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iphone 4s

  1. Mercedes33

    How to get Whatsapp working on Iphone 4s again?

    Good Morning, i just bought a week ago a wonderfull Iphone 4s and i wanted to switch to it from my Iphone 8. The Iphone 4s is one of my favorite Phones that ever released but its really annoying that most of Apps dont work anymore on the Iphone. One of the Apps that i defently need is Whatsapp...
  2. cnnyy20p

    My iPhone 4s Gallery

    Hi, I would like to use this thread to share some of my best works from iPhone 4s since not so many people have seen my works anyway. I had quite a fond memory with my iPhone 4s. It was the phone that showed me how fun mobile photography actually was. These photos were from around 2016. The...
  3. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Is the iPhone 4s still worth it?

    I think the iPhone 4s is still working. After six/seven years of using iPhones, from 6 to 12, I have always used the iPhone 4s. It's always stable. It always seems to work. I have it dual-booted between iOS 8 and 5, and it has never stopped working. I think it might last for another few years...
  4. khrahaf

    iPhone 5 or earlier Bluetooth headset the other party can't hear me on any internet calls

    I have iPhone 4S, I bought new bluetooth headset, it is working fine on normal calls, but when using it on internet calls like WhatsApp calls or Messenger calls etc… the other party can’t hear me but I hear him very well, and the Audio button is flickering between (Audio symbol with 3 brackets)...
  5. Win7>SnowLeopard

    Other Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitolized?

    Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitalized? On Wikipedia it shows that after the iPhone 4S it becomes lowercased. Just wondering.
  6. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6 for the iPhone 4S

    This is to reflect my previous thread that you can find Here. There has been a lot of buzz on the internet lately about IOS 6 no longer being signed for iPhone 4S, and most of it is negative. I am really hopeful that Apple will regret this decision, because it caused me a lot of trouble (lost...
  7. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Apple stops signing IOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 4S

    Hello, I was going to flash an IOS 6.1.3 IPSW to a huge batch (like 500) iPhone 4S. As most of you know, Apple started signing IOS 6 IPSW for iPhone 4S to allow official downgrades in 2018. It failed to flash to all of them. So I went to the website to download a new IPSW file, thinking...
  8. J


    Saw all web sites and tried many possible fixes, nothing worked, so I thought replacing the battery is the only way, but hey? Internet people are lazy too, so you won't get helps always from them, so there you go, try this and enjoy! Requirements: iOS Device (Mine is 4S, may work for other...
  9. J

    Jailbroken iPhone 4S, stuck on iOS 6.1.3 HELP!

    I bought i refurbished iPhone 4S just to use it as an iPod, and cause i love the design still even in 2019. I downgraded to iOS 6.1.3 from iOS 9 the very day i got the iPhone, and it was fine. So the issue is, the refurbished site must have replaced original battery or something. Every time i...
  10. defalt45

    iOS 7.x iPhone 4s passcode lost, need to recover photos

    Hello I have found my old iPhone 4s, which I had several years ago. I have plenty of photos, text messages... etc that I'd love to get back, unfortunately I can't remember its passcode. Does anyone know a way to get them ? I tried all the youtube tutorials and only ended up locking the iPhone...
  11. S

    Original Plastic Screen Protectors

    Yo, I’m looking to find an eBay link or something where I can buy those original screen and back protectors that come on iPhones. Looking to further legitamise my collection lol Thanks
  12. B

    Mi Band 3 with iPhone 4s

    Hi! Do you happen to know any sleep tracking app that is available for iPhone 4s and also supports Xiaomi's Mi Band 3. The recent version of the custom Mi Fit app seems to be unavailable for 4s. Thanks!
  13. iRutherford

    Other Should Apple consider using frosted glass and unpolished stainless steel in a future iPhone?

    Frosted glass provides all the benefits of normal glass, except gloss. This means that it is more resistant to scratches and does not collect fingerprints and smudges. Here's what it looks like (Sony Xperia Z5): One disadvantage is that the colors look a little dull, but I'm willing to...
  14. homebrewz

    iPhone 4S Won't Turn On

    Greetings all, I was trying to film some of the snowfall here in the northeastern US and my iPhone 4S got a little wet in the snowfall, but I didn't think anything got into the phone itself. After having been nearly at a full charge, the battery went down to 1%, so I plugged it in. After a...
  15. L

    Iphone has loading bar under apple logo when i turn it on?

    I was recently turning on my old iphone 4 and it randomly shut off.. stayed on the little loading circle for about 5 minutes until i force shut it off... then when i went back to turn it on it had the apple logo with a loading bar underneath? I force shut it off again before the bar finished...
  16. A

    Other Iphone 4 shut itself off randomly?

    I brang out my old iphone 4s from middle school to transfer some files out from it, and stuff...connected to the internet and went about using it, i was using imessage to send things from that phone to another iphone. Back then when i got it, it was a refurbished phone and throughout the time i...
  17. idkedy28

    Other olx iphone 5s from 4s

    Sooo...on in Romania you can do swaps you give the person an phone or anything you want to and the person gives you something in return,i have this iPhone 4s that is on ios 6.1.3 and i want to swap it with an iphone 5s. Should i do it?
  18. arichy2008

    Carrier Question about IMEI

    So here is what is up. I had a phone. The phone worked on my carrier. I then put the sim card into an iphone. It doesnt work anymore, even though the sim card is activated and the phone is unlocked. I called the carrier and they told me that the device wasnt supported on my plan. So now I have...
  19. shekelstealer666

    iPhone 7 vs iPhone 8

    So the day has finally come that I have decided to upgrade my phone from a 4S to something new. Right now my two contenders are an iPhone 7 with 128 gigs of memory and an iPhone 8 with 64 gigs of memory. Without considering price, would the iPhone 8's new features be worth sacrificing 64 gigs...
  20. HorySheet

    Apple Logo Flashing/Blinking (iPhone 4S 9.3.5)

    I will be simple and direct. My phone died and now won't power on , and apple logo is just blinking, and also it wont restore, after extraction on iTunes, it should continue to restore, but simply back to blinking apple logo again. - Tried Battery Replacement - Restoring in DFU mode. Any...