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    iPad How to turn on screen only during a specified timespan (Kiosk mode)?

    Hi, I’d like to setup my old iPad 4 as a weather station, where it always displays the following app: This app works fine on it and I’ve set the iPad never to lock the screen / go to sleep. However, I don’t want the...
  2. C

    All iPads iPad kiosk mode?

    I am working on a project and I want to have an iPad start/open with a video or kiosk mode that goes directly to play a video. Is there a way to make this happen? I am open to jailbreaking if necessary.
  3. A

    Number / Digit Keyboard?

    Does anyone know a way to get just a number/digit keyboard to pop up instead of a keyboard with letters?
  4. W

    Seeking tech help: Building a kiosk

    I am a volunteer and officer on a history project for my community. A historic fabrication project occurred over 50 years ago at an industrial shop in my hometown. It was precision work, and was nationally recognized. A 30-minute movie was made about the project. We have it on a DVD. A...
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    Kiosk Mac Setup

    I've been asked to setup a 'Kiosk' type Mac for some guests to use. They need to be able to use a few specific apps but I need to prepare and lock down the system: Diaabke Sherlock (or whatever it's called today) Disable and block read/write access to USB Disable and block read/write access to...