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iphone 12 pro max

  1. ranjanr

    iPhone 15 Pro Max is upgrade from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 15 Pro Max worth it ? Thoughts

    I am thinking whether i should upgrade from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 15 Pro Max or not? Things which i look for are battery, better processing and off course better camera. are there more people like me thinking to upgrade and would like to listen their thoughts. Also I am based out of...
  2. T

    iPhone 14/Plus iPhone 14 to iPhone 12 Pro Max

    So I currently have the iPhone 14 had it for a good 6 months+ but am thinking about getting rid and getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max, would you say it’s a massive downgrade?
  3. B

    Airpod pro 2 case not show in find my

    Hi guys, i use airpod pro 2 with iphone 12 pro max , there is some issue as below: When i open case immediately temp widget show case and EarPods battery, and there is no issue , but case is not showing in added widget on home page, ( hope u understand what i say). Only show EarPods separately...
  4. rsgon

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Erase Pixels/Objects option in Photos?

    I noticed these options today while editing under 'Markup' in my photos for work today, but I couldn't get them to do anything, same goes for the black pencil and black ruler/level. If I tap on the black ruler, a transparent line appears across the screen, and when moved with two fingers...
  5. R

    Help with an external battery.

    Hello community! My girlfriend has just bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which seems to be a great phone. However, the phone is not new, and was bought in a local store. It has 87% battery capacity. Because she will travel often during the week, I decided to buy her a power bank. Anker's seems to...
  6. R

    Iphone backup issue

    Hi everyone, I have been trying to backup my Iphone since I need to send it to repair of overheating issue. My Iphone is 12 Promax, 256GB, using iOS 16.1.1. My used storage is around 180GB. However, I tried for weeks (from iOS 15.7 version till now) by all methods I know but I can't get it back...
  7. andyx181x

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Optimized battery charging not working, using iOS 15.7.1

    Hey there folks, so I noticed for the last two weeks on iOS 15.7/15.7.1 that I wake up to find my phone to only be at 80% charge. Optimize charging had always worked fine for me, I would wake up seeing the messages that it would complete the 100% charge a few hours later before I would wake up...
  8. S

    iPhone 14/Plus iPhone 14 Plus or Refurb iPhone 12 Pro Max?

    Hey all, looking at getting my Dad a new phone for his upcoming birthday. He isn't so fussed on the tech specs but is coming from an 8 Plus so the bigger screen is the main thing for him. My dilemma is, do I get the iPhone 14 Plus for him at £949 or a refurb 12 Pro Max at £779. His main uses...
  9. R

    Case for 12 Pro Max, UAG monarch or Otterbox defender?

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum I recently upgrade to 12 Pro Max, i know its not as good upgrade to 13. But im looking for a case, but i confused between UAG Monarch or Otterbox Defender?? From EverythingApplePro Drop test it seems UAG Monarch can handle so much impact from drops, but in the...
  10. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Max case compatible with MagSafe battery pack?

    I've just dropped and smashed my iPhone 12 Pro Max (for the first time ever in the history of my iPhone ownership) because I'd removed the case so the MagSafe battery pack could stick to the phone. Oh well, £25 excess and losing my phone for 24 hours thanks to AppleCare+, but very annoying. I...
  11. eborko1

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro Max battery

    How much do you get SOT? Screen on time. On iOS 15.4.1. Sometimes I get 6h, sometimes 8h, using wifi/lte 50%/50%.
  12. D

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPad Smart Folio style case for iPhone w/MagSafe

    I'm looking for a specific style of case for my 12 Pro Max. My own research has turned up nothing, can anyone please help? I'm looking for a cross between the Twelve South SurfacePad and the iPad Smart Folio case. Ideally the case slaps onto the back of my phone using the MagSafe magnets for...
  13. circatee

    iPhone 13 Pro A smaller iPhone

    Currently, I use an iPhone 12 Pro Max. In all honesty, do I need a phone this large? Missing the days of using a phone with one hand. Curious, has anyone here gone from an iPhone 12 Pro Max, to an iPhone 13 Pro? Looking forward to your feedback...
  14. alexstrider18

    iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 12 Pro max

    iv tried to change the passcode on my iPhone 12 Pro Max and im not able to , I enter the 6 digit numerical code and the screen blinks to the same screen !! so I enter the code again and it dose the same . iv done this 4+ times and when I press back I have to press back as many times as I tried...
  15. SimC_123

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Google on safari iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Hi, when I’m searching on safari I use the Google homepage but it’s stopped giving me search suggestions.. anyone any ideas? I don’t have any extensions running and I’ve cleared history and cookies and search engine suggestions are turned on..
  16. J

    Airdrop between devices "All photos Data" creating issues.

    When I select "All Photos Data" in the iPhone Photos App, it is asking for approval on my Mac. When I approve it, each photo is sent to the Downloads folder, and each photo within a folder of the same name (i.e. IMG_0XXX) When the "All Photos Data" is OFF, it is not asking for permission, just...
  17. F

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Apple dropped the Trade-In values for the iPhone 12 Pro Max and other models

    This morning Apple dropped the Trade-in value for the iPhone 12 Pro Max to $700 from previous $790, similarly for the other models too. e.g. for iPhone 12 Pro trade-in value is now $600 down from $640 last night.
  18. C

    Other Iphone 12 pro max to iPhone 13 pro max...should I upgrade it or nah?

    Is it worth to upgrade iPhone 12 Pro max to iPhone 13 pro max? Please explain why. I don't want to regret my decision.
  19. JamesMcFlyJR

    iPhone 13 Pro Max For those who upgraded from previous Max sized phones to the 12 Pro Max / 13 Pro Max, how long did it take to adjust to the shape change?

    Hi, I’ve been on the XS Max since launch and really liked the size of it. I could do everything one handed (control center, notifications, typing etc) So for those people who had previous Max sized iPhones and upgraded to the new boxy design 12 Pro Max and 13 Pro Max, how long did it take to...
  20. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Where to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max Unlocked now?

    I was anticipating a price reduction on the unlocked iPhone 12 Pro Max at following the iPhone 13 announcement but now the only option on the Apple site for any Pro series is the iPhone 13. Does Apple usually offer the previous model iPhone Pro at a discount or do I have to go to a...