iphone 7 bluetooth

  1. B

    iPhone 7plus bluetooth question/issue

    Hi, I have two sets of bluetooth headphones. Jaybird Bluebuds X and a pair of denon AH-W150. I've noticed with the 7plus that both sets seem to loose connection/stuttering audio than they ever did with my 6plus. I don't stream much audio in my car...but don't seem to have any connection issues...
  2. V-L@D

    MOTO 360 - Pairing issue with iPhone 7

    Hi I am unable to pair the Moto 360 (v2-2015) to the iPhone 7. ALthough it is supposed to be compatible. Have restarted iphone, restored to factory defaults the watch couple of times and both watch and phone OS are at the latest version. both charged up. Pairing with an android phone works ok...