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Feb 21, 2018
I use a macbook air myself with no problem. However, I recently bought a macbook pro for my wife and what a disappointment! she uses her mac for communicating with members of a volunteer group and because none of them can open her attachments has had to go back to using a Lenovo notebook. What a waste of au$2,200. I wish I had known of this problem before lashing out a lot of money on the mac. Anyone want to buy a cheap mac?

Mike Boreham

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Aug 10, 2006
Anyone want to buy a cheap mac?

Yes please ;)

Seriously though I have sent thousands of attachments of all kinds from several Macs for several years without problem.

I don't know what the the problem is but I doubt it is machine specific so you would probably get more responses in the Mac Apps section, but supply some more info such as mail client, POP/IMAP/Gmail and what type of files.
[doublepost=1519290921][/doublepost]Are the files she is trying to send Zip files? If so this link might be of interest, although I have sent Mac created zip files without problem, this does seem to be a file type which can cause problems:
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