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  1. MacGuy2006

    Siri totally F ed

    I've been having some problems with Siri. 1. "Finder hasn't added support for that with Siri" when you ask her for files 2. Either doing a Bing image search or just opening the Photos app when you ask her for Photos 3. Sometimes not responding at all. You click, say "Hey Siri", etc. Nothing...
  2. SPØØK

    Purchase Suggestions?

    I’m looking to buy a Mac that I can use to backup my phone, nothing further beside browsing the internet and backing up my phone. I’ve been using my 2019 MacBook Pro but these backups have taken up plenty of space that I’ve since purged. I’ve been looking at either Mac Pros or Mac Minis, maybe...
  3. jensche

    Wrong Connected Server Icon

    I take the time to report bugs directly to Apple via dev feedback app or via feedback website. But I'm slowly giving up. I have been reporting a mini bug in various tickets for over 5 years now in every Beta. A simple bug, never got any response. Here is my little Bug: ____________ When...
  4. Reggaenald

    Windows moved after restart

    Often when I restart my Mac windows of either open or log-in apps aren't where they were before the restart, notably the "full screen" apps on my desktops are all in the same partially-off-screen position, which I find very annoying. How do I stop that behaviour once and for all? Or is this...
  5. B

    I never seen this logo before

    Ah, is my iMac being hacked? My iMac have so many weird things happened for this week, 1.keep asking me my Apple ID passwords(I enter it every time and the code), 2.lots of bugs 3.the logo. 4being so laggy. I only download a few things chrome(from safari) 2.Roblox(from safari)...
  6. brosenz

    What are the best companion apps with Shortcut actions or automations for iOS/iPadOS/macOS

    I have used Actions and ToolBox Pro, but they are not actively being updated with more actions, any other option? Thanks
  7. N

    Hit by dylib hijack virus...

    Update: I just flashed macOS to a USB thumb drive. The red box around the Apple logo still appeared. That rules out SSD issues. This is largely to keep others on their toes and provide information, but I do have questions. These are at the end. I am also attaching two EtreCheck reports, one...
  8. brosenz

    What frequency do you have to reboot your M1 MacBook due to problems?

    I am talking about force reboots due to issues (hangs, panic, crashes)
  9. J

    Safari 15.x crash on Catalina

    TLDR: Safari crashes in Catalina (intel Mac) after Safari 15.2 update I have a MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2012) running macOS 10.15.7 with a new SSD a couple of years ago. It was running perfectly until Safari was updated to 15.2; it could've been an earlier update to Safari that broke the...
  10. M

    Telegram for macOS website download vs App store version

    Hey all, just a quick question that I haven't found an answer for yet. Telegram has downloads for two apps both on the Mac App store, and their Website: Telegram, and Telegram Lite. I understand and know the differences between those two. What I'm unclear on is: Is there advantage of...
  11. Q

    Cant access USB Hard Drive ExFAT in macOS , but its working in windows

    Hello, Today I was working in my usb 6TB WD_BLACK in mac os (macbook pro 14 m1) , everything was working fine, I close the lid and when I came back to work again the disk wont show in finder, but its grey out in Disk Utility. The usb hard drive works great in windows, what should I do ?
  12. D

    Mac Moving from Sierra to Monterey. Will my Bash and Python code survive?

    I am using Sierra right now but will be moving over to a new Mac soon. Many years ago I learned some basic programming (bash and python) and wrote a few little scripts that I still use a lot for work. I have since forgotten most of what I had learned, though. I read somewhere that the version...
  13. P

    What can I do with my 2006 Core2Duo MBP?

    Clarification: 17" 2006 MacBook Pro Intel Core2Duo 2.33gHz (I think) Tldr; my 2006 Core2Duo MBP is useless because MacOS patchers only work with 2007 and later macs. Could I replace the cpu with a newer one to 'convert' it into a 2008 MBP? Alternatively, are there any web browsers that allow me...
  14. Alvin777

    Calendar After Merge is Having an Error

    Hi Macs friends. macOS asked if I I want to merge things with he macOS Mail & Calendar & I think iOS's Mail & Calendar, which I did but it's now having this error (the Calendar app is all blank now) and I can't put any "New Event" on it. I did sync it using the Music app and did the Disk Utility...
  15. molay

    A free LaunchPad sorting tool: LaunchPadder

    Hi guys, I am a newcomer, here is a free tool software I developed. LaunchPadder is a free macOS LaunchPad tool that organizes and sorts apps and folders on LaunchPad according to certain rules. Sometimes LaunchPad does not display installed application icons properly, or still shows deleted...
  16. brosenz

    Mac Guide to create a macOS Menu Bar app to show the Battery Temperature

    I am looking for an online guide/training/video to get started creating a macOS Menu Bar app using SwiftUI to show the Battery Temperature, something simple, probably the only option I need is to be able to change the refresh rate, any help pointing me to the right direction will be appreciated...
  17. Jeven Stobs

    Can't use Touch ID to unlock MacBook Pro since last update

    Since updating to 12.3.1 I can't use Touch ID on my 2017 MBP to unlock the machine anymore. I can still use it in other places, like Notes or SysPref, but not when the Mac was asleep or locked. I didnt change any settings and resetting them and setting them up anew didnt do anything. The entire...
  18. S

    File Sharing user issues

    I turned on File Sharing on my Mac mini for a home server. When I add a shared folder and set the permission to a contact- then i login to that from the Files app on my phone it just shows a blank screen adn says 0 read only at the bottom. I have tried turning sharing off and on again and...
  19. khanmac

    Remap external volume knob/wheel to fine volume control

    This has been a continuing annoyance for me. I love external knobs, have had them on my keyboards and recently purchased a big wheel just to have on the side. Because I love the feeling of wheeling! Feels great when I'm booted in Windows, I have 100 steps of volume to always play with. On MacOS...
  20. TinyMito

    macOS 12.3.1 - Cursor Hops

    I'm currently running 12.3.1 on my MacBook Pro 14. My current mouse is a Naga Pro on wifi. After updating to 12.3.1 from 12.3. I am experiencing some random time mouse just hop or jump across the screen. Anyone else? Not sure if is the wifi interference.