iphone 7 plus camera

  1. T

    iPhone 7 Plus Picture Quality

    Correction: *7 and 7 Plus* There has been a couple threads on this subject with mostly defective cameras but its looking like a known issue with lower light photos coming out pretty bad. Its seems like a compression problem with the stock camera app, as the RAW images from a 3rd party app makes...
  2. N

    Weird Camera Shaking Issue!

    Hi Everyone, I lauched a youtube channal that I intend to film for with my iPhone 7 plus and it has this shaky thing that happens. Is this normal or should I visit a Genius Bar? Here are my most affected videos :( yours truly, nyv
  3. K

    iPhone 7 Plus Whatsapp Video Problem

    Hi, I actually buy the new iphone 7 Plus, i have a problem with whatsapp video, when i touch and hold camera button to video, i got twice shutter camera sound so my video always recorded shutter sound. Do you guys have any issue like me? i want to know it is whatsapp problem or my device. I've...
  4. D

    Why does my husband's iphone 6 take better photos than my 7 Plus??

    My husband's iphone 6 takes brighter, more focused, sharper photos than my 7 plus. We have done side by side tests and his beats mine every time. Unless the lighting is absolutely perfect and the subject completely still, my 7 plus photos tend to have a slightly grainy, almost water colorey...
  5. kanyehameha

    iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode w/wide angle lens?

    Regarding the new portrait mode in the iPhone 7 Plus, do you guys think that Apple will eventually allow users to use the regular wide angle lens for the depth of field effect? The only reason I think why they're choosing to use the telephoto lens for the effect atm is that: i). the telephoto...
  6. danielleerena

    iPhone 7 plus: is my camera defective?!

    So the first photo is from my iPhone 6, the second is from my 7 plus. Look at the loss of detail on the shirt and the hair! I've tried seeing if anyone else has this problem and I can't find anything. It also obviously has a yellowish color as well, which is also a defect in the auto white...
  7. Rodolforq

    iPhone 7 plus not using telephoto lense

    i was playing around with the camera and noticed that the 2x zoom looked grainier. So I decided to cover up each lense and see which lense it was using. Turns out it only uses de regular lense. Does it not work that way? I'm confused at the moment. It it supposed to work that way or is it...