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  1. MiniApple

    All iPads iPad case with Surface like adjustable kickstand?

    I'm looking for an iPad case that has an adjustable Surface like kickstand (same functionality, and not just some preset angles) (2021 base iPad model, Mini 5 or Mini 6)
  2. K

    iPad Pro Lightweight kickstand for 12.9" iPad Pro?

    I'm considering buying the 12.9" iPad Pro but I think I will skip getting the ASK keyboard or any other keyboard as the options available right now don't look too good. However I would like something to prop up the tablet, mainly for situations like watching Netflix or maybe lifting it up...
  3. LucasLand

    looking for good kickstand cases for iphone7+

    looking for good kickstand cases for iphone7+. one that also holds phone up vertically, not just horizontally
  4. LucasLand

    kickstand cases

    anyone know of any kickstand cases for iphone7plus that hold up iPhone horizontally and vertically?
  5. F


    I've had the iPP for two weeks. I'm actually buying the SP4 tonight to compare the two devices. I've been holding onto the iPP hoping that third parties would debut their smart keyboard covers for the iPP. What is taking so long? Does anyone know why there are only TWO smart keyboards in the...