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mac mini

  1. esbardu

    Mac Mini 2006, keep it as 1,1 or upgrade to 2,1

    Hi all, this is quite a silly question but to improve the thread I am including some pictures of what one would say it's a brand new 2006 Mac Mini which is really the interesting part of this post. Mac Mini 2006 was my first Mac ever, unfortunately my old Mini died some years ago. This year I...
  2. E

    Mystery Mouse Appearing in Bluetooth Menu of Mac Mini after Wipe and Fresh Install

    Just got a used Mac Mini. When I got it, the seller had set up a dummy account. I booted into recovery, erased the physical disk (which contained two Macintosh HD-data drives), and then reinstalled Big Sir. I believe this should be sufficient for a complete wipe and reinstall. However, under...
  3. K

    HOWTO: Quad booting a Mini (OS9, OSX, Linux, MorphOS)

    Hey guys, first post here and it's gonna be a bit of a monster... I couldn't find a unified guide on all this anywhere, so here it is. I hope it helps someone avoid the frustrations I had. I'm intentionally being verbose here so this is as approachable as possible, sorry if sometimes it seems...
  4. chemess

    Joining 3 NAS Drives into 1 Virtual Drive

    Hi all, I'd really appreciate some advice. I have three 2-bay WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra enclosures, each running RAID1 on twin 4 TB drives that hold mainly videos of racing events, movies, and TV shows. I use a mid-2012 Mac Mini (Catalina) as a Plex (movies & TV shows) and Emby (races) server...
  5. D

    Mac mini late 2012 in 2021 a good idea?

    Hi everybody I’m on a tight budget for a computer for recording music, light video editing and a little if any web surfing/YouTube on it. I already have a monitor/keyboard setup to a couple node computers that are dedicated to that. So I thought a Mac mini is a no brainer since I don’t need...
  6. mccaffertee

    IS A 100% Apple Media Center Possible?

    THE GOAL: A seamless 100% Apple multi-media setup built on/around Apples software and hardware (if possible). CURRENTLY: - 75" LG Smart TV and an Apple TV. We have about 40,000+ pictures, 500 home videos and 20,000+ songs between me and my wife - right now we play them through the Apple TV...
  7. purplealpaca

    Webcam keeps freezing on video calls (Mac Mini M1 2020, Logitech C922)

    I just bought a Logitech C922 webcam to use with my Mac Mini (M1, 2020). It seemed to work OK at first, but now the frame freezes every few minutes when I am doing calls through Microsoft Teams, and I have to click to turn the video off and on again for it to start working again (only to then...
  8. Z

    Buying a display

    I want to buy a cheap but decent quality display, for graphic design use, in order to use with my macmini. Is there a site with comparisons/specs of displays up to 27” I can check?
  9. cemmany

    Mac-mini HDMI audio volume output is lower than Apple TV

    Hi Guys , I have been using Apple TV 4K for all the video and audio playback from my Plex server . Recently I have been collecting some Hi RES music and I became aware that the ATV only does 48 kHz Audio . So I used one of my Mac mini to listen to the Hi Res music , the Mac mini was handling...
  10. K

    Keep 2018 mini or get MBP

    Hi all, I have a 2018(2020?) Intel Mac Mini i5 with 32gb ram. It does everything I need, and hardly ever hangs. If it does it’s usually the app itself that hangs. It’s been a fine setup since I’ve been working from home since I purchased it. However, with things calming down in my country...
  11. W

    Best Plex Server for 6+ Simultaneous HD Streamers? Synology 1520+? Mac Mini M1? QNAP?

    Hi there. First post, so go gentle. The current equipment: Currently, I have a Plex Server (PMS) set up on an old 2012 Macbook Pro (2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor). I recently upgraded its memory to 16 GB. Its only job right now is acting as a Plex server. We bought it used for $250...
  12. M

    Maintaining a complete Mini Farm - Mini Mac Mid 2011 Upgrade to Mavericks "A required download is missing" issue

    Greetings I run simulations for professional purposes and in the process developed a farm of Mini's. First from some older test systems I had and have now nearly built a complete set of all Mini's ever produced. I decided a while ago to also restore all OSX/MacOS versions on systems that were...
  13. S

    Ultrawide Monitor with Mac Mini M1 and Macbook Pro - dual setup

    I currently have two curved monitors - one dedicated to my PC and one to my Mac Mini. Both have their own peripherals. I also have my work MacBook that I want to get up on a big screen with mouse and keyboard (but want to use those from the other set ups...) I have been looking at philips...
  14. ltpitt

    Mac Mini G4 1.25 fan high speed all the time

    Hi all! My mac mini g4, happily whirring Debian for 10 years or more, started to be very noisy lately. Fan runs at high speed for a lot of the time. Do you have any mod / tutorial to clean / repast e /suggestion? Thanks!
  15. S

    MacBook for live-streaming setup.

    Hello, I want to live stream a video podcast and need a great computer that can handle the data load and is semi-portable. The device that takes in all the cameras and audio inputs (3 cams + 3 mics) is an Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO or ATEM Mini Extreme ISO (depending on what I rent). The...
  16. iRondo.M

    Big Sur and External HDD

    I just got a new Mini M1 and found that it doesn't want to mount my Seagate HDD. I have in fact managed to get it to mount by changing it to read only. So it mounts now but that isn't much use to me lol. When I try to change the permissions for admin to read & write it tells me I don't have...
  17. circatee

    Costco Mac Mini deal

    For those looking to purchase an Mac Mini M1, with 8GB memory and 256GB storage, Costco have them for $70 off. Not a bad deal, right?
  18. macjunkie2013

    Use windows laptop screen as secondary (or primary) monitor for Mac Mini M1?

    Can I use my Windows laptop screen as a secondary (or primary) monitor for my Mac Mini M1? It is a HP Zbook X2 and has 2x Thunderbolt 3 Ports, 1x HDMI port, 1x USB 3 port. I am pretty sure it is possible with a Samsung Tab S7.
  19. DavidInSydney

    Is there an external graphics card for use on a 2018 intel Mac Mini?

    Our 2018 MAC MINI SG/3.0GHZ 6C/8GB/512GB can be very slow when using the Cintiq 22 inch with Photoshop and animation programs such as ToonBoom Animate etc. A friend suggests we buy an exterior graphics card, plugging it in to one of its Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. Is this a good idea and can...
  20. B

    Is Mac Mini 70-80° CPU Proximity temperature is high?

    I bought a second-hand Mac Mini (5,2) for Plex. CPU Proximity temperature often raises above 70°-80° (when copying files). Should I be worried / consider returning the Mac Mini? Or is it in the normal threshold (meaning I can probably use it for a couple of years to come).