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  1. M

    Apple Music Radio Stations

    After upgrading to 11.3 my Radio Stations in Listen Now will not play more than 2 to 3 songs and it just stops. I have de-auth and re-auth, logged out of account, unchecked iCloud library. It works perfect on phone and iPad. Does not appear to be my account and machine, as my partner has a...
  2. konnit2021

    Whatsapp data from mac to iphone

    Hi guys, I dropped my old iPhone SE into the water a few days ago so it's not functioning anymore. When I installed whatsapp on my new iPhone 8 it asked if I wanted to restore my chat record. for sure I clicked "restored" but it just failed every time. in the app it shows there is a 4.5gb of...
  3. R

    Macbook a1342 messenger problem

    Hi, I have old laptop Macbook A1342 HIGH Sierra. 2gb ram, C2D 2,4ghz. I installed messenger Facebook from app store without problems, but when I trying open this app,app opening for 10 sec and nothing, app not start. I tryed reinstall, restart Mac and nothing. Where is a problem? Thank u
  4. E

    AirTag without U1

    Can anybody tell me why reviewers don't mention this? How will the AirTags work with devices that don't have the U1 chip? How will the precision finding operate? Will those devices lack that feature completely? Could someone clarify this?
  5. Sovon Halder

    Is M1 app opening really that snappy though?

    I think the depiction of snappiness showed on video on today's event was misleading. I've been using M1 Mac Mini 16GB 256GB since it came out but when I open my apps, it nearly not as snappy as shown on apple's video. In my computer at least it takes half a second to open apps like messages etc...
  6. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 GTX 780 Black Screen Windows 10

    I have a 2010 Mac Pro (5,1) with two internal hard drives. I have macOS installed on one drive and I formatted a second drive for Windows 10 using a mod of Boot Camp using this method (). Windows 10 installed just fine and so did the Boot Camp drivers. I purchased a flashed GTX 780 off ebay that...
  7. hyena.ftw

    MP 1,1-5,1 Classic "Outatime" Mac Pro (2,1) - cOMP - Nostalgic Build

    Hello everyone, Having visited this forum many times through google search I thought it's time to register here myself and share a story or two about my Mac computers. As per topic headline, this is a thread about my Mac Pro 2,1, which was collecting dust for just a bit more than a year that I...
  8. 0

    Secure way to store passwords / logins / PINs etc.

    Greetings!! I still do care about Find My case ( ), but there is one more thing... I would like to have a close-access to some of my sensitive data (for example Macrumors / gmail / eBay / bank...
  9. M

    All iPads iPad vs Mac. What's a computer?

    Which would you pick? Cast your vote above 😀
  10. TheMacProUser

    MP 1,1-5,1 NVME on Mac Pro 3,1

    Hi everyone I know it’s been discussed a lot here but I’m still can’t get my Mac Pro to boot nvme i saw any possible guide but all the guides are written and I can’t understand them can someone send me a video of how to upgrade the 2008 Mac bootrom or maybe write me a new guide or just explain...
  11. M

    OS X won't let me install

    Hello, My 2008 mac suddenly stopped working. When I load it up its asked for a disk password which is fine, then goes to install OS X and says its can be installed. How can I get past this? It just keeps going round in circles once I restart it again. Thanks
  12. G

    iMac 2020 Mouse keeps disconnecting

    Hello, I purchased an iMac 2020 recently but I've been having issues with the mouse connectivity. Sometimes the computer cursor stops moving and I have to turn the mouse off and back on for it to reconnect. has anyone experienced this before? Is there a fix for it? I upgraded to the latest...
  13. M

    Shall I keep my Macbook Air M1? Missing apps from Windows.

    It's really light, fast, beautiful and silent. But I'm missing apps from Windows that I use on a daily basis: - PDF printer with profiles. For example, I can assign different printing preferences and folders to print to for PDF Printer 1/2/3 etc. - Simple text editor with macro Also, is this...
  14. xthxrv

    2021 iMac

    Its pretty obvious that the 2021 imac will get a new refresh. Like its been 8 years since they've stuck with the same aluminium body design. Still does look timeless and new but needs a refresh. But is it possible that apple installs the m1 chip or a new apple silicon processor in the imac?
  15. H

    HELP, Mac recovery!?

    Someone please help me! I was transferring photos from my phone onto my partner’s MacBook Air and it said “Storage almost full”, then all of a sudden the photo app closed by itself and there was a text saying “Phot app is not compatible...”, can’t remember exactly what it said. I then restarted...
  16. theapplehead

    macOS apps not updating properly

    Whenever I try to update apps on my Mac I continually face an issue. The download for the app update will begin and will reach the point of installation. Then the update hangs for a bit before restarting and installing the entire app over again. I’ve been experiencing this issue with all my Mac...
  17. calliex

    Can not get text message over wifi on my Mac or iPhone

    I am at a friend house this weekend. Where he is located there is no cellular service avail. He does have wifi. I am connected to his wifi trying to get my work email which needs two factor, it sends me a txt with code. I am connected to his wifi both on my phone and my Mac. I can not receive...
  18. I

    M1 16GB RAM - Need help!

    Hey guys, I'm new to Apple products in general, I'm a law student and changed from Windows to the M1 16GB 256GB about a week and half ago. I was very excited as the reviews seemed that it held up very well and I've been wanting a more profissional and lighter computer for a while. Unfortunately...
  19. D

    Help! Macbook got blocked but in icloud find shows it's not blocked

    Hi, I'd be very thankful If you can help. I was watching a video when suddenly my macbook air 2017 suddenly restarted. The problem is that it is asking me for the PIN to unblock it, but I dont have a PIN because I didn't block it. I haven't share my icoud credentials with anyone so I think...
  20. E

    iCal CalendarAgent error mismatch token

    Randomly and out of nowhere as usual with Apple, they must have changed something on their OCSP end or something that starting from last night the iCal gives error when trying to sync with GMAIL.. worked the next day for almost entire day, then started giving error again randomly in afternoon...