iphone 5

  1. unknowengee

    iPhone 5 or earlier Glitch on home screen with installing/installed app.

    This is on my iPhone 5s running iOS 12.3.1, created an account on this forum just to show off haha lol .... nek minit can’t even upload photos (Cheers ibb.co). Has this happened to anyone else if so what iPhone model? Photos: Home Screen: - https://ibb.co/Vq5rDd4 So called “app” in my “games”...
  2. seitsme

    iphone 5 powers up only with Home+power key combination

    My iphone 5, was a secondhand device bought a while ago as a replacement to other model i have had. It has the latest ios on it. It was working ok despite it came in contact with water and then was cleaned with isopropanol and started up ok. The charging dock was also replaced from another...
  3. seitsme

    iPhone 5 or earlier Howto copy-restore apps from a backup to a new iphone 5 without old device

    hello, I have had an iphone 5 16GB, until i sold it. I have had a backup of it as i was using offline map software with bookmarks. Now i bought another iphone 5 64GB. I want to duplicate and move or transfer or restore the map apps from the backup to the new phone so i can have their settings...
  4. S

    Original Plastic Screen Protectors

    Yo, I’m looking to find an eBay link or something where I can buy those original screen and back protectors that come on iPhones. Looking to further legitamise my collection lol Thanks
  5. JungleNYC

    iPhone 5 or earlier Found my old iPhone 5!…can I make this a "safe" kids iPod?

    First of all I LOVE this form factor. Am I the only one!?!? It makes me really wonder if Apple will/can ever go back to this size. It's surprisingly comfortable to hold, use and read. Obviously my Xs is faster/better, but wow would I love the Xs features (and camera) in a 5 body. Anyways… My...
  6. ThatiPhoneUser

    iPhone 5 or earlier iPhone 5 battery from OWC

    Hi guys, This sounds kinda ancient but I want to replace the battery on my iPhone 5 and I have been looking all over the place online to find a good battery. I was considering iFixit but it was too expensive. I stumbled upon OWC's website and found that they sold batteries for the 5. I've...
  7. iPhoneAndTechReviews

    iPhone 5 or earlier Should one upgrade to the iPhone 5S in 2018?

    Is it recommended to upgrade to the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 in 2018? One of my younger cousin's (David) who is 23 (12 years younger than me) and uses the iPhone XS's younger cousin (Alina ) who is about 14, has just switched from an undefined Android phone to an iPhone 5S (not SE). Some of the...
  8. B

    Help with Skeleton Dual Cameras attempt...

    For a school, project, trying to just bare bones an iphone 5s with just the dual cameras and the charger. Wondering if I just used the logic board, power cord, storage and cameras should work, correct?? Logic to control, storage to record, power for power and so on... Again just the bare...
  9. claudiofilho12

    iphone 5 rebooting alone after power on

    Hi, I've owned an iPhone 5 for some time, a few months back, the battery indicator has deregulated and drops rapidly by 100% and decreases until it reaches 3% and stays 3 hours, so I got used to it. this, over time after the iPhone shut down or restart it, always when it turns on it stays a 2...
  10. Y

    Downgrade version will speed up my iPhone?

    Hi all, I have iPhone 5 - version 10.3.3. The phone is preeeety preeeety slow. Granted, it's an old phone. But I don't recall it being this unbearable. Will it help to downgrade the version? If so, which one and mostly, how? Thank you! (never EVER switch to android with which I'm stuck with...
  11. N

    iOS Memory Bug?

    I have had a weird bug this morning... my iPhone X memory was suddenly full and kept freezing when I was trying to turn the alarm off.... I decided to restart the phone and it basically bricked it and was stuck on the apple logo. Ive put it in recovery mode and im in the process of doing a full...
  12. claudiofilho12

    Home spinning iphone button

    I have an iPhone 5, the home button is spinning when I press to go back, it turns left and right, I wonder how I can solve this button problem, it works normal so it's spinning.
  13. iModFrenzy

    iPhone 5 or earlier iPhone 5 High Capacity NOHON Battery

    So I recently got an iPhone 5 on iOS 6.1.4, sadly this iPhone has had a few issues though. The eBay description stated the home button was the only problem, simple fix right? Just replace the little circuit for the home button on the glass. Well it turned out the whole dock connector was shot...
  14. blakelongshaw

    iPhone iOS 11 on iPhone 5

    Is there anyway to install iOS 11 on a iPhone 5? I just think it looks a lot cleaner and I would love to install it on my phone. Thanks guys!
  15. demth3117

    Storage full, logged out of all apps, won't log on anymore

    Hi, My iphone 5s storage was full with zero capacity left. The phone began logging out of all apps including my Apple ID and icloud (my photos were all gone, does this have to do with the fact that I couldnt log on to my Apple ID?) I tried rebooting it and now it wont log on any more. Its stuck...
  16. B

    iPhone 5 or earlier Cannot reach anyone at iMobie

    Hello, My iPhone 5 died about 2 months ago and I bought a new (to me) one. I have a backup file on my PC hard drive from the last time I did an iTunes sync with the old phone. That file apparently contains everything that was on the phone as of Oct 31, when I did the last backup. So now I want...
  17. M

    Not starting

    I have an iPhone5 and it died three days ago and I thought it was just the battery, but when i charged it, the apple logo is appearing however it doesn't go to the home screen. Even if I try restarting or plugging it to my laptop, my phone is still like that. It's been like this for three days...
  18. jvhresearch

    iPhone 5 DVT1 May 2012 prototype

    Hey guys! I am looking for Apple/Apple Prototype collectors, who might be interested in buying this device.
  19. B

    Want that iPhone X? You may want to take a second thought...

    So I'm tempted to burn that hole and stump up for the X, until I saw this monstrosity... https://www.slashgear.com/this-diy-iphone-x-mini-is-bonkers-13499677/ Sure, it ain't aesthetically pleasing. But think about it, the Retina MacBook got passed from the 15" to 13", as well as the iMac...
  20. F

    Will I be able to revert a S0 with watchOS4 to watchOS3?

    Hi all. Proud owner of a S0 sport and a iPhone 6S. I plan to upgrade to watchOS ASAP after release... However I will get the S3 WiFi in the coming months and want to pass my S0 to my girlfriend who has a iPhone5. Now, as iPhone5 only gets iOS 10 it can only support watchOS3, right? So can I...