for the iPad to have number sync too? I know my Apple Watch has its own...
  5. H

    Magic Keyboard in the Wild

    Fake or Real? Magic Keyboard in the Wild. I think the latter given the angles.
  6. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  7. MacFlaX

    iPad Apple Music app disappeared - re-install from AppStore doesn't work

    On my iPad Pro 11” the Apple Music app “disappeared”, most likely since 13.3 update. The Music app is shown in AppStore as not installed, but downloadable (cloud+arrow symbol shown). Unfortunately the re-download doesn’t work. Log off and log on from iCloud Appstore account and device restart...
  8. ghostshrimp

    iPad I updated my IPad Pro to ios 13.2 and a magnifying box popped up and won’t go away

    Yesterday I updated my iPad Pro. As soon as it turned on, a magnifying box in the corner of my screen was visible. I looked up what this problem was online and everything I read said that it’s the magnifying box. People said to turn off magnify in the accessibility section of settings so I...
  9. JuicyPoloMan

    iPad Pro iPad Pro come with fast charger?

    Hi all, just a quick one. I have been trying to find out for a while. Does the latest iPad Pro’s come with the 18w fast charger in the box In the UK? it looks to be the one on the website, but wanted confirm? thanks in advance 👍🏻
  10. MisterSavage

    iPad Pro Can't minimize Facetime window with iPad OS

    I'm having a weird problem now that I've installed iPad OS on my iPad Pro. I used to do this all the time with iOS 12: Be in a Facetime call with one other person. Swipe up to go to the home screen. Facetime window is automatically minimized and I can still see the person. Go into another...
  11. T

    iPad iPad Files App and Markup

    I use my iPad Pro for work and keep all my documents from meetings in files. My normal meeting requires about 4 signatures and prior to today a client could sign page 1 then scroll to the next page and sign all the way to page 4. With today’s new OS release, every time the pencil comes in...
  12. Hrtaghizadeh

    iPad Pro Ipad pro 2018 yellowish left side

    Hi, first apologize for the bad english, i bought the iPad Pro 12.9 and found some problems with the screen. I have a lot of sensitivity on the screen, first I notice when the iPad is in portrait mode the left side of the screen is slightly yellow than the right, and when I shake the white...
  13. D

    All iPads My iOS Cannot Update please help

    It keeps saying updating failed. I’m trying to update it to the latest iOS 12.4 version. How can I fix this issue so I can install it? I already tried turning off and turning back on my iPad but no luck. It says: Software Update Failed An error occurred downloading iOS 12.4 I haven’t updated...
  14. T

    All iPads Which iPads do you have and what use case do you have for them.

    With everyone settled after all the iPad mini (5th gen) hype, I was wondering which iPad(s) do you guys have and how do you use them? ;) I’m reading the iPad-forum a lot lately and I saw that a lot of people have multiple iPads. So: - Which iPad’s do you have? - How do you use them / what...
  15. Captainamericano

    3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 screen rough patches

    Hi guys and gals. I’ve used every version of the 12.9 pro with Apple Pencil and was thrilled with the form and pencil charging upgrades with the latest update. However, as an illustrator, upon using the new model with the Pencil, I noticed weird resistance in certain areas on the screen. This...
  16. bonjourx

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 pricing help!

    hello, I need some opinions. I’ve been trying to look and compare prices for the iPad Pro 10.5, but there’s different pricing and I’m planning on selling my 3 month old iPad Pro 10.5 256gb WiFi rose gold with Apple Pencil and apple care until October 2020. Would 650 be a reasonable price for a...
  17. bonjourx

    iPad Pro 10.5 with Apple Pencil and AppleCare plus 2020

    hello, I need some opinions. I’ve been trying to look and compare prices for the iPad Pro 10.5, but there’s different pricing and I’m planning on selling my 3 month old iPad Pro 10.5 256gb WiFi rose gold with Apple Pencil and apple care until October 2020. Would 650 be a reasonable price for a...
  18. R

    Pencil connection fault

    Started out just two grey spots on the pencil but has become worse over time. Both 1 month old and now the iPad two light scuffs that match up with the two on the pencil(Clearly seen in the picture). Anyone else have this problem? Should I be worried?
  19. akhshaykumar

    IPad Pro 11 inch or 12.9 inch?

    Hi just want to know which one you prefer? :)
  20. Georgie123

    Do I need an iMac or MacBook?

    I'm a switched on pensioner, and love Apple stuff. I have an iPhone and IPad Air. I do a fair bit of photography and editing, and have been using a clunky Toshiba laptop which is now dying. I have a huge number of photos stored on a hard drive, and many in the Cloud. I’m tempted by an IMac...