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  1. B S Magnet

    Mozilla-based browser rendering discrepancies between Leopard and later OS X versions

    After all the time I’ve spent on here these last several years, I feel I ought to know the culprit behind oddball font rendering of web pages encoded in non-Western/Unicode fonts. But this one has me stumped. (Or else my brain is falling apart.) Take, for instance, an old...
  2. blackxacto

    Need help w a Leopard partition on a Monterey SSD

    Is it possible to simulate a Leopard HD in a partition on a Monterey SSD? How do I simulate Rosetta? I want to clone the Leopard HD contents, then run a Leopard application.
  3. M

    Sorbet Tiger for G3 Macs?

    Y'all have heard of Sorbet Leopard for PPC Macs right? But Leopard only runs on G4 and G5. not G3. So i was wondering. Could the developer of Sorbet Leopard make a version of Sorbet for G3 Macs with the same patches for the G3? Call it Sorbet G3/Tiger
  4. M

    MinecraftC on PPC

    Hi everyone, I recently saw a post on reddit about the original Minecraft 0.30 ported from Java to C ( and after trying it on Windows I realized that it was indeed really lightweight in comparison to the Java version even without any optimizations...
  5. alex_free

    Legacy Springboards for Commercial Web Services Wiki

    The web is getting more and more bloated. Even with TenFourFox FPR 32 Intel on Snow Leopard (2.93GHz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA 9600M GT 512MB) the modern is unusable due to how slow everything functions (even with uBlock legacy). Yes, I know there are other browser options and tweaks, but I...
  6. Sickminecraft45

    Power Mac G5 help!

    Hi, I need help with my Power Mac G5! I tried to make a bootable USB for Leopard but when I go into the boot selector, the drive doesn't come up, when I try to launch the installer from Mac OS X, it just reboots into the OS, and when I try to boot into it from open firmware, it just shows the...
  7. Sickminecraft45

    Burning disbaled

    Hi, I have a Power Mac G5 running Mac OS X 10.3.0. I have installed a DVD RW drive that supports burning and reading dual-layer DVDs as the original one only can read burned dual-layer DVDs but when I installed the new one the burning option was disabled in disk utility and the system profiler...
  8. reddrag0n

    audio stuttering titanium powerbook

    i'm running itunes in the background, but when i open other apps or move the mouse, i get audio stuttering and glitching. now when i reset the pram and do the open firmware commands then boot into leopard, the stuttering isn't there. but if i shut down the mac or restart it after, it starts the...
  9. reddrag0n

    "Messages" and ppc architecture

    I'm wondering if there is a protocol that allows the "Messages" app (or it's backbone structure) to be allowed to be run on ichat? Just like the old imessage was able to run on ichat when 10.8 came out. I would like to have my powerbook do more other than run itunes in the background or to...
  10. InAWhiteRoom

    12” PowerBook G4s: Leopard v Tiger

    Hi all, Is there a consensus on which OS is better for a 12” PowerBook G4? I’ve installed Tiger on a 867mhz model, and Leopard on a 1.5Ghz. Both with max RAM (1125 on the low end), both with a SSD upgrade (mSATA to IDE). What’s surprised me is that the Tiger machine feels just a touch...
  11. InAWhiteRoom

    Podcasts on PowerPC

    Hi all, I’m trying to find a way to listen to podcasts on either a G4 iMac or PowerBook, both running leopard. It’s looking like iTunes 10.6.3 won’t allow podcast downloads, though. Are there any alternative, lightweight programmes that I could try instead? Or, does anyone know of a workaround...
  12. alex_free

    Weird YouTube Changes, State of Age-Gated Videos, And PPCMC7 Becoming The Only YouTube Live Stream Method On PowerPC Macs?

    PPCMC 7 is now 1.5 years old, and has seen 25 updates since version 7.0. Recently it has come to my attention that something weird is going on with using VLC and QuickTime to watch YouTube livestreams. Apparently Google changed something, I think it’s to do with the codec/format somehow...
  13. B S Magnet

    Add emoji (“backmoji”) support to Snow Leopard (as well as Leopard & Tiger)

    Whilst looking for ways to get some level of basic emoji support for the Clouded Leopard project (Snow Leopard for PowerPC), I learnt of a nifty way to integrate a basic, early emoji support for Snow Leopard, Leopard, and even Tiger. This workaround for what I guess amounts to backmojis can be...
  14. alex_free

    6-16-2021 - The Latest IOQuake3 Had Been Ported To Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x/10.5.x/10.6.x PowerPC

    IOQuake 3 is an open source Quake III game engine. Awhile ago, I ported the latest version to OpenBSD and got it added to the official OpenBSD ports tree. Now with the power of Panther SDL2 I have restored Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x compatibility to the latest version of IOQuake3. Previously, Mac OS...
  15. Z

    Sorbet Leopard - Your Power Mac Unleashed (Revision 1.5 Released)

    Introduction (Read in Tim Cook's voice) It's safe to say that a great many users in the PowerPC community (used to) rely on Mac OS X Leopard regularly and leverage its useful features just as often. However, there are certain elements laced throughout the default user experience that have...
  16. B S Magnet

    Screencapture filename options for adding SQL-style date/time strings, pre-10.6?

    I gather from searching around that the answer amounts to “not possible”: From SL onward, the default file name for screencapture is “Screen shot YYYY-MM-DD at HH:mm:ss.[format]”. Pre-SL, the default file name was “Picture [x].[format]”, where “x” was a sequential digit. In Tiger or Leopard...
  17. alex_free

    SM64EX Leopard Compiler Is An Easy To Use GUI That Builds The SM64EX Port On PowerPC Leopard SM64EX is a native Super Mario 64 port derived from the decompilation of Super Mario 64. SM64EXLC is an easy to use, point and click...
  18. T

    Some custom software builds for Mac OS X Leopard

    I always found it a bit irritating how quickly 10.5 support was dropped by developers back when 10.6 hit the shelves, whereas its successor enjoyed support for a much longer period of time, so I've made a descision to take matters into my own hands by compiling some 10.5 compatible software...
  19. P

    Sata HD on G4 Quicksilver

    Hi there, i manage to resurrect a g4 quicksilver 867mhz with 2 80gb hds running Tiger. Now, i have some sata initio 1622 card installed and 250gb hd conected to it with leopard 10.5.8 from a(nother one) dead G5. On Tiger, all discs get properly mounted on desktop and running but i cannot manage...
  20. christiann

    Project G3: Getting Leopard on a G3 Mac

    Welcome to the community WikiPost. We will be discussing OS X Leopard on G3’s. If you want to discuss this project (as well as Snow Leopard on PowerPC Macs, which covers the 2008 WWDC build as well as build 10a190), you can chat on the joint Discord here: Mythical OSX on PowerPC Mac This...