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macboo pro

  1. R

    Shading at the edges

    Hi! I've just bought MacBook Pro M1. It's my first notebook. Is it normal that the screen of MacBook has slightly shading at the edges?
  2. Graybeard7

    PSA - Deauthorize Your Computer B4 Trading In/Return

    Sharing this in the hopes of keeping someone else from going through this nightmare. I traded in a MacBook Pro at the Apple Store for the 14". I then realized I preferred the 16", later realizing I needed a higher specced 16". The 3 computers were wiped by Apple employees at the Apple Store and...
  3. AMP12345

    SD is Good, but why not CF Express?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that the SD card slot is back on the new MacBook Pro's but why not the increasingly common and faster CF Express type B. I get that SD is still more common for the consumer market but a lot of "Pro" cameras are using CF Express now and that wold seam more appropriate...
  4. J

    2015 MacBook Pro battery replacement—will they replace the top case too?

    I’m sending my 13” 2015 MacBook Pro in for a battery replacement. Does Apple Service Center swap out the entire top case on this model? (The top case including the top chasis, keyboard, trackpad, and battery) The tech at the Apple Store I called said they absolutely replaced the entire top case...
  5. M

    What is the likelihood of the m1x Macbook Pros getting the new 240W USB port?

    Hi everyone, I was reading an article about the new USB 2.1 spec and how it can power up to 240 watts using just a single USB-C cable. I read that the USB organization said that the new spec should be arriving in laptops by the end of this year. What do you guys think the likelihood of the spec...
  6. A

    MacBook Pro w/Retina Late 2012 SSD Issue

    Hello All, I have been searching the web for a fix for my Late 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina and can’t seem to find any answers. I am hoping someone else has had the same or similar issue and would be willing to help me. Here’s my backstory: I have a Late 2012 MacBook Pro w/Retina and a...
  7. D

    MacBook pro Early 2011

    Hello, I have a MacBook Pro 13 Early 2011, the problem is at the moment of turning on, before reaching the logo, it turns off and so every time. I reset the SMC and PRAM it did not help, changed the disk and RAM it did not help (I also can`t boot from the USB, it turns off at the time of...
  8. AntonisReverse

    WIFI keeps on Dropping / Catalina 10.15.6

    Hello everyone and thank you for your help in advance. I have the MacBook Pro 2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5, 16 GB 3733 MHz LPDDR4X and... well the problem I have is the following: A friend of mine cracked the screen of my new bought laptop unfortunately.. At the same day I did the update to...
  9. JP Beretta

    MP All Models MacBook Pro 16" charging issues **FRUSTRATING**

    Hey all, I've read countless forums and posts about the charging issues with the new MBP. My MBP charges really slow at max 6watts. I have no apps open, I've turned off the battery health management and dimmed the screen right down. I have also done all the SMC and PRAM etc resets with no...
  10. Appledoesnotlisten

    (2019) 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

    I received a base 16" today and am disappointed because it get's as hot as my 2017 with an external 4K monitor. Is anybody else experiencing the same issue? I always work with external monitors and running on high resolution and this heating performance is upsetting. It's not cooler than the...
  11. Deep_Grey

    MBP recommendations

    Hello everyone, I would like your recommendation for an MBP. My primary use case is MATLAB, Excel and Python. I was eyeing for the new 13’ (1TB+16GB, 4 core i5) or the 16’ (512GB+16GB, 6 core i7), both of these configurations cost the same in my country and there aren’t any 32GB RAM model :/ I...
  12. A

    Help me decide between macbook pro 2015 and 2016

    Hello everyone, I am new to the apple world and I need some assistance to buy a used MacBook pro, my limited budget ($1100) left me with two choices and I can't decide yet, so I thought I may get some help here the options I have is a MacBook pro-2016 with the following specs : - 15 inches -...
  13. Errro

    2019 MacBook Pro BRICKED?!?!?!

    Hello everyone, Brand new to the forum today as I’ve come across a serious issue with my MBP. The computer is COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE. So here’s the story. Two days ago I had an automatic update scheduled for the newest batch of updates for Catalina. The update was set to install overnight as...
  14. macpot

    Can I replace a "UK" keyboard layout MacBook Pro (2016) top case with a "US" top case?

    Hello, Does any one know if I can replace my "UK" layout top-case of "MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)" with a 2016 "US" layout that I want to buy from ebay? Also is it possible to replace the top case with a 2018 model? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. barisns

    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) - Glitch and Freezing Issue

    I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014). Since 2016 with Yosemite, it has a glitch issue which has not been fixed. Weirdly, the issue mostly occurs with the Apple applications. Initially, when I clicked on a photo to open up, the device was glitching or freezing immediately like crazy...
  16. A

    PDF cause Computer to Freeze and/or Lag

    My 2018 Macbook pro currently running Mojave v 10.14.5. After the last update, I have experienced immense computer freezing and/or lag when working on PDFs (and only when working on PDFs). Actions that cause the problem include: downloading PDF (regardless of size), moving PDF from one folder to...
  17. K

    Macbook Pro 2019 coil whine

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I just unboxed my new Macbook Pro 2019 15" i9 2.3Ghz, 560X, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD. As soon as the device accessed the disc I noticed the coil whine. It mostly sounds like scratching and high pitched whining. I've searched through this forum and found a...
  18. calliex

    2013 MacBook Pro 13 getting hot.

    My boss's bought a new 2018 MacBookpro nTB for work. He is a medical researcher does a lot presentations, runs Stata and Excel. He running two monitors off of it along with plugging various thumb drives and the occasional ext hard drive. It gets really hot, to the point he unplugs one of the...
  19. calliex

    General question about heat dissipation in MacBook pro

    Does the physical size difference in the 15 vrs 13 in macbookrpro have any effect on processor heat dissipation? In other words will the larger aluminum chassis do better keeping the processor cool? I prefer the 15 in screen over 13, but would like to save money by settling for the 13. If 15...
  20. A

    Time to upgrade to 15” MBP W/ Touch Bar

    Greetings everyone! So I’m looking to finally upgrade my 2011 MacBook Pro 17”. I know, I know. I’m not too sure how I survived using it this long either. It was fully specd out. I had a 2TB Samsung SSD as the main drive and a 1TB OWC SSD drive in the optical. 16gb Ram. It was very reliable. Had...