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Jul 13, 2008
Although we can't find any documentation for it, it appears you can now sync a raw file from an iPad to Lr desktop.

We're talking about a raw that you import from the camera card into the iPad via the CCK and Photos. So now the raw (and a JPEG preview) are in the camera roll.

Once you've imported the raw from the camera raw into LrM, edited it or whatever, and placed it in a sync collection it now syncs back to your desktop Lr. As a RAW. With a sidecar and the adjustments or whatever that you did in LrM (not in Photos).

There's a trick, though: you have to edit the raw somehow in Photos FIRST. Otherwise LrM doesn't even see them in the camera roll and can't import them, although I'm not sure that's true for all raw (the orf and dng's I just took experimenting seemed to require it however).

The files back on your desktop appear to be full copies of the original raw in every way; we've tested orf from two cameras, DNG from Pentax, and an ARW.


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Dec 1, 2014
Chapel Hill, NC
I hope this is true, I'd be thrilled if Lightroom Mobile could provide a decent field triage workflow for raw that seamlessly syncs back to the desktop. I don't even need full editing, just accept/reject/rate/label in the field.
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