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mac pro 5.1 (2012)

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    HELP PLEASE! Upgrading OS from El Capitan to High Sierra

    Hi all, I have searched google, dosdude and where ever possible online but to no solution so any help would be great. I have recently acquired Mac Pro 5.1, which has El Capitan 10.11.6 as an OS. I am trying to upgrade the OS to High Sierra but having no luck. I keep getting the High Sierra...
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    MP 1,1-5,1 Unable to Upgrade Firmware on Mac Pro 5,1 (2012) High Sierra

    Hi just bought a Mac Pro, 5,1 (2012) model. I'm running Mac os High Sierra 10.13 and downloaded Mojave. I've done some search to update the firmware on the Mac pro but getting an error which I don't understand. When I click the installer I get this error? installing macos mojave on this mac...
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    MP 1,1-5,1 Opencore & Mac Pro 5.1

    Hi everyone hope all is well, I Need a bit of assistance,I have 2012 12 core Mac Pro 5.1 running MacOS Mojave,bootrom,1tb ssd &6tb hard drive. I’m looking into opencore my mac so I can use my titan ridge tb3 card but I’m trying to avoid an mess ups, is there any advice on doing this...
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    Mac Pro 2012 5.1 + GTX 1080Ti - High Sierra - card not recognised

    Hi all So first post... I've a Mac Pro 2012 5.1 that works perfectly when running Sierra with the Nvidia web and CUDA drivers. Thought I'd try to upgrade to High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65) from the latest build of Sierra, not sure build though sorry, although let's just say that the driver and card...
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    Mac Pro 5.1 + GPU Upgrade + BOOTCAMP + WINDOWS 8.1/10

    Hey Guys I have been looking for a GPU upgrade for some time to replace the stock ATI 5770. I looked for: 980, 980 TI, 780, 780 TI and cards in that range but don't want to spend to much money since I don't need a "strong" GPU for professional work or something like that. In my research I...
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    Mac Pro 5.1 (2012) + W3690 Temperatures ? ? ?

    Hey everyone! Recently bought a Mac Pro with a W3565. Thought I would get the most out of my system so upgraded to W3690. It was my first time applying thermal paste (watched youtube guides) and I think it went pretty well. Thought I would be safe about the installation so installed "Macs Fan...