iphone 7 128g

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    Iphone upload to icloud not working

    Hello all, newbie here - would be grateful for your tips. I have searched the forum for solutions but nothing has worked so far. I have an iPhone 7, with 128GB capacity. Available capacity is 22GB. According to when I look at the Photos app, there are 1966 photos, 543 videos and 3002 items. I...
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    iPhone 7(+) (1) how to remove duplicate contacts from iPhone *and* iCloud (2) How to download contacts from icloud ?

    Dear Friends Good day ! I'm using couple of iPhones, iPad etc. All linked to the same iCloud account and all using legit iOS Over the years, using google, iCloud etc to migrate contacts from older phones to new ones has landed me in a situation where many of my contacts have duplicates and...
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    Hi I'm new to this forum, I'm just here for some advice/help. I took my iphone7 plus in for a screen replacement about year ago apparently the screen wouldn't sync with the phone properly so ive been told so since I've had the new screen there has been no sound/video absolutely nowt and the...