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macbook pro 13" 2017

  1. Ait Lhadj Achraf

    Macbook pro 13" 2017 no bar graphics problem

    I have macbook pro13" 2017 and one day I turn it on it look like this what i should do
  2. jmalen31

    Newbie needs recommendation for external monitor

    Hello! I have a Macbook Pro - 13", 2017, 4 Thunderbolt ports / 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5 - can you please recommend best compatible external monitor - I am not doing graphics, but running my business and my iMac died, so I want to use the laptop as my main computer at home office. Appreciate any...
  3. Nick Bedsole

    2017 MacBook Pro running very slow

    Ever since I downloaded Mac OS Mojave my computer has been very laggy and just seems to be working at 50%. I have had to restart it twice within the past week, which I had never had to do before, and the last time I did it it stopped halfway through turning back on so I had to turn it off and...
  4. balonchiks

    MBP 13inch, 2017 model slow 5GHz wifi

    Hi, I am currently having an issue with the wifi on my new 2017 model, non touchbar 13 inch macbook pro. My setup is the following: Archer C7 router with the OpenWRT firmware installed Macbook pro 13" 2017, non touch bar model with latest High Sierra installed and updated Lenovo Carbon X1 3rd...
  5. R

    email problem

    I use a macbook air myself with no problem. However, I recently bought a macbook pro for my wife and what a disappointment! she uses her mac for communicating with members of a volunteer group and because none of them can open her attachments has had to go back to using a Lenovo notebook. What...