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iphone app

  1. N

    iPhone Histocam - RAW Photography App

    Hi everyone, hope all of you is doing well and safe from the epidemic. I’m a mobile games programmer and recently got into photography, so I decided to developed a photography app that has the ability to shoot RAW format photos. I hope you guys/ladies will like it. Feel free to give me any...
  2. PhillyGuy72

    AuraFit, it's only $699.99

    Oops, I forgot tax. Would you pay $700+ for an app? Well, it does work on the iPad and Apple Watch also. :eek:
  3. S

    Universal Create, Edit and View documents on your iPhone and iPad

    THE BEST DOCUMENT EDITING AND OFFICE MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD. + Create and Edit Rich Text Documents on your iPhone or iPad. + Work on your docuemnts even when not connected to the internet. + Convert your documents to PDF, + Send documents as EMAIL ATTACHMENTS + Transfer to/from...
  4. Dj64Mk7

    Best Third-Party Mac Apps that have iPhone and/or Apple Watch equivalents

    As the title says, I am searching for new apps to "buy" or "get" with the $40 in App Store credit I got this morning for Christmas. The only stipulation is that I am searching for apps that have iPhone and/or Apple Watch equivalents. Examples would include apps like Spark and Fantastical 2...
  5. G

    Best conversion of 1080i50 to 1080p50 HEVC?

    I have a good but older video camera that records at 1080i50. It imports fine into Photos (or iMovie), but the files are very large, PLUS Apple blends the 2 interlaced fields so there's a constant blur to the image. I keep all my Photos and videos in iCloud. Can anyone recommend a good app on...
  6. mrmsdbdl

    iPhone Superday

    Today, I noticed the release of this app called Superday and I find it quite nice actually. It’s basically like Moves but it doesn’t belong to Facebook. There is no need for an account and it has a nicer interface in my opinion. I really hope this will be the replacement for Moves. On the plus...
  7. turtlelocator

    Data Research for a Location Sharing App

    First of all, thanks to the admin and I hope I am in the right thread. Hello, I am a data researcher for Turtler. It is a location sharing app that is under development. I am here to gather information, feedback and personal experience regarding location-sharing apps for iPhones. I would highly...
  8. dra

    iPhone BoomBar brings loyalty cards to iMessage

    Stop carrying dozens of loyalty and reward cards around ! Get BoomBar 3 Easy Steps Scan , Save and Use with your iPhone, Apple Watch and iMessage. BoomBar is a forward thinking application aim to record barcodes from various cards used in people's daily life and save them into different...
  9. BlahBird

    Universal Hueliday: World Travel Animated Stickers (for iMessage)

    Hi everyone! I have just released my sticker app. App Store Link: Usage Video: Thank you for your interest
  10. visskiss

    Universal xTile, the puzzle game to relax your brain.

    Hi All, I have just soft launched xTile at and would love to get feedback. The website for the game is Here's the preview video. Thanks.
  11. K

    Forecast Bar Weather App Notifications

    I have been trying out Forecast Bar for the past week and I really like it. My questions that I have are to do with notifications. Does this app update severe weather notifications when the NWS updates theirs? There were 2 severe weather alerts issued this past week and while I got them pushed...
  12. P

    Universal Sharing great app - Read Newspaper Application

    Nowadays, AppStore has many many read newspaper applications. However, they is limited about contents and some apps is difficult to use. I have installed and used some read newspaper application but I really want to show you one of them which one have less people known. That is "Newspaper" app...
  13. C

    Universal Enterprise Productivity Suite for Cloud

    Description TOP FEATURES: + Secure your data stored on Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive + Able to create and edit Rich Text Documents in HTML format + Easily create and edit Spreadsheets + Create PDF files from scanned documents. + Simply create Hand-Written notes + Create...
  14. slidingstone

    Universal Drawing Pad - Draw, Paint, Sketch, Doodle, Scribble

    Hi friends, If you are looking for Drawing App for your iDevices, please try Drawing Pad. It has a lot of features which will support your drawing. iTunes Link: - Customize your brush with many kind different of...
  15. A


    RakEM, Raketu's Extended Messenger, app allows free Secure Messaging, Picture Sharing, voice and video calling, and voice and video messages over 3G, 4G and WiFi. You can also delete your chats from your device and your friend's device all at once or selectively message by message (unsend your...
  16. Hydr jahan

    iPad Office ToGo: Business App for iPhone & iPad

    THE BEST DOCUMENT EDITING AND MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD. TOP FEATURES: + Able to create and edit Rich Text Documents + Easily create and edit Spreadsheets + Create PDF files from scanned documents. + Simply create Hand-Written notes + Create Drawings and Sketches + Record Voice...
  17. A

    Universal Best Productivity App For IOS

    MobileOffice - Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office Description THE BEST DOCUMENT EDITING AND MANAGEMENT SUITE FOR IPHONE AND IPAD. + Create and Edit Documents on your iPhone or iPad. + Create and Edit Spreadsheets + Scan documents and convert to PDF + Create Hand-Written notes...
  18. OfficialForecastBar

    Universal The best Mac weather app, Forecast Bar, now available on iOS

    Since we launched Forecast Bar for Mac, it has been featured by Apple, Lifehacker, and Macworld (for Mac and iOS) and consistently receives high reviews from our users. Since then, we have heard loud and clear from our users that they would like to see Forecast Bar for their iPhone. For the last...