macos 10.15 32-bit

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  1. mpainesyd

    Disabling "not optimized for your Mac" message

    I have posted elsewhere why I intend to keep using 32-bit apps. I have been tolerating the “this app is not optimized for your Mac” message that pops up regularly but I am looking for a way to disable it because I have some automations that halt when the message appears. I found these tips How...
  2. N

    Still can run 32-bit apps in Catalina

    At leas some console 32-bit apps with small dependency footprint can be run on catalina just run sudo nvram boot-args="no32exec=0" and reboot more info how to try GUI app, can't say it's working yet, an example for a[p is CrossOver X office...
  3. T

    uTorrent alternatives?

    Hi! I haven't tested Catalina yet but I know that uTorrent hasn't been updated to 64 bit, even though multiple users warned them and they replied with their standard "yeah we wanted to do that a few years ago but there are no speed improvements so why do 64 bit at all". Are there good...
  4. milleron

    32-bit programs in macOS 10.15

    Many will find it strange that confusion still exists about this topic, but I need clarification, please. My Epson printer/scanner drivers and Logitech keyboard driver are still 32-bit, and I cannot get tech support at either company to answer questions about whether they plan to update those...