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macbbok pro

  1. David1986H

    MacBook Pro top tips, suggestions and other useful advice.

    When zoomed in into an area of the screen I noticed text was blurred, I didn't realise there was a setting in the accessibility called smooth image when turned off it will make text sharper. Also if you create a custom preset in the display setting, and create a profile with a set brightness...
  2. David1986H

    Is it me or does the M2 Max 30 cores look the same size as the M2 Pro?

    Just opened up the m2 max with 30 gpu cores and it looks like the same size as the m2 pro heat sink. (See pic) Anyone got the 38 core to see if it any bigger?
  3. U

    Spend budget on MBP M2 pro or on combination of Mac Mini M2 pro / MBA

    Hello, I consider updating from my mbp2011 to a mbp m2pro 32 gb ram 1b. For most of my tasks (texts, work with large pdf files, windows via parallels), I would like to have 32 gb ram, I expect to use the machine for at least seven years. In Europe, the mbp m2pro costs 3600 EUR; the mac mini M2...
  4. David1986H

    For people who use BOOM3D show us your EQ setting and tips.

    So as good as the MBP 16" speakers are ive always used boom3d and honestly I can make the sound a whole lot better, especially at low to mid volume. Here's my EQ curve that I found sounds best so far along with fidelity turned on.
  5. W

    Problems with late-2013 MacBook Pro 13-inch

    My elderly parents have a late-2013 13-inch MacBook Pro with a Core i5 processor, running MacOS 10.14 Mojave. Up until recently, this aging, well-worn laptop was running well. Now? Not so much... A few weeks ago, the MacBook started having battery issues. It now constantly reports zero charge...
  6. A

    Mid 2014 15" Retina - Upgrade advice please...

    Hello Macrumors family, I am a proud owner of a 15" MacBook owner, bought it March 2015 from Best Buy (LOL) and am currently using the device right now. I love it! Over the years I have played Sims 4 on it a lot, and have used it for school. The most taxing workload I have ever done is mostly...
  7. O

    Which of your favourite apps are real RAM hogs?

    Hi folks, Debating 32 vs 64GB RAM for new MacBook Pro. I know I need more than 16GB. I’m unsure I’ll need more than 32, but I might. So I’m interested in which RAM hungry apps you use, so I can decide for myself if 64GB is worth it for me. Thanks!
  8. rmg24

    AirDrop issues on M1

    Hi. Just received my MacBook Pro (M1, 2021) but when I airdrop something from my iPhone or iPad to Mac it is so slow, it takes up to 40 seconds to start sending files and transfer is not as fast as my previous Mac, however that doesn’t happen when I airdrop from Mac to other devices. I...
  9. M

    Problem with eGPU GTX 650 ti boost

    Hello guys I have a 2012 MacBook Pro with a egfx eGPU 550 breakaway box.. I HAD geforce 640m and I installed it via the script from mayankk2308 purge-wrangler.. so I can activate the use of thunderbolt 1/2 for the eGPU... and in this scrip I can setup egpu (Nvidia or amd) ... the script worked...
  10. tygurr

    Do You Think Apple Will Stick With the Notch?

    There may have been a post on this already, so apologies if there has! My questions are fairly simple. Do we think Apple will stick with the notch going forward? If they remove it, how long do you think down the line it will be? I have seen some very mixed reviews since its introduction and...
  11. ryansebiz

    M1 Max Only Gets 39GB/s More Memory Bandwidth From the CPU Side than the M1 Pro

    The M1 Max only gets 39GB/s more memory bandwidth from the CPU side than the M1 Pro? That's really disappointing.
  12. 268unlock

    MacBook pro mid 2013l2

    Good evening. I just purchased a MacBook pro mid 2012 and I would like to know what is the max ddr memory Stick it supports and would also like to know if any ddr3 memory sticks would work or would I need specific memory sticks
  13. T

    Cost To Replace MacBookPro Screen

    Looking for someone to point me in the right direction. What is the cost? Where can get my 2013 15 inch MacBook screen replaced? Also, it has the Retina display. I closed my charger between the screen and keyboard. Now I have the rainbow lines of death. Lol
  14. M

    Factory Reset Gone Wrong?

    I recently purchased an old Mid 2009 MacBook Pro from a friend, This is my first MacBook and Apple related device in general. He told me I would need to factory reset it so I looked up how to do so, I proceeded to erase the disk with Disk utility, but after doing that I cannot reinstall the OS X...
  15. M

    Help! Macbook Pro crashing on shutdown 2018 15

    Hi. I'm nearing the end on my sanity on this and would really like some feedback. I recently got a 2018 15 MBP, the machine had Big Sur on it and was working perfectly. I installed High Sierra as I need to run some old software. Seemed to go fine ( although a curious extra partition appeared...
  16. B

    Buying advice!

    Hello everyone im looking for a little advice. My 2014 macbook pro 13, recently got wet and longer works and im looking at investing in a new mac, i just need help finding which model and specs would best suit me. i would be using the mac for my primary movie and tv show watching ( i prefer to...
  17. randyleytan

    Issues with Microsoft Office Word's icon.

    Hey everyone, so for a while, I have been noticing this issue with Word. Normally when you save a file it would look like this (I have Office 365): But ever since I Office on my Mac the icons for Word files look like this compared to the rest of the Office programs: Does anyone else have...
  18. A

    Battery Charge Capacity

    Hi guys. My battery percentage has been dropping steadily the last couple of months, it went from 97% (12 cycles) to 90.8% (22 cycles). Is this normal? Is the battery health feature causing this? The MacBook is on around 8 hours a days, plugged in most of the time. Thanks in advance for your...
  19. TFK.

    New MacBook Pro 16”

    What we will see on the new September/October update for the 16”?.. it will be intel for sure but do you think it will come with the new rumored display MiniLED? New high GPU/RAM option? I love to know what you all think ??
  20. Vivek Kanna Jayaprakash

    MacBook Pro 13 " 2012 Internal Drive Format.

    Good morning y'all I have a MacBook Pro 13" 2012 and my cat spilled hot coffee on it ;( and it doesn't boot up.So I m planning to take it to the service centre but would like to erase the entire hard drive and factory reset the system. If I remove the internal hard drive use a connector and...