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macbookpro 2012

  1. M

    MacBookPro9,2 (Macbook Pro 13 Mid 2012) OpenCore - No external Display

    Hello all, I have here a MacBookPro9,2 (Macbook Pro 13 Mid 2012) with the latest Monterey in version 12.6. Currently I have the problem that I get no signal on my external monitor via MiniDP. I have tested two different adapters. The integrated display goes black briefly and comes back again...
  2. ahras

    macbook pro mid 2012

    my macbook pro suddenly freez and turned sleep mode then sometimes not waking up this is battery problem? please replay
  3. Bambina

    Resolved Bluetooth not detecting devices

    Yesterday I did a clean install of my OS. Previously, my Macbook's bluetooth had no problem detecting devices, but today none show up. I've tried all the debugging options and I'm about to reset SMC and NVRAM. In case these options do not work, what else can I do? Devices tried: Android...
  4. Bambina

    Startup chime while sleeping

    I have a MacBook Pro 13" mid 2012. After leaving my MacBook sleeping for a long period of time (1h-2h) with the lid down I sometimes hear the startup chime. Once I was able to immediately check what was going on and I saw that the screen was like coming out of hibernation (semi transparent white...
  5. N

    Worth repairing on a MBP 15" Retina mid-2012 the solder joints of the U8900 chip causing GPU VCore failure ?

    I have a MacbookPro 15" Retina mid-2012 going black screen whenever it switches to the dedicated GT650M NVidia GPU instead of the integrated GPU. This is apparently a well-knowned issue due to the bad solder joints of the U8900 power buck converter causing GPU VCore Failure. It has been...
  6. sibby

    Macbook pro won't start - goes to startup disk hard drive boot screen

    Hi folks, I have a fairly old Macbook Pro (I think it's 2011/12). I was using it last night then the battery cut out. When I went to charge it up and power up, it gave me this screen (pic attached). Do you know why this has happened, and do you have any advice as to steps I should take? I...
  7. sincity

    Help please

    I do not have much computer knowledge, my current computer is a Macbookpro9,2 2012 year model which has intel core i7 and 2.9 GHz processor speed and 8GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB (I have no idea what any of this means) my computer crashed and it barely works, it takes ages to...
  8. maverick28

    MacbookPro mid2012 - fans not kicking off, running hot

    Hello, The specs: MacBookPro 15" mid2012 non-Retina, CPU 2.3, RAM 16 (Corsair), SSD 500 (Crucial MX 500 SATA 3) 2 days ago I maxed out my machine with RAM and the hard drive named above. Regardless of whether I plug in external drives (via USB 3-to-SATA 3 adapter: the external drive is the...
  9. D

    Two of my concerns with High Seirra

    Firstly, I have updated my Mid 2012 Macbook pro on High Sierra, since it was a free upgrade I downloaded and installed it thinking it would bring any good. But, I have started facing issues with it. My trackpad has gotten glitchy, at times it gets stuck and sometimes it starts moving on its own...