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  1. srbNYC

    Describe your bug or issue

    So many posts saying "I hope this fixes the WiFi bug" and "What about the keyboard issue," etc. Sorry, we don't know what you're talking about. We all want to read, to learn, and maybe to help, but you gotta help us out here. Describe what you're talking about, and the discussion will get...
  2. V

    iOS Call JS Function from Swift and get returned value from JS printed in Swift

    I need to call a JavaScript function from a local JavaScript file and then Call JS Function CalcualatePremiumWeb and get the returned value from JS printed in Swift. However, I'm encountering an error when trying to evaluate the JavaScript function and retrieve the result. Swift guard let...
  3. S

    Any issues with the 2022 MacBook Air M2s?

    Hello, are there any known issues or problems to be aware of when buying a 2022 MacBook Air M2? Thanks in advance.
  4. GanleyGanley

    Tap-To-Click Trackpad Intermittent issue 14" MBP M1/M2

    CONFIRMATION OF TAP-TO-CLICK ISSUE WITH THUMB: Apple says they haven't heard of it Over the last 4 months, I have purchased 3, 14" M1 MBPs. 1. M1 refurbished (returned) 2. M1 Brand New (returned) 3. M1 MAX refurbished (Pending return) ON ALL 3, the tap to click with my THUMB is interment...
  5. Sopranik

    Wi-Fi drops out and reconnects when unlocking iPhone

    My iPhone 13 Pro is disconnecting from Wi-Fi when I unlock it. When I start using the phone again it disconnects from my Wi-Fi network, shows 5G icon, then after a couple of seconds it reconnects to the Wi-Fi. This happens every time I unlock my iPhone (it doesn't matter if I am near the modem...
  6. C

    Slow Wi-Fi after updating to Ventura

    Updated my 2019 Intel iMac from Monterey to Ventura in December. Aside from some light browsing, etc. hadn't used it much since the update, but have started using it more lately and am noticing slow Internet connection speeds (Zoom not working well anymore, podcast downloads slow, speed tests...
  7. P

    LG 38WN95C Thunderbolt issues with Macbook Pro M1

    LG 38WN95C Thunderbolt issues with Macbook Pro m1 LG 38WN95C suddenly stopped working over thunderbolt a few weeks ago. It has been working perfectly with the M1 Macbook Pro 14" for 4 months with all bells and whistles. Native resolution at 144hz, mac charging and usb hub. Display works...
  8. S

    IOS 16 issues?

    Hello ! So couple of questions and maybe bugs and I wanted to know if Im the only one or not lets start. First I cant see the dynamic weather wallpaper.. I have all the normal ones like: photos,astronomy etc etc but not weather:/ I live in quebec (Canada) so maybe its a region issue? I do have...
  9. AlexJ092

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera issue

    Hi, My camera appears to have just suddenly stopped working and is displaying an error message. My iPhone was purchased on release day and has not had any repairs etc. Any idea on what to do?
  10. 0

    Siri totally F ed

    I've been having some problems with Siri. 1. "Finder hasn't added support for that with Siri" when you ask her for files 2. Either doing a Bing image search or just opening the Photos app when you ask her for Photos 3. Sometimes not responding at all. You click, say "Hey Siri", etc. Nothing...
  11. white7561

    The 2021 MBPs Current Issues and Bugs Thread

    Hi Guys, This is a thread to post about the current issues on the new MBPs 2021. And since this is a WikiPost, you can add you an issue to this first post. Just make sure that the issue itself is only happening on the new 2021 MBPs, not reproducible on other machines. If there are updated infos...
  12. Rydawg96

    iCloud Custom domain wont add to iCloud+ account.

    I just disocvered the ability to add custom domains to add custom domain names to my iCloud+ subscription by going to and when I tried to add it, it gives me this error message. I just recently registered my domain and with Hover, but it keeps giving me this message regardless of...
  13. G

    Jailbreak IOS 10.3.3 issues

    Hi, I'm currently struggling to jailbreak an iPad on 10.3.3 So for some reason all the jailbreak apps I try cost money to use apparently. Something called donateware? Anyway i don't have money to give to use these apps so I'm trying to find a way to jailbreak without these apps. I've tried a...
  14. jaceapoc

    Slow responsiveness of the TouchBar and experiencing other lags after updating to macOS 11.5

    Specs: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) – 2,2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7 – 16 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 – Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB - Latest occurrence of the issue: While watching content on YouTube this morning, when I went to change the volume by pressing/touching on the volume icons on the TouchBar...
  15. P

    iMac 2020 ram upgrade issues

    Hello, I think I have a problem with the compatibility of ram memory modules in the iMac 2020. Although all modules are of the same brand (Crucial) the same capacity (8gb) and the same clock speed (2666mhz) “see photo” when installed, the system does not work at the indicated speed but at a...
  16. T

    MacBook Pro 13" Startup disc error after update! Help?

    Hi all, So I updated to OS Big Sur on my 2015 (I believe) MacBook Pro 13" last night all downloaded ok. Restarted to install, got right to the end and comes up with a start up disc error. Won't let me do anything and the harddrive isn't displayed on the screen. Tried booting it into recovery...
  17. C

    Help please!

    I’m not sure what to do in this situation. I updated to BigSur Thursday night and Friday morning I opened my laptop to use it and it said there was an issue with downloading the software. Now my laptop has been stuck at this screen with a continuous loading icon with no progression. Suggestions?
  18. G

    Caldigit TS3 Plus dock - seeking input from other users

    So I just bought a Caldigit TS3+ dock to use with my 15” 2018 MBP and though it seems to be working fine, I found two issues for which I’d like to confirm wether they’re common/normal as I’m currently debating internally whether I should return/exchange it: When using the headphone port on...
  19. treyhunnid

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Blue video when sending over iMessage with iPhone 12? Anyone else?

    Anyone else getting this? Typically happens when I’m out and about sending over 5g or LTE with my 12PM. Shows normal on my end but a blue screen with sound on recipients.
  20. TechInit

    2GB VRAM and 5k Retina Display

    Hi all, I'm currently in the market for a new iMac, and I've settled in that I want a late 2014 or mid 2015 iMac. I've been looking around, and I was wondering if the 2GB of VRAM on the R9 M290X would have issues pushing a 27" display. I know that 4GB of VRAM would be good to have, however...