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  1. B

    Best macOS version and SSD for mid-2014 16 gb ram ?

    Hi everyone. I am pro windows user. But i bought an old macbook pro mid-2014. So i don't know about anything macOS or macbook pro. I researched some but everyone says different things. Which version should i choose for fresh install? I'm computer engineer. I care about performance ,battery and...
  2. D

    Tapbots Pastebot hack

    Is Ivory affected by the Pastebot hack? Does Ivory track you too without disclosure? The privacy report for the macOS app says they don't collect data but the Pastebot app also says it doesn't when it does.
  3. D

    Can someone explain Virtual Machines to me? Could I use one for work?

    I have never used a Virtual Machine and I am not sure if my understanding of them is right. The way I understand it they are basically a second macOS inside of a secure container, is that correct? Here is why I am interested: I have started using UpWork and they have a desktop app that tracks...
  4. TechUnRestricted

    WinDiskWriter: the ultimate open source tool for creating Windows bootable USB drives on Mac

    WinDiskWriter — free and open-source application for macOS that allows you to create bootable USB drives with Microsoft Windows using a Mac. (WinDiskWriter Main Window) ㅤㅤㅤㅤ Whether you want to install Windows on your Mac or another device (PC), WinDiskWriter can help you prepare a flash...
  5. dukee101

    Studio Display Center Stage Sensitivity

    Is a user able to adjust the sensitivity of the Studio Display's Center Stage panning and zooming functionality? While I like the feature, I (and my video call guests) find that it's moving around a bit too much. This could either be globally across macOS or on a per-app basis. I expect the...
  6. soid.exe

    PDF Owl: Create a table of contents using computer vision (beta test)

    I invite MacRumor's users for beta testing of my PDF tool for Mac. PDF Owl automatically generates a table of contents (also known as outline) using computer vision AI; besides, I'm trying to make it a minimalist PDF reader for MacOS with essential functions like annotations and search. What's...
  7. G

    Remove items from "Notification" Settings Panel

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I last visited the forums - although I keep reading the news and rumours every day :) I've got a little macOS question, I've googled about it but can't seem to find the right answer. Yesterday I switched email clients, and after that I started...
  8. A

    On Google Chrome, cursor is a spinning wheel and takes forever, but I don't want to force quit

    I just turned on my macOS just to see my cursor being a spinning wheel on my Google Chrome window, but I have unsaved work on that window so I don't want to force quit. If I force quit, all my stuff will be gone forever, and I have to get them done by tomorrow morning. How do I get the cursor to...
  9. M

    MacOS Apple Music App - Playlist Sync with iPhone?

    Hi all, I have put my favorite radio stations in a playlist in the macOS Apple Music app. If I now sync my iPhone via the Finder app, and thereby also the music library, then this playlist unfortunately does not appear in the iPhone Apple Music app under Playlist. Is there anything I need to be...
  10. semiraw

    Are the SSDs in the M2 Pro/Max also slow?

    Hi! A few months ago the news came out that the new Macbook M2 have a slower SSD than the M1. In the base model, because in the advanced ones it is not slower: I would like to buy a Macbook 14" M2 Pro with...
  11. L

    Smart Mailbox Folder fails after 20 mailboxes

    A curious thing that I just noticed. When creating a smart mailbox folder in the Mail app (Mail 16.0 on Ventura 13.4), it completely fails when more than 20 smart mailboxes are added. Up to 20 it works great, showing the cumulative emails pulled from the smart mailboxes, but after 20 it...
  12. jent

    macOS pops up with window every now and then

    I'm on macOS Monterrey 12.6.8. Every now and then for a second or two I see a Finder window pop up, I think related to the security settings, mentioning that it is checking I have Microsoft Office 365 installed but I don't personally use the OneDrive app (I very occasionally use...
  13. B S Magnet

    The curious little artifacts of a modern (major) macOS thread

    This thread probably shouldn’t even exist, but maybe it ought to. :) Have you run into quirks in macOS/OS X which hint at residual, surviving code from as far back as the Mac OS Classic days? :) I just found one! In High Sierra, importing images from a device in Image Capture (an application...
  14. W

    Third-Party Incremental Backup Software for MacOS

    Hi, Can anyone suggest a good third-party backup program for MacOS which supports fast incremental backup? I'm looking for a program which can operate in a matter so that I don't have to re-backup the entirety of a large database or large binary file when only a single part of it changes...
  15. C

    Macbook pro M2 to 4k LG monitor via usb-c stopped showing display

    New USB-C Macbook pro Version 13.5 Ventura Lg monitor: LG 38WN95C-W I did not see another thread similar to my issue so if its a repost I am sorry It was all working before. From M2 to Monitor using usb-c was working before. I did not use any dongle or hub to connect. Straight from M2 to...
  16. Gravydog316

    Google Chrome "insuffient permissions: while downloading?

    I am trying to download from Google Chrome (macOS 13) & i get the error "Failed - Insufficient Permissions" do i fix this?
  17. Gravydog316

    all video is now black/blank, except for ads...

    hi, so i didn't change anything, but now i have a black screen during playback of all website videos (the ads first load & play fine (of course!)... - audio is playing fine - captions & described video fine - tried on Firefox & Safari, & it's the same thing on both... - no ad blockers...
  18. PowerPCFan

    All Mac OS Versions Ever Released 2001-2023! (WikiPost)

    I thought I'd make a list of all Mac OS X versions ever released, so here it is. Please edit mistakes and add missing info. (I think I messed up some dates so check those :)) Feel free to make suggestions on things that should be added to this chart too! List of All OS X Versions Ever...
  19. T

    What is the best version of macOS for a mid-2012 MacBook Pro? Catalina vs. OpenCore.

    Hello everyone! I have a 13" MacBook Pro from mid-2012 (2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 dual-core; 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3) and I'm undecided on which macOS will be best. As the last natively compatible version is Catalina - a now-discontinued software, with no more security updates and some...
  20. M

    Finder drag to tab "not allowed" | yet another 13.5.0 bug

    Update #1 (screenrecording attached) Finder - list view = can drag ✅ Finder - column view = denied drag icon ❌