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Mar 14, 2014

The specs:
MacBookPro 15" mid2012 non-Retina, CPU 2.3, RAM 16 (Corsair), SSD 500 (Crucial MX 500 SATA 3)
2 days ago I maxed out my machine with RAM and the hard drive named above. Regardless of whether I plug in external drives (via USB 3-to-SATA 3 adapter: the external drive is the former HDD of my MBP) when the CPU temperature rises and reaches 80 C threshold or even exceeds it the fans are off resulting in the left side, where CPU chip sits, getting very hot. I don't mind not having a silent machine but I do care about its motherboard not being fried thus degrading its sustainability. I don't remember having the exact same issue before implanting new components. I use deprecated Temperature Monitor app that's suitable for my model to work on. I turned on TimeMachine backing up and CPU Cores 1,3,5,7 started showing considerable temperature gain very soon. The right side where SSD situates is always cooler.

Here's a link to the csv file with the readings spanning 1.5 h during which the temperature spikes occur.

  1. How do you control fan speed?
  2. If fan control possible is it a safe measure?
If you have trouble following the link I re-upload.
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