macbook pro 2018

  1. T

    USB accesessories disabled is this a permanent fix??

    I bought a WD my passport for mac and tried to use it with my macbook pro running 10.15.6 Catalina. A message popped up that said USB accessories disabled. So I unplugged my Macbook Pro then plugged in my WD My Passport and it backed up! I unplug the external HD and plugged back in my laptop...
  2. S

    MacBook Pro 2018 or 2019 specs?

    Hi, at first, I apologize for my bad English. I am from Denmark, and about to buy a new Mac. Currently I own the 13" MacBook Pro 2018 with TouchBar. My main issues is that it only have 8 gb ram, and I too laggy when I edit 4K in Premiere Pro. I have looked at the 15 inch MacBook Pro, but can't...
  3. Tinchohs

    My hardware drive box will not go to sleep.

    Hi everyone. Thanks in advanced for any guidance you might be able to provide me. Context. I have am OWC Thunderbay 4 (USB-C) connected directly to the USB-C port in my 2018 MacBookPro 15. Problem. When I send the computer into 'sleep' mode, although the drives will go to sleep, the unit...
  4. Alfred.Woodden

    Macbook Pro 2018 rubber seal sticky sound when opening lid

    TLDR; My Macbook pro 13" 2018 makes a sticky sound when opening the lid, after it's sat for a while. What are my options? Hi, refering to this thread: I have the same issue with my 13" MacBook Pro 2018 model. Whenever I open the lid after it's...
  5. bimmerboyshawn

    Best hub for 2018 MacBook Pro A1990?

    I just bought a A1990 MacBook and I want to buy a hub. I'm going to use the hub mostly for Deejaying and my portable HD and charge my phone occasionally. I did some research but it's seems like some of the good brands got bad reviews. So any advice on which one to purchase?
  6. pkstarstorm

    Windows on External Drive for Macbook 2018

    Hey guys, i have a problem i cant find the solution for even after trying everything i could find online. Maybe im not doing it correctly, or maybe im just not looking thoroughly enough. Anyways, I have windows 10 installed on an external drive and it works perfectly with my Macbook Pro 2015...
  7. W

    2011 17" MBP vs 2018 MBA

    Hi all! Backstory: My Late 2011 17" MBP 16GB ram i7 -2860QM (8,3)'s graphics are failing and I need a new laptop. (I put my logic board in the oven and got another 10 months of life, but after a second try, I'm getting vertical bars after just a few days. And this software fix (...
  8. pdxmaxx

    Should I buy my first macbook pro? Are they worth it?

    Should I buy my first Macbook pro? Is this worth it? 2018 MBP 15 inch 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch i7 2.6 with 560x graphics card. I have an option to buy this model for $1800 open box at Best Buy , and it retails for $2800. It’s a “good” deal from that standpoint, but is it actually worth it for...
  9. vaizor

    Macbook Pro mid 2015 vs. Macbook pro 2018

    Hello, I am currently using the base model mid-2015 Macbook pro, and have been looking into an upgrade. Alot of people are saying there is not going to be an upgrade this summer, but even if there is I was wanting your take on whether I should grab a 2018 15" base model instead of waiting for...
  10. A

    How much could I get for my Space Grey 13 inch Macbook pro 2018 w/ touch bar?

    Hi, If this kind of question has been posted elsewhere please let me know. I bought a Space Grey 13 Inch MacBook Pro 2018 w/ touch bar and 256 gb of storage last fall from BHphoto. When I received it I was not impressed with it (screen brightness and sound) and was hoping to exchange or return...
  11. S

    Keyboard marks on the display

    Hi all! I have a question. I've bought my first ever Macbook in January. Everything been doing great, but today I saw keyboard marks on the screen. It is a laptop for work, so I'm not carrying it around much. Why did this happen? Is this factory defect? It's a very expensive machine and I care...
  12. K

    2018 13" MBP backlit keyboard bleed

    Just got this laptop 2 days ago.. my first Mac and noticed there is a defect in the backlighting of the spacebar.. the silicone membrane is making the light bleed unevenly. It's noticeable and now my OCD won't let me stop seeing it. Looks like shoddy craftsmanship and the reason I bought this...
  13. ccRVA

    Recent convert from Windows to Mac / Network Question

    I bought the new MBP 2018 right after it came out and have enjoyed learning how to use it after a lifetime of Windows products. However, the one thing I can't figure out to save my life is how to set the network to Private or even how to create a home network. Used to be pretty straight-forward...
  14. Gen4ig

    MacBook Pro 13 2018 freezes

    10.14.3 MBP 13 2018 Have this problem, every time when run iMessage, sometimes final cut or just using Safari have freezes. Try reinstalling clear system, but nothing. Call to support and wait more than one week for answer. Anybody else have same problem? what kind this issue soft or hardware...
  15. B

    MBP2018 dual monitor help

    Im sure this has been asked before but I cant find the right answer. I'm looking to set up 2 HP 27f monitors (link below for specifics) to my MBP. Only has 2 usb-c ports on MBP so I need to get a dock or hub. Does anyone have a recommendation? The one I just bought...
  16. E

    MacBook Pro 2018 doesn't switch to external monitor until *after* logging in

    Is this normal behavior? With older MBP's, when it's shutdown and closed, I could plug in my dock with power and USB accessories & external monitor, and it would power on automatically and I'd get the login screen on the external monitor. Older MBP: 1. leaving the lid closed and the laptop off...
  17. F

    MacBook Pro 2018 fails to sleep when closing lid sometimes

    I believe this usually happens after connecting an EGPU, but I have noticed instances of when I haven't used an EGPU all day and it still fails to sleep after closing the lid. This is a huge problem because sometimes I would close the lid and immediately stick it in my bag. When I grab my...
  18. P

    MacBook Pro 15"2018 - Glitches Safari on External Display Clamshell - macOS 10.14.1

    Hello. I've been having some problems for a couple of days whenever I use my MacBook Pro with external display in clamshell mode. I have some weird glitches when using Safari. It is strange that this only happens in safari, and when mouse cursor rolls over some webpage components, like the one...
  19. Cliffy85

    Battery life on 2018 15" MBP, Base 2.2 GHz vs midrange 2.6 Ghz

    Can anyone offer their battery life experiences on the 2018 15 inch MBPs. I'm specifically interested in comparing the 2.2 GHz and 2.6 GHz configurations with no other upgrades.
  20. jojoj1011

    I need advice on what Macbook Pro I need to get?

    I am looking to buy a new MacBookPro, mainly for music production, light video editing and everyday use for school. I was wondering whether I should get the base model MacBook Pro (2017) with i7 or the MBP 2018 with i5, both laptops will have 16Gb ram. I have heard about heating and crash...