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    MP 6,1 Macpro 2013 6,1 Internal SSD Upgrade 2020

    Hey Guys I really need help to choose a new SSD nvme hard drive for my 6,1 Macpro. I saw on Amazon the EVO 970 1To at 189€ but also Sabrent Rocket 2TB for 299€. Is Sabrent as good as Evo 970 ? What SSD do you recommend for 6,1 Macpro ? and what Heatsink model should I buy ? thanks a lot !!
  2. C

    MP 6,1 Does anyone installed Catalina?

    Dear all, after skipping Mojave due to some problems on my macpro that other people experienced: and...
  3. D

    MP 6,1 Latest Boot ROM and SMC version on Mac Pro Late 2013 (trashcan)

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade the SSD on my Mac Pro 2013 (trashcan) with a third party NVME drive and all of them seems to require to have the latest Boot ROM version / SMC version in order to work properly with the machine. My system is showing Boot ROM Version: and SMC Version...
  4. X

    should i buy 6,1 now(2019)?

    i have local offer brand new macpro 6,1 8core 64gb d700 for $2600 should i take this offer or wait for the mac pro 7,1? personal want to take offer cause i need it for work(i have 2015 mbp i7 16gb-ram which is not enough for work, i need 32gb-ram at least) also i know the new mac pro will come...
  5. Riwam

    Resolved Strange boot menu with TWO Bootcamp options!

    Hello and have a nice day! I have tried unsuccessfully (until now) to find help in the Windows and other OS section of this forum for a strange issue so hope to be more lucky here. Having been forced to re-install Bootcamp Windows 10 in my MacPro (End 2013), I find now in the option-key...
  6. Riwam

    Anybody having problems with Fotos on MP 6.1?

    My previous post received no answer so I reformulated it hoping for more luck. Accessing the Foto-Mediatek directly from my user account through Pictures causes an intermitent dancing (blinking) desktop forcing me to shut down the MP 6.1 as the only solution. Any other application dances as...
  7. Riwam

    Please see post in MacPro section"need help: Photo-Mediathek makes jump my Desktop..."

    I don't want to post double. So PLEASE see my post in the MacPro section of this forum. All details are there.:oops: THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH FOR ANY HELP!!!! :) Ed