1. C

    Photos app makes RAW files blurry after editing

    I've done a bit of online research and it seems like this problem has lingered in some iteration of iPhoto/Photos for over a decade, going back to 2008. For recently imported RAW files, the photos will show up fine at first, but after editing through Photos, they will be blurry until I click...
  2. jagooch

    How do I know which display is display 1 or 2? It's not in the display properties screen

    Stupid question of the day. When there are multiple monitors, and I want to assign an application to a specific monitor and space, it gives me options like - "Desktop on Display 1", "Desktop on Display 2","Desktop on Display 3" . How do I know which display is "Display 1" ? If I look in...
  3. C

    Choppy scrolling on new MacBook Pro 2020

    Hi guys I just bought a new MBP with 10th gen processors recently and i'm experiencing choppy scrolling on safari with websites like reddit and gmail. Also with applications like WhatsApp and some animations around macOS. Is this normal or there's something wrong with my Mac? Thanks!
  4. daijholt

    Old Exchange & Google Accounts keep reappearing

    Set my new Mac up as new this week, so I could leave some old accounts behind as I no longer work for the company they were associated with, however every time I set my Mac up I get all these old inactive accounts pre-populated in my mail account settings (see attached screenshot). They're a mix...
  5. Mr. Awesome

    All Devices WWDC vs. September event

    Thought I’d ask this question that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Which is your favorite Apple event each year? The September iPhone event or WWDC? I personally enjoy WWDC more because it brings new features for all product lines, and it’s always exciting to see new things at WWDC...
  6. Gravydog316

    (sister + computer = disaster) ~ Catalina home folder issue

    ok, so my dumb sister was deleting files... now I have a unknown folder in the home folder... it has a custom icon, so i'm justing wondering if it is an original folder that i should change the name back, or if i can delete it? the 'CRAP' folder has a custom icon... is it a macOS folder? I have...
  7. V

    Strange file browsing behaviour

    I upgraded my desktop setup with a new 2019 iMac 27" with Mojave. Before that I used a mid 2010 21.5" version with 10.7.5 Lion so it's a huge improvement for me. Everything is butter smooth, but there is an issue what slowly annoys me. When I try to save/download/upload/export any files, I see...
  8. J

    All Devices Messages App Not Showing Content iOS 13/macOS, just dates, iCloud Messages

    I have been having an issue with the messages app in iOS 13 after syncing with iCloud messages. One day, I woke up and all of my messages were gone - the app was showing blank. So I erased the iPhone (iPhone X), and restored from my backup and all of the messages re-downloaded from iCloud to the...
  9. The Clark

    Post Your Desktop: May 2020

  10. O

    MP 1,1-5,1 Working guide to reinstall MacOS on Mac Pro 3.1 (2008)?

    Hello, I've trawled the Internet and performed so many steps I can't recall now! I have a 2008 Mac Pro 3.1 which I want to sell on and have taken the hard drive out. I simply want to install MacOS (any version) onto it to resell and have a fresh working OS to sell/demonstrate that it works to...
  11. videosoul

    Single application Dark Mode... possible?

    Has anyone yet worked out how to make Dark Mode work in just one application on macOS? I've found the terminal commands (NSRequiresAquaSystemAppearance etc), NightOwl, and another similar program (I forgot what it's called). But the way all of them seem to work is Dark Mode needs to be turned...
  12. dawindmg08

    New MBP on the way, to migrate or not?

    Finally pulled the trigger on a 16" MBP to replace my trusty (but aging 2014 model). I haven't updated machines in a while and I'm trying to remember any true benefits from using Migration Assistant, and if it would even be worth it in my case. I'm a big fan of starting FRESH. I look at my...
  13. CJ Dorschel

    Dock Syncing

    One feature I miss from the .Mac days was Dock syncing between Mac's. It was great when setting up a new Mac, especially if you had a Mac Pro or iMac and MacBook. I also noticed when setting up a new Mac, all the accounts setup under your iCloud ID aren't automatically added. Unless I'm missing...
  14. MarckyG

    Selecting multiple files in Catalina breaks the finder

    I have no idea how to reach out to Apple, but their new Catalina OS is making my work very painful... I want to know if others are having this problem too. Same behaviour on my girlfriend's MacBook Air with Catalina, but my 6 years old iMac with Sierra doesn't have this problem. Mac: MacBook...
  15. DominikHoffmann

    No iMessage with some users (they have iPhones)

    Is anybody else seeing this? As of about 4 PM EDT today I have been seeing issues with Messages on macOS 10.15.4. People I know to have iPhones are messaged via SMS from my Mac (with Text Message Forwarding turned on my iPhone). To others I can send iMessages without incident. It’s either a bug...
  16. I

    Screentime not showing matching times

    Hi long story short I am not seeing matching times across all devices I am seeing different times on all devices even though I have “Share Across Devices” turned on across all devices. I am also not seeing a way to cycle through my devices on iOS. When I go on Mac OS on the bottom section where...
  17. RGPphotog

    10.15.4 May Disable USB-C/Thunderbolt Port

    WARNING – The latest security updates for both 10.14 & 10.15 may disable the inner-most usb-c/thunderbolt port on iMac Pros. I have two Macs with the same issue. One on each OS. The 2nd mac was working fine until the update was installed, then the port was disabled; pointing directly to the...
  18. RGPphotog

    Security Updates May Disable USB-C/ThunderBolt Port

    WARNING – The latest security updates for both 10.14 & 10.15 may disable the inner-most usb-c/thunderbolt port on iMac Pros. I have two Macs with the same issue. One on each OS. The 2nd mac was working fine until the update was installed, then the port was disabled; pointing directly to the...
  19. G

    Restoring from a Time machine backup with one external storage.

    Hi! I have a time capsule where I backed up my work computer. It was a mac mini with an external storage. I want to restore to a new computer but I want the restoration to replicate the local/external storage scenario as is. Do I need my old computer set up the way it used to be for this to...
  20. Wowfunhappy

    I fixed Apple's broken Weather Dashboard Widget

    The Weather dashboard widget that ships with Mac OS X 10.4 – 10.14 broke in 2019, when the APIs it uses went offline. Luckily, the widget is all just editable Javascript code, so I rewrote a portion of the code to use the freely-accessible DarkSky and MapQuest APIs. Then I rewrote it again a few...