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m1 chip

  1. N

    Latency Issues with Logic Pro and other Apps

    I have an iMac 24 inch M1 2021 Chip: Apple M1 Memory: 16GB MacOs Monterey 12.5.1 500GB Storage (350/490 available) Recently I've been having issues with latency when I try to record audio within Logic Pro X. I do not believe it is my Audio Interface (Motu M2) because my guitar works find when...
  2. L

    M1 changing mac address

    This would be by second go around trying to change the mac address with the new macbook M1. Currently I'm using the older (2012) macbook with Catalina for work and changing everything is simple and easy. Has anyone found a work around for the new mac with M1? My old system needs to be...
  3. S

    Why doesn't Apple make all iOS apps available on M1 Macs?

    Apple gave developers the option to prevent their apps from running on M1 Macs, citing that this may lead to poor user experience. From my perspective this is quite anti-user: this is a Mac, a fully-featured computer in which the user should be able to do whatever he wants! Users should be given...
  4. GanleyGanley

    Should I Cancel my Order? 14" / M1 Max / 10c cpu / 24c gpu / 16 cne / 32 GB / 4 TB

    I custom ordered a 14" MBP months ago. It keeps getting kicked down the shipping road. I have not been charged the money by Apple. I need a computer bad (2013 15" is struggling to even charge). Option A: Spend $300 to get my 15" 2013 MBP Charging Port replaced and a new battery (which...
  5. TopGuy1104

    All iPads Any chance if i wanna take my iPad to me to a sports stadium with strict policies, would any one of these two these cases be fine?

    I would like to find out if I can take my iPad to a sports stadium with any of these two cases I have which i attached onto here. These cases can carry any of my belonging, my phone, wallet, etc and i’d like to have this type of case for traveling. Would it work out or not?
  6. F

    Difference between Early 2015 Macbook Pro and current options?

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for the advice. I'm currently sporting a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015) with a 2.9 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 and 8GB of RAM. I've had to replace a few components over the years (the screen and trackpad) along with yearly dust cleanouts and thermal paste...
  7. D

    M1 Mac mini 16 GB - Strange Crashes - System Unresponsive Won't Restart

    I've been encountering weird problems with my M1 Mac Mini since the release of macOS 12.1. The Mini will be found in a state where: 1. Prompts appear for a keychain password. 2. Other Apple Devices report that a new device is using FaceTime or my number on it. 3. Finder hosed. 4. One time...
  8. R

    M1 Macbook Pro - Target Display Mode?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought one of the latest MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Pro processor, to replace my "old" 2019 MacBook Pro 16" with touchbar. I use my old 2021 27"iMac as an external monitor (iMac plugged with thunderbolt cable + thunderbolt/usb-c converter plugged into the MacBook Pro)...
  9. marinersaptcomplex

    Current M1 Air Doesn't have Enough Power; Should I Go For the 13.3" Pro or the 14" Base?

    Last January I bought a M1 MacBook Air because my 2017 MacBook had a screen issue and it was not worth paying the repair costs. At that time, I was still in university and my workflow was quite light. Now I'm working in marketing content creation, I also do freelance marketing/photography on the...
  10. C

    16 m1 max MacBook Pro speaker left side has more bass and louder?

    Hello everyone. I just received my 16 inch MacBook Pro. I feel when play music/video with the internal speakers, left side has more bass(drum beats, bass guitar) and a bit louder than right side speaker. it also sounds like left side has more sound stage. I saw one post on reddit said with...
  11. David1986H

    Dose the M1 Macs still have Kernel_task issue?

    So im really looking forward to getting the 16" M1X MacBook Pro in October / November. I currently have the current 16" which still over heats when doing simple things like viewing twitch and/or 4k YouTube which gets up to 70c no problem. But the biggest issues and most annoying is kernel_task...
  12. L

    Macbook Not Detecting Second Display Until I Replug it

    Hello, I hope you're doing well. I am having a serious issue that's been going on for months where I have two monitors connected to my M1 mini. The main monitor turns on fine but the second one doesn't turn on after reboot or shutdown, I have to manually remove the USB C plug and replug it again...
  13. osiris.l33t

    M1 Macbook Air battery problem

    Hey, I bought a Macbook Air M1 yesterday. And I have set up things without the charger plugged then charged till its battery is 100%. After it's finished charging I unplugged the charger and watched movies with chrome. But suddenly at 60%, my MBA shut down, so I tried to reboot but it keeps...
  14. I

    Wait or buy something right now?

    Hello i am using a macbook pro 13 early 2015 basic edition for almost 6 years .. (i think thats a decent duration) but i have the issue that i cant charge it anymore. The charger light is on but my mac says „not charging“ it also shows me the warning when a battery is not ok anymore. i...
  15. anyideas

    Filemaker on Parallels and Win10 for ARM

    I had to install a new version for Parallels on the M1. But I can no longer install Filemaker on it. In the installation process, I get to where the Visual Studio C++ libraries should be installed (attached picture in German). Then the installation stops without any further message... Does...
  16. P

    iPad Pro Looks like the M1 iPad Pro is about to Become More Pro by Using the Extra RAM
  17. P

    iPad Pro Where are our M1-Exclusive iPad OS Features?

    The article below references how several Mac OS Monterrey features are not available on Intel Macs and only available on M1 Macs. Seeing as how they’re cutting out people who made purchases that costed thousands of dollars, only a couple years ago, WHERE are our M1 iPad OS 15 features...
  18. P

    iPad Pro Difference in Experience Between the 8 GB and the 16 GB M1 Pro Models?

    Hey all, I am still not quite sure about this, as there have been a few comparison videos so far and things weren't clear from those. is there really no noticeable difference at this point between the experience of having an 8 GB model vs a 16 GB model, except for storage?
  19. P

    iPad Pro What would you Need to See at WWDC to keep your M1 iPad?

    Hey all, so it’s no surprise at this point that a bunch of people are thinking of returning their M1 iPads based on WWDC. One of the things brought up is Pro apps, though that could mean different things. For example, if they just bring in Final Cut Pro and I see nothing about Xcode or things...
  20. I

    just ordered the MBA M1 with 8GB RAM is it enough for....? do some video and picture editing, office work, presentations, browsing and for watching videos ? or is it more like that I can run every program as good as with 16GB of RAM but can't open as many programs as on the 16GB RAM version? thank you.