1. InAWhiteRoom

    Podcasts on PowerPC

    Hi all, I’m trying to find a way to listen to podcasts on either a G4 iMac or PowerBook, both running leopard. It’s looking like iTunes 10.6.3 won’t allow podcast downloads, though. Are there any alternative, lightweight programmes that I could try instead? Or, does anyone know of a workaround...
  2. alex_free

    Weird YouTube Changes, State of Age-Gated Videos, And PPCMC7 Becoming The Only YouTube Live Stream Method On PowerPC Macs?

    PPCMC 7 is now 1.5 years old, and has seen 25 updates since version 7.0. Recently it has come to my attention that something weird is going on with using VLC and QuickTime to watch YouTube livestreams. Apparently Google changed something, I think it’s to do with the codec/format somehow...
  3. B S Magnet

    Add emoji (“backmoji”) support to Snow Leopard (as well as Leopard & Tiger)

    Whilst looking for ways to get some level of basic emoji support for the Clouded Leopard project (Snow Leopard for PowerPC), I learnt of a nifty way to integrate a basic, early emoji support for Snow Leopard, Leopard, and even Tiger. This workaround for what I guess amounts to backmojis can be...
  4. alex_free

    6-16-2021 - The Latest IOQuake3 Had Been Ported To Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x/10.5.x/10.6.x PowerPC

    IOQuake 3 is an open source Quake III game engine. Awhile ago, I ported the latest version to OpenBSD and got it added to the official OpenBSD ports tree. Now with the power of Panther SDL2 I have restored Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x compatibility to the latest version of IOQuake3. Previously, Mac OS...
  5. B S Magnet

    Screencapture filename options for adding SQL-style date/time strings, pre-10.6?

    I gather from searching around that the answer amounts to “not possible”: From SL onward, the default file name for screencapture is “Screen shot YYYY-MM-DD at HH:mm:ss.[format]”. Pre-SL, the default file name was “Picture [x].[format]”, where “x” was a sequential digit. In Tiger or Leopard...
  6. alex_free

    SM64EX Leopard Compiler Is An Easy To Use GUI That Builds The SM64EX Port On PowerPC Leopard

    http://macintoshgarden.org/games/super-mario-64-ex-leopard-compiler https://alex-free.github.io/sm64exlc/ https://github.com/alex-free/sm64ex-leopard-compiler SM64EX is a native Super Mario 64 port derived from the decompilation of Super Mario 64. SM64EXLC is an easy to use, point and click...
  7. T

    Some custom software builds for Mac OS X Leopard

    I always found it a bit irritating how quickly 10.5 support was dropped by developers back when 10.6 hit the shelves, whereas its successor enjoyed support for a much longer period of time, so I've made a descision to take matters into my own hands by compiling some 10.5 compatible software...
  8. P

    Sata HD on G4 Quicksilver

    Hi there, i manage to resurrect a g4 quicksilver 867mhz with 2 80gb hds running Tiger. Now, i have some sata initio 1622 card installed and 250gb hd conected to it with leopard 10.5.8 from a(nother one) dead G5. On Tiger, all discs get properly mounted on desktop and running but i cannot manage...
  9. christiann

    Project G3: Getting Leopard on a G3 Mac

    Hi all. Welcome to the community WikiPost. We will be discussing Leopard on G3’s. If you want to discuss this project (as well as Snow Leopard on PowerPC Macs, which covers the 2008 WWDC build as well as build 10a190), you can chat on the joint Discord here: Mythical OSX on PowerPC Mac This...
  10. J

    What is the best PowerPC Mac that matches these requirements?

    What is the best PowerPC Mac that: Is an all-in-one Supports 10.5 (I don't care about 9)
  11. z970mp

    AuroraSuite - Celebrating 12 Years of Leopard

    [ Title Image Coming Soon ] After 3+ months in development and much longer in the making, I'm pleased to announce what will be my final dual-project for PowerPC OS X. Introducing AuroraSuite, a specially curated collection of software for Mac OS X Leopard under the purpose of being a locally...
  12. seitsme

    Addressbook .abbu to Contacts importing issues

    Hi all, I had an old ABBU backup with all my contacts from a PPC running leopard which i sold a while ago. Today, i tried to import the ABBU file in the new CONTACTS app in my High Sierra, and it imports well BUT When i import the file in contacts i loose long fields that also have soft...
  13. Slix

    Mac OS X Server "Shared Applications"

    Hey all! I'm fairly new to Mac OS X Server, but I'm learning as I go! I know you can do this, but apparently it's either never been an issue for people or for some reason it's just really hard to search online for. :/ I've been trying to get a Share Point on my Mac OS X Server Leopard 10.5...
  14. V

    Installing Older OSX Onto High Sierra Partition

    Trying to install OSX 10.5.2(Leopard) from original install discs onto a separate partition. However, no luck as it just reboots to main partition. I'm not sure if there's any other way to get the install disc to run. Anyone know how I can get around this large gap in OS versions?
  15. Princess Cake

    Looking for Quicktime X Purple Icon (10.6 Developer Preview)

    I have a few custom made versions of the icon but it bothers me that it's not the real deal and also I can't seem to get the gamma correct. Does anybody here happen to have the actual icon that came with Snow Leopard's Developer preview?
  16. A

    (Theme) Exploring the Leopard-esque look again

    Today is the my 42nd birthday and I have decided that a dumb decision is just dumb when stopping theming. It's what I like doing. SIP off - never an issue or problem being off anyway, so why would it ever be?! Previously I stated that I was done with theming forever.. turns out ... not true...
  17. bobesch

    Streaming internet-radio on PPC (os9/OS X)

    Last night I discovered, that all my internet-radio streaming links were broken and didn't work with iTunes 10 on my 12" PowerBook anymore. Searching for another web-radio streaming app I was lucky to find "FStream". You will find the latest version to work with PPC/Leopard&Tiger via Wayback...
  18. miksat


    So, one of the biggest issues to anyone who uses Leopard/Snow Leopard is Discord. Personally I can't go without it since I started using it in 2015. How do you guys run discord on your machines (assuming you use Discord)? Using the web app in Firefox ESR 45 is kinda slow on my early 2006 MBP...
  19. BigBIg5

    How to play YouTube in HD on iMac G5 20" iSight

    I have an Mac G5 20" iSight with Leopard installed. How can I play YouTube in HD like 720p?
  20. BigBIg5

    Which ver. of Leopard 10.5.X retail will install on iMac G5 20" iSight?

    I want to upgrade a iMac G5 20" iSight to Mac OS X Leopard, but I don't know if all the retail versions will work? Also, where is the best place to find cheap Mac OS X retail DVDs?