1. J

    What is the best PPC Mac that matches these requirements?

    What is the best PowerPC Mac that: Is an all-in-one Supports 10.5 (I don't care about 9)
  2. z970mp

    AuroraSuite - Celebrating 12 Years of Leopard

    [ Title Image Coming Soon ] After 3+ months in development and much longer in the making, I'm pleased to announce what will be my final dual-project for PowerPC OS X. Introducing AuroraSuite, a specially curated collection of software for Mac OS X Leopard under the purpose of being a locally...
  3. seitsme

    Addressbook .abbu to Contacts importing issues

    Hi all, I had an old ABBU backup with all my contacts from a PPC running leopard which i sold a while ago. Today, i tried to import the ABBU file in the new CONTACTS app in my High Sierra, and it imports well BUT When i import the file in contacts i loose long fields that also have soft...
  4. Slix

    Mac OS X Server "Shared Applications"

    Hey all! I'm fairly new to Mac OS X Server, but I'm learning as I go! I know you can do this, but apparently it's either never been an issue for people or for some reason it's just really hard to search online for. :/ I've been trying to get a Share Point on my Mac OS X Server Leopard 10.5...
  5. V

    Installing Older OSX Onto High Sierra Partition

    Trying to install OSX 10.5.2(Leopard) from original install discs onto a separate partition. However, no luck as it just reboots to main partition. I'm not sure if there's any other way to get the install disc to run. Anyone know how I can get around this large gap in OS versions?
  6. Princess Cake

    Looking for Quicktime X Purple Icon (10.6 Developer Preview)

    I have a few custom made versions of the icon but it bothers me that it's not the real deal and also I can't seem to get the gamma correct. Does anybody here happen to have the actual icon that came with Snow Leopard's Developer preview?
  7. allan.nyholm

    (Theme) Exploring the Leopard-esque look again

    Today is the my 42nd birthday and I have decided that a dumb decision is just dumb when stopping theming. It's what I like doing. SIP off - never an issue or problem being off anyway, so why would it ever be?! Previously I stated that I was done with theming forever.. turns out ... not true...
  8. bobesch

    Streaming internet-radio on PPC (os9/OS X)

    Last night I discovered, that all my internet-radio streaming links were broken and didn't work with iTunes 10 on my 12" PowerBook anymore. Searching for another web-radio streaming app I was lucky to find "FStream". You will find the latest version to work with PPC/Leopard&Tiger via Wayback...
  9. miksat


    So, one of the biggest issues to anyone who uses Leopard/Snow Leopard is Discord. Personally I can't go without it since I started using it in 2015. How do you guys run discord on your machines (assuming you use Discord)? Using the web app in Firefox ESR 45 is kinda slow on my early 2006 MBP...
  10. BigBIg5

    How to play YouTube in HD on iMac G5 20" iSight

    I have an Mac G5 20" iSight with Leopard installed. How can I play YouTube in HD like 720p?
  11. BigBIg5

    Which ver. of Leopard 10.5.X retail will install on iMac G5 20" iSight?

    I want to upgrade a iMac G5 20" iSight to Mac OS X Leopard, but I don't know if all the retail versions will work? Also, where is the best place to find cheap Mac OS X retail DVDs?
  12. BigBIg5

    Is Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Safe in 2017?

    I got a iMac G5 20" from a family member. I installed Linux on it but have some problems. I am wondering if Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is safe to use in 2017? If any vulnerabilities, are there fixes/patches?
  13. z970mp

    Transforming Leopard into Snow Leopard

    This is just something I raised up at the LeopardRebirth thread, but let me get into this here because I think this could be a fully-fledged topic on its own... What do you think it would take to optimize, tune, tweak, and potentially bug-fix Leopard for it to raise to Snow Leopard level...
  14. AmazingHenry

    iMac G4 Leopard Installation

    So, as you may know, I sold all my PPC Macs but one, my iMac G4 700MHz. It was running Tiger, but after I heard the LeoRebirth dock issue would soon be fixed, I decided to upgrade to Leopard. The way I used to do this was to boot my iBook G4 (which, by Apple's requirements, supported Leopard)...
  15. MacSoftware3

    PPC and Leopard as Daily Driver

    Hello everybody, I am new to this forum, and I was suprised to see an active PPC community. But I am wondering, do people here still use PowerMac G3s, G4s and G5s as a daily driver for tasks like webbrowsing/YouTube? How does that still work on a machine like a PowerMac G3 and an older OS like...
  16. AmazingHenry

    iCloud no longer working in Mail

    Back to ask a question. My email is an icloud.com account. Yesterday, I had it working fine in mail with the server addresses Apple provided on their support website. Today, it stopped working and it rejects my password. Two-factor authentication is off on my account? Anyone have a fix? Thanks...
  17. V3tR4X


    Welcome, i just bought ibook g4, unfortunally it does not read my dvd with leo on it. i Just thought, will i be able to run leopard installer from hdd that i want it to put on
  18. AmazingHenry

    Modifying Leopard Installer

    I'm currently experimenting with different methods for my Leopard install with updates/apps. One thing I'd like to try is modifying the installer itself, so that you can install with the default Leopard installer and use the Setup Assistant. However, I can't figure out how to do this, and the...
  19. AmazingHenry

    iLeopard Theme

    Was reading through some stuff today, and I stumbled across a theme called iLeopard. I installed it, and thought it was really cool! Since I've never seen it mentioned on here, I figured I'd share it. This theme basically makes the whole system appearance just like iTunes 7 or 8, with the...
  20. AmazingHenry

    AmazingHenry's PowerPC Projects Thread

    All my PowerPC projects! :) Tiger Sierra Theme Before LeopardRebirth was out, I was making a Sierra theme for personal use. Once LeopardRebirth came out, some people requested a Sierra Theme for Tiger. It wasn't hard to adapt my theme to Tiger, so I did that and released it. Get it on the...