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iphone xs max

  1. J

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XS MAX - automatic restart of the phone every now and then

    I have a problem with the iPhone XS MAX that the iPhone restarts automatically after 2 minutes, and so every 2-3 minutes. The battery was re-ordered new, but it turned out that the battery is ok. I thought about it for a long time and wrote that it is a game, but I would be wrong, because the...
  2. 0

    iPhone XS Max XS Max Screen is not responsive enough (esp when typing fast)

    Hi. I bought my dad an iPhone XS Max a couple of months back from the used market. When typing fast, the screen does not respond very well. I have an iPhone X and the typing and touching response of the XS Max has really been different compared to the X. I attached a video so you guys can see...
  3. Phil77354

    iPhone XS Max Replacing (or repairing) my broken iPhone Xs Max with new iPhone (12 or other)

    I'm interested in opinions from folks on this forum regarding pros and cons of my particular iPhone situation I have a two-year old iPhone Xs Max that I've just discovered has a non-functioning rear (main) camera. Otherwise the phone is working fine. I have dropped the phone recently and...
  4. Phil77354

    iPhone Xs Max Camera Stopped Working?

    I have just noticed that the main camera of my Xs Max iPhone is not working - I only get a black screen when I open the camera app. The small green indication at the top of the screen is slow blinking off and on when I first open camera, but the screen remains black. Changing the camera modes...
  5. F

    iphone xsmax and ipad 5th gen not showing update needed

    I have several devices. 5 ipads and several phones and a macbook pro... My iphone xs max and one of my ipads says software is utd on 13.7. I have tried to go through the macbook to update but it just wont do it. My macbook updated and 3 ipads. Anyone know any other tricks?
  6. Win7>SnowLeopard

    Other Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitolized?

    Is the S in iPhone 3GS, 4S, 5S, 6S, XS, XS Max Capitalized? On Wikipedia it shows that after the iPhone 4S it becomes lowercased. Just wondering.
  7. Bigjames707

    CASELY Charging Case not working

    I’m having a weird issue getting my iPhone XS Max to work with my CASELY charging case. It’s a brand new case that i just got today and it doesn’t seem to want to charge my phone. I slid my wife’s XS and my mother in laws XR in the case and both detected the case and started charging, so it...
  8. J

    Need urgent help retrieving photos and videos from iPhone XS Max with an Error (47) message

    I have an iPhone XS Max 512 G. I love photos and videos and have 2 very young kids and captured their most treasured moments. Because I was worried iCloud backup would take forever an it's a large phone with a lot of data and since iCloud doesn't keep things that are off your phone, I decided to...
  9. L

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 or iPhone Xs Max, which one should I buy?

    I'm thinking to upgrade my 6-year-old iPhone 6S Plus to a new iPhone, either iPhone 11 or iPhone Xs Max. But not sure which one to buy? Obviously iPhone 11 is the latest one with the newest system, but iPhone Xs Max was last year's flagship iPhone and now it's much cheaper.
  10. C

    iPhone XS damage to the antireflex layer xs max because of alcohol wipes cleaning

    hello Everyone ! I'm new here. I wiped quite intensively the back camera panel of my XS Max, but just once, with the wet tissues for glasses which contain alcohol and cannot be used for LCD screens. I know the panel is not LCD, but I mention it to give a hint of what sort of wipes these could...
  11. G

    iPhone XS Max camera issue

    Hello everyone, Recently, I noticed lines appearing when taking photos that are taken directly pointed at the sun. The lines appear like a black grid near the sun. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  12. TheAceOfAces

    Dye from Apple's official Leather Cases seems to smudge on the stainless steel bands on the X/Xs/11 Pro series . . . anyone else notice this?

    (Posted something similar in the iPhone forum but posting this here as well since I think it's the more appropriate place.) Few days ago, I bought the 11 Pro and put on Apple's official leather case (black), and when I took the phone out of the case to insert the SIM, I noticed that the black...
  13. T

    CarPlay Spotify albums sorting incorrectly.

    I have CarPlay on my 2017 Audi, but rarely use it. I decided to give it another go with iOS 13. I have a playlist called "My Shazam Tracks" and on both my MacBook Pro and my iPhone XS max, I have the playlist sorted by "Recently added". However, when using Spotify on CarPlay, it appears to...
  14. T

    iPhone iOS 13 mail app no longer suggesting folders to move mail to.

    Up until iOS 13 the suggested move folder was always correct, now I only get the option to "move" ( and I then have to manually find the folder) or "move to important". Anyone any ideas how to sort this? The new mail layout is horrible, what used to take one action now takes three, why are the...
  15. S

    iPhone 11 I'm I crazy for thinking on going to an 11 owning a XS Max?

    I can't find any comparisons on camera performance between the 11 (non pro) and the XS Max. I'm looking to lower my phone bill and switching my phones to the 11 will be a nice reduction on our monthly plan. I know the screen is not as nice but honestly my priorities are battery life and camera...
  16. PhillyGuy72

    iPhone XS Max I like this news - "Multi-cam recording won't be exclusive to the 2019 iPhone lineup."

    Ok, so XS / XS Max users won't have 3 cameras, but I like how we will have the ability to do this The FiLMiC app is just a great app all around - for Timelapse, Aspect Ratio changes, sound - Seamlessly works with many gimbals, etc. ____ "The ability to record from multiple cameras simultaneously...
  17. Mountaineer304

    iPhone 11 Pro To Upgrade Or Not That Is The Question?!?

    Hey everyone what's up? So yeah pretty much a straight forward question.. I've grown accustomed to upgrading my Apple device every year, for quite sometime it almost feels foreign having to ask this question... But I want some serious everyday hard-core user input... So of course last year when...
  18. phantom5251

    iPhone XS Max IUP vs Trade In (or Other Method?)

    We’ve currently got a couple Xs Max’s that are halfway through the iUP program and we’re eligible to upgrade to the new ones if desired. However, was just curious if it would be more advantageous to look into the trade in program for a month to month basis or overall? Just curious what others’...
  19. S

    iPhone 11 Pro Broken iPhone XS Max in exchange for iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Need help! So I change my phone every year and I want the new iPhone Pro Max. I usually sell my previous phone to recoup some of the cost, obviously. But for the first time in like 8 years I broke my phone. In this case the back of my XS Max is cracked. So I know since I don’t have Apple care I...
  20. W

    iPhone 11 iPhone XS Max?

    Any ideas what will happen to the old stock of iPhone XS Max in Apple Stores? They have been scrapped from the iPhone line-up and no longer available online. I was hoping to pick one up, possibly at a reduced price, to replace my X. I wasn’t too impressed with the new 11 and don’t want to shell...