mac mini

  1. Alyss_

    Mac Mini Late 2014 keeps freezing and shutting down while working on Ext SSD

    Hello everyone. I wrote a while ago asking for help to install the OS on my ext. Sandisk SSD and it worked perfectly. I'm a Graphic Designer and this was really helpful cause I installed the Adobe Suite on it and it works much more faster than before. The only problem is, when I'm working on...
  2. Conan McLeod

    Problem with Mac Mini A1347 mid 2011

    Hi! I have a model A1347 with a radon hd 6630m 256Mb graphics card. Mojave and Catalina. I tried to enable graphics acceleration through the macOS Catalina Patcher utility, but these cards are not supported. I do not want to sell my favorite Mac! Maybe it’s magical, you can turn on...
  3. T

    Which External Hard Drives for 2018 Mac Mini?

    I've finally taken the plunge and purchased a refurbished Mac Mini off the Apple Refurbished website, it comes today. Its is to replace an old 2011 iMac. I have still yet to get a screen and sort out all my external hard drives. I have at moment 2 x USB hard drives, 1 x Firewire drive and 1 x...
  4. macduke

    Mac Nano / Apple Pi

    Any chance at getting a Mac Nano now that they're switching to ARM chips? I'm thinking something along the lines of the Mac Mini dev kit, but with a much smaller enclosure. Basically take whatever current iPad Pro CPU, and put it in a tiny case with soldered RAM and SSD. No fan like Macs, and no...
  5. K

    Need Recommendation for a Monitor

    I have two old Mac products - a Mac mini (late 2012, 16gb ram, 1TB SSD) and a MacBook Pro (8,1 late 2011, 8gb ram, 500gb SSD) that I will be keeping; I have upgraded them since my old desktop is getting long in the tooth (iMac 7,1 A1225!) and I'll look to be selling it soon. So, I need...
  6. cconti

    Mac Mini late 2008 (3,1) with High Sierra. How much RAM can I install?

    I have a late 2008 (3,1) Mac Mini with High Sierra that I have just upgraded with dosdude1 script. I had stopped using it years ago because it stopped doing the only job I could find for it, which was to broadcast my music and video collection with Plex. Ples stopped supporting the OS and I...
  7. cconti

    Is the Lexicon Lambda Studio Soundcard dead on MacOS?

    I have just revived an old 2009 Mac Mini (3,1) with High Sierra. it went from essentially a high tech paperweight to a pretty useful machine in less than an hour. I am thrilled. The SSD alone speeds up things dramatically and I am looking to upgrade the RAM (currently 3GB for some reason). I...
  8. MacMiniUpgrader

    are you satisfied with your MM2018/2020 ? drop configs and lets talk !

    i love my mini, i started with 8gn ram and an rx 580 and its made my work flow easy, finally got around to upgrading and maxing the system specs out
  9. M

    HDMI to external monitor not working unless plug/unplug on Mac Mini 2020

    I am connecting a brand new Mac Mini (2020) via its HDMI (2.0) connector with a HDMI to DVI cable to an 1080p external monitor on Catalina 10.15.4. The display shows a black screen and the only way to see the image is to disconnect the cable from either end (HDMI or the DVI) and connect it...
  10. alex_free

    Jaguar Mac Mini Install, No Official Jaguar Compatible Mac Required

    After installation of this version of 10.2.7 directly on my Mac mini, I was able to boot into Jaguar. For some reason, on 10.2.7 the Mac mini would not mount any disk images. This is fixed by updating to 10.2.8. To install the 10.2.8 combo update I installed it to the Jaguar partition from my...
  11. A

    Macmini5,2 is there a way to downgrade Boot ROM?

    The story. After Security Update 2020-002 High Sierra my Mac mini mid 2011 with AMD HD 6630 immediately restarts on every go to sleep. Moreover, it restarts when idle, so now I need to run CPU-hungry background tasks. It's weird. I tried different OSes, different drives, PRAM and SMC...
  12. A

    External T3 SSD "Disk Not Ejected Properly"

    Hi, I have a new Thunderbolt 3 OWC SSD external drive that connects to my 2020 Mini's T3 port and even since before I formatted the external (to APFS), I kept getting "Disk Not Ejected Properly"messages as the OWC kept unmounting on its own, even during a clone. I am running Catalina 10.15.3. I...
  13. I

    Seeking 2020 Best Value Buying Advice

    Hello everyone! My family is currently sporting a late 2009 iMac (yup). It's nearing the end of its road. It's been a brave warrior, but after many years, I need to look into a replacement machine for family use, including some typical home/office use and occasional light engineering work...
  14. tevion5

    A Most Elegant Home Server

    Recently moved into a new place with my partner and while I'm a :apple: addict she'd rather I don't infest the vibe of the whole house with tech. We like to play Minecraft together on our own server and I like hosting other simple servers from home. I was using a 2007 Mac Mini but the 3GB Ram...
  15. Applesuckswow

    apps in "other" folder in launchpad constantly re-order

    So I got a Mac mini 2018 and a mini 2012, both of them have this issue, every time I shut them down and turn them on, the apps which should be in "other" folder just come out of the folder, and ordered randomly. Both Macs are running the newest Mac OS, I don't know what the problem is. Is...
  16. S

    2018 Mini random reboots: Have I tried everything?

    Hi. I'm not seeking a solution here (though if you have one, do share!), rather, I was wanting to check that I've tried all sensible solutions before going to Apple. Symptom: Every now and then the Mini freezes for 5 seconds and reboots. Solutions tried: Zapped PRAM, tried TechTool Pro, used...
  17. W

    New Mac Mini Cooling Stand
  18. A

    Mac Mini Late 2012 - SSD or RAM upgrade?

    Hey everyone! I recently acquired a Mac Mini — the late 2012 model. It's up and running, but it's fairly slow, and I'm certain that its performance is related to the slow 500 GB HDD it came with. The hard drive is mechanical, and so I'm thinking of either upgrading the RAM (4GB) or the hard...
  19. mglakner

    Mac Mini 2014 Mojave 10.14.x update Boot crash

    I just switched from Sierra to Mojave. Migration assistant my old files. Went to the do the security update. I forget which one, anyway I beehive there is a software issue preventing the boot now. Any help would be great, I would love to not start from scratch. My mac is backed up. so I have...
  20. joegaeta71

    Using Two (2) 27" Apple Thunderbolt Displays with a 2018 Mac Mini

    I am about to pull the trigger on a 2018 Mac Mini. Currently, I have a 2015 MacBook Pro hooked up to two (2) 27" Apple Thunderbolt Displays. These displays are still gorgeous and work great. Furthermore, my eyesight sucks (stigmaitism and near-signed), HD and 4K means nothing to me - not...