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macbook pro 15 mid 2015 retina

  1. Apple$

    MacBook Pro battery swollen.

    I noticed my mom's mid-2015 MacBook Pro had a slight convex bulge the other day (3-4 days ago), and fast forward to today, the laptop now pushes the display so the display isn't flush as it was. (about half an cm) I googled the problem and I advised her to completely unplug the laptop and...
  2. vodkashot88

    Macbook Pro mid 2015 flickering startup screen

    Hi folks, this is what happens when I turn on my laptop: I've been told to reinstall the latest version of Sierra (10.12.3), but the problem keeps going on. I bought the MacBook Pro (Retina Display, 15 inch, 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16...
  3. A

    Buying new MBP, need advice

    Hi guys, Finally upgrading to a new MBP, but I'm shocked about the new prices. My current machine is a 13" mid 2009 MBP. What I do on my machine is to store my photo archive and edit many raw files that I shoot with my SLR, as well as occasional GoPro video editing. I'm leaning toward the ne...
  4. J

    Fragmented/glitchy scrolling on non-Apple browsers on Macbook Pro

    This is an issue that I have experienced across a considerable number of mid 2015 Macbook Pros (15” with 2.5ghtz processor). I have had several hardware issues with these machines since my initial purchase over a month ago, and in the time since I have had several replacement units that all have...
  5. S

    MacBook Pro 15" Retina Late 2013 and Mid 2015 Screen Flicker/ GPU Problem/ Design Flaw

    I have an issue with my Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina 15” with the dedicated nVidia 750M GPU and either the whole screen or approximately a third and even just half of the menu bar flickers to black whenever the graphics processing is switched between the integrated and dedicated cards, making...