1. Ondřej Zdobinský

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro Two Graphics Cards - Force Run

    Hello, I have two graphics cards in my cMP 5,1. RX580 (PCIe 3) and Vega 64 (PCIe 1). Each one hooked up to one monitor. 1.) Is there any way how to force some apps to run on certain graphics card? 2.) Is there any program to see which GPU is certain app using? I bought second GPU, because I...
  2. C

    Two Macintosh HD showed on my desktop after Catalina downgrade

    Dear all, I installed Catalina 10.15.4 hoping that's some problem found in 10.15.3 where solved. Unfortunately after that my Macpro refuse to go auto sleep and sometimes it woke up unexpected. So I used Time Machine to restore my Mojave installation. Now I have a problem: two disk showed on...
  3. R

    Recommended Place to Order Replacement Fan

    I've got an early 2008 Mac Pro. The label on the Mac says Model No. A1186, Mac Pro/3.0. The front fan has failed and I wanted to replace it. I ordered a used fan from MacPartsDepot, but that turned out to be a mistake. While their website shows the correct fan, the one that was delivered is...
  4. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 2.1 - GPU Upgrade

    Hi Recently I bought a Mac Pro 2.1, I was thinking of upgrading my GPU to a AMD Radeon R9 280X. According to this post (Part 6.1) My current specs...
  5. C

    Spring-folder doesn't work

    Hi all I can't get spring-folder to work anymore on my Catalina 10.15.4 install. It didn't work also in 10.15.3 so I've tried the update to .4 with no success. Can someone be able to help? Any hints? Thanks a lot.
  6. D

    MP 7,1 Radeon Pro Vega II - Upgrade

    Hey, so I got my system with the stock 580. wondering what real world improvements from the adobe CC market there is between the two. Also considering waiting for the Radeon Pro W5700X. Thoughts?
  7. D

    MP 7,1 Mac Pro 7,1 panic/shutdown

    I posted a couple of weeks ago that I’d come to the sleeping Mac or at least left asleep a few times and it being off. On me restarting I was getting the “this Mac didn’t shutdown” bla bla bla. Looked and had a couple of odd panics. 16c 96gb ram 1bc ssd 580 gpu today whilst in after effects...
  8. verstaerker

    MP 7,1 Noiselevel

    since January I have a MacPro 2019 with the following config: 12 core 64 GB RAM 2 TB SSD Single VegaII in contrast to the numerous YouTube videos where there is raving about how quiet the MacPro is, I have to say that I perceive it quite loud. Definitely louder than my old MacMini setup with...
  9. R

    MP 1,1-5,1 Fastest Graphics Card for 5,1 Mojave Mac Pro?

    Hi ! :) I have a 2009 5,1 Mac Pro. It's been pimped up with faster CPU, Ram etc ... but my Sapphire Pulse 8GB Radeon RX 580 card isn't fast enough for playing 8k 3D 360 video. I've done Activity Monitor tests and the GPU is hitting the ceiling so i need faster. Any suggestions or is there not...
  10. M

    MP All Models Mac Pro Refurb

    Hi! I want to run Logic Pro x and Final Cut Pro, but can’t really afford the hefty price tag on the new Mac Pro. I’m hopeless with specs, so was wondering if someone could help? Would this refurb Mac pro fit the bill? (spec below) And if not, how would I soup it up to do the job well? Many...
  11. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 RX 580, 5700, or 5700 XT Cards that don't block the second PCIE slot?

    I'm looking for cards that have actually been tried that are not blocking the second PCIE slot in your cheese grater. I have the Sapphire Pulse Nitro RX580 at the moment and while it has been rock solid in both Mojave and Catalina it blocks the second slot which I would like to use. So I'm...
  12. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can Nvidia and AMD cards coexist in the same machine?

    In an attempt to add a few more years onto my 5,1's lifespan, thought of this: Install a single slot RX 550 4 GB for macOS; upgrade to Mojave, possibly Catalina later on Continue using my current MVC-flashed GTX Titan X for Windows/Gaming purposes Use a KVM to swap between the video cards'...
  13. D

    MP 7,1 Dell UP3218K 8K Monitor on Mac Pro 2019?

    Hello. Does anyone know about Dell UP3218K 8K Monitor compatibility with the Mac Pro 2019? I own this monitor but I’m only able to drive it using custom resolution on macOS Catalina at 7680x4320 @ 30Hz using two DisplayPort to Thunderbolt converter on an iMac Pro. I’m speculating this could...
  14. Romanesco

    MP 7,1 Aggregate List of Mac Pro (2019) Compatible Components

    An aggregate list of compatible components for the Mac Pro (2019) to be of reference when upgrading the machine. Will update the post from your suggestions bellow. CPUs (added by mikeboss) Intel Xeon W-32223 @ 3.5 GHz (8 cores) Intel Xeon W-3235 @ 3.3 GHz (12 cores) Intel Xeon W-3245 @ 3.2 GHz...
  15. I

    MP 1,1-5,1 Radeon Pro w5700

    I wonder if this will ever be able to work in a MacPro 5.1 and what sort of benefits its may offer over a Radeon VII or Vega?
  16. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Use MacPro 5,1 as a Time Machine Backup Server?

    Hi. I'm thinking about using my good old MacPro 5,1 as a Time Machine backup server in my network. Can you recommend this? Will it be woke-up when one of the other Macs try you start a backup? Thanks for any help and advice in advance.
  17. C

    How to find what wake up my Mac with Catalina

    Dear all after a clean installof Catalina at the moment the only problem I have is about my mac that wake up randomly. I have handoff turned off, wake on network access off, wake by Bluetooth devices off. How do I check the log about wake up? I can’t find any entry using the command I find on...
  18. S

    MP 6,1 Anyone redo the thermal paste on a trashcan?

    Just looking for advice on the spreading method for the processor and the GPUs. I checked intels recommendations but the E5 is not listed. Also what brand do you recommend? I am looking at Gelid GC-Exteme. Thanks!
  19. D

    MP 1,1-5,1 EVGA PowerLink pin connectors

    My current setup is a MacPro5,1 with a GTX Titan X (6+8 pin). Currently using a 6-to-8 pin adapter for the 8 pin input on the card. Would I need to pick up another 6-to-8 pin adapter since the EVGA PowerLink has dual 8 pin inputs?
  20. C

    MP 6,1 nMP, Lightroom Classic, Mojave and GPU for image processing

    Dear all can someone with nMP 2013, Lightroom Classic and Mojave installed can tell if 'Use GPU for image processing" is enabled in late Lightroom Classic August update? If so how do you judge the performance improvement via GPU? Thanks a lot.