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mac os high sierra

  1. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows 10or7 on Samsung 970 evo

    Good morning all I was wondering if anyone could guide me in the right direction here. I have a Samsung 970 evo nvme which has Mac OS High Sierra, and I would like to install windows 10 if not then windows 7 as a partition from Mac OS high Sierra. I’m strictly going to use the windows partition...
  2. U

    To show a lock screen msg

    I am using this command to show lock screen msg on my Mac but isn't working can anyone help it is showing some error and the command is :- sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ LoginwindowText “ENTER HERE”
  3. zlloyd1

    Onyx for MacOS High Sierra freezes computer

    I used to use Onyx for Sierra on my Macbook Pro, but since upgrading to High Sierra, it no longer would work, claiming to be incompatible, so I searched online, and found Onyx for High Sierra, and downloaded it.... This turned out to be a serious mistake, as this garbage masquerading as software...
  4. I

    Resolved External HD won't allow me to transfer files

    Hi! I have just purchased a macbook pro a few weeks ago and I haven't had any problems with file transfers so far (old macbook to new one). I used a WD 2TB Passport with MS-DOS as the format and I run Paragon NTFS so I can use it. But today, my external started acting up after I transferred the...
  5. Crotonmark

    how much free space on Mac? Finder inconsistent

    2009 iMac running High Sierra. Moved all media to an external drive to prepare for moving to new Mac with SSD. Finder reports 850GB of free space on Mac HD. However, my user folder shows it is 580GB used. This is inconsistent. Why would finder be reporting such difference sizes for folders ...
  6. idboy

    Wi-Fi issues after updating to Hi Sierra

    1.after upgrading my macbook to hi sierra my wifi drops after few second and need to reconnect again after that the wifi channel is change automaticly from 5 ghz to 2,4 ghz. 2. when using scan tools via wireless diagnostic the app crashing iimmediately. 3 i already try deleting plist on system...
  7. S

    Mac OS Sierra upgrade issue

    Hello I have a early 2011 MacBook Pro and I finished downloading OS high Sierra about 10 mins ago. When I try to install it though it gives me the time (45 mins) remaining before it’s completed. Once I get the time my screen goes black and the computer makes a weird error noise and does not...
  8. khaidir77

    what format for secondary harddrive Mac Os High Sierra Beta Macbook Pro

    hie there i would like to know regarding format on my secondary harddrive on my macbook pro.At this moment my main ssd drive is on APFS format & my secondary drive im using 2TB Seagate Firecuda SSHD...should i format the SSHD into APFS too like my main ssd drive or just leave it as it is Mac...