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lightroom mobile

  1. purdnost

    Why No Lens Correction Setting for Wide Camera?

    Settings > Camera > Lens Correction ”Correct lens distortion on the front and ultra wide cameras.” It would be convenient if this setting also applied to the wide camera. Any thoughts as to why it’s not? Perhaps the difference isn’t noticeable enough. I always apply lens corrections in LR...
  2. M

    iPad Pro Using the Pro with Lightroom CC

    Photographers who are using Lightroom Creative Cloud on iPad Pros, I'm looking to hear about your experiences. I'm planning on uploading my RAW files through my desktop, convert to DNG, upload to Creative Cloud, and do sorting and editing on the iPad Pro via the Lightroom app. Tell me about...
  3. R

    Lightroom Mobile syncs raw to desktop from iOS

    Although we can't find any documentation for it, it appears you can now sync a raw file from an iPad to Lr desktop. We're talking about a raw that you import from the camera card into the iPad via the CCK and Photos. So now the raw (and a JPEG preview) are in the camera roll. Once you've...