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macbook 12"

  1. A

    Another best 1080p webcam for youtube? C920 not working

    Hi could anyone recommend a high image quality webcam for youtube and zoom? My client already has a Logitech C920 with her 2107 12"Macbook Retina. She's been using the Webcam Settings App, which no longer works for her. Image seems fuzzy, tilt and pan no longer work. She wants a new camera...
  2. D

    Would you buy a MacBook 12" in 2021?

    Hey guys, So I have come across a really good deal (considering a bit expensive for an older device) but gorgeous 2017 (released 2018) Gold MacBook 12" 8GB, 512GB i5 Intel which is on sale at the moment. I know stock will be hard to find and I am thinking that it's really unlikely that Apple...
  3. D

    Contemplating “downgrading” from MBP M1 to Macbook 12” 2017 - Wrong or right choice?

    So a small back story: Less than 3 week ago I upgraded from a MacBook Pro Mid-2012 non-retina to a MacBook Pro M1 and it’s been amazing - I am happy with the jump into moderner times. The week leading up to this change over I really at first and have always wanted a MacBook 2017 12” due to...
  4. A

    Macbook 12 has problems with SSD or CPU?

    Hello, suddenly it started to reboot itself once in a day for a week. And today just turned off. When trying to turn on it showed sign: Folder with question mark. Then after 1h I turned on again and it boot up. I first checked Disk Utility and it was not showing SSD model it just showed disk...
  5. J

    Hub for Macbook 12" with 2 USB-C ports?

    I tried goggle but i couldnt find the answer. I have beside other drives a 2 TB USB-C drive which I intendt to use with my macbook 12" from 2017 and later with a new Ipad. It would be a plus to use it and charge the macbook. I cant find a hub with PD USB-C plus another USB-C hub. Is there a...
  6. N

    Various charging profiles accepted by MacBook 12?

    Is there a page where I can find out the various input charging profiles the MacBook will accept? I am specifically after few cheaper third party chargers such as from Lenovo, HP and Dell. Apple MacBook "Core m3" 1.2 12" 2017

    Battery deterioration on my 17' MB12..

    So my cycle count is nearing 2/3s of the 1k count mark and has been experiencing battery issues, when this mac was new I would typically get around 9 hours out of a charge and now it's less than half of that. My Mac is claiming the battery condition is normal. Is such a lull in battery life...
  8. S

    Hey Everyone. Macbook 12 or Air for Swift

    I want to buy macbook 12 or macbook air 2017 for Swift. How does xcode work on it and how do emulators work? I want to hear the opinion of those who worked on it in xcode. Thanks!
  9. S

    MacBook Air (mid-2012) to 12" MacBook (2017) = upgrade?

    I have a mid-2012 1.8ghz i5 MacBook Air with 128gb storage. I use it lightly for web browsing and emails. The £800 m3 MacBook deal in the UK has me tempted for the screen upgrade alone (plus battery and 256gb storage). However, will I see any overall speed/performance upgrade? Has anyone else...
  10. sebfrey

    2017 MacBook vs. 2018 MacBook Pro 13"

    I just thought I'd share with you my experience with the new 2018 MacBook Pro 13" compared to my 2017 MacBook. I did not like my 2017 MacBook. The keyboard *sucked*. It's every bit as bad as they say, and then some. It was really underpowered. I got it because it was lightweight and...
  11. jimmy_uk

    Entry level Macbook 2017 refurb OR Macbook Air 2018 new

    I'm wanting a MacBook for the build quality, battery life, keyboard and trackpad, speakers. I'm primarily a Windows user at home (iMac at work) so use my desktop to run all my work software such as Adobe suite, music production software etc. So this lightweight laptop is just for browsing...
  12. areskins

    Macbook 12” 2015/2016 in 2019?

    Hi, I’ve never had a macbook before but Im very interested in these macbooks. Im a med student and we usually just use pdf readers, ppt and word. Is the macbook 2015 still usable to this day? Will it slow down any time soon? Is the 2016 baseline model substantially better than the 2015? When...
  13. P

    Macbook 2017 i5 vs i7 Battery Life On Normal Tasks

    I have ordered i7 16gb 512 Macbook, i7 specifically in hopes that it will be snappier than the i5 as time goes by. However I have a lingering feeling that the battery life on the i7 model will be worse than the i5. What are your opinions and experiences on the same class of CPU i5/i7 and its...
  14. J

    MacBook, Dongle-dom & "Single port life"

    How is life with only 1 port? What are the restrictions with non-Thunderbolt 3 compatibility? I am presuming today there aren't many devices though this may change. Is the 5Gbps upper limit an issue, or is this just for "pro" use, i.e. multi-5k screens, plus TB3-native SSDs or eGPUs? Is there...
  15. M

    Buying a new 12" MacBook today.. some questions

    I was really hoping Apple was going to update the 12" MacBook alongside the 13" MacBook Air. It's been 17 months since it was last updated.. 17 months with the same pricing.. it seems so wrong to buy it new today but it's the only option I'm left with besides finding one 2nd hand. Having silent...
  16. K

    I want a 12"MB, not the new MBA

    I know about all things new MBA does better than current 12"MB but.... Let's be fair: New MBA cannot compete with - 2 pounds of weight - fanless - 0.14 to 0.5 inch thin I see the new MBA and I still prefer the 12"MB. I have a wide budget so my purchase would be top high-end with i7 cpu, 16gb...

    Smaller MacBook?

    I love the idea of an 11" MacBook or perhaps an unprecedented sub-11" device, compact notebook nirvana. Is anyone else interested in such a product? Another thought I have is replacing the headphone jack with a second usb-c port.
  18. milygal

    pixelated screen

    hey guys, looking for some advice/answers for my MACBOOK PRO 2017 13-inch. i have had this problem ever since i bought this new macbook and i was wondering if its normal or not. Sometimes when i wake up my mac after a day of not using (it does not have to be a day sometimes after a couple of...
  19. D

    Macbook 12in 2015

    Hi, so i got an lenovo y520 a gaming laptop with i7 and ddr4 and i got an opportunity to change to a macbook, i just got this pc 3 months i came from a macbook pro retina from 2013, i bught this laptop for school and some gaming but at the end of the day its just for my programing programs and...
  20. parisinvest

    asking help : macbook 12" 2017 wont power on!

    hi you all, my sister bought a MacBook 12" early this year, and she's dropped on the wood floor, choc on the corner of back and won't start again, absolutely nothing happens when touch the power on button, cant feel temp of charge neither, but the case has the good form, not dammaged at all...