iphone repair

  1. J

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone repair BS

    Hi everyone, hopefully this is the place I can put this. My friend told me to put it here for hopefully good help. I'm ****ing stressed out over this because IMO it should've been under the ECLC and I don't have the money they're asking for so I'll try explain this well... Okay so here's the...
  2. SamaraDn

    Tried to fix my Iphone 5

    Hi My iphone 5 suddenly wouldn't charge anymore, i have had some trouble with getting contact with the charging-port earlier. And once when it got completely out of battery, it wouldn't charge anymore, and the screen has been black ever since. Now i bought a new charging-port, and a new...
  3. B

    Sleep/Wake button lost clicky response, will apple replace the handset?

    Hey! This week I realized that after using my friend's iPhone my handset's sleep wake button was malfunctioning. When I press the phone's sleep wake button the button presses down and goes in a little and functions as should. It does however seem as though it's spring mechanism is failing...