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  1. E

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 1,1: Issues w/ Radeon 7950 (GV-R795WF3-3GD Rev 1.0)

    Hi Guys. I tried to use a flashed Radeon 7950 (model in subject) on my MacPro 1,1 (2006) flashed to 2,1 and running El Capitan (OSX 10.11.6). With the 7950, the system gives the boot screen and reaches the login screen without any problems. This, however, is where the issues start. As soon...
  2. A

    MP 7,1 PCIe slot usage / options

    Hi folks, I've checked out the official literature and looked at the pictures, but im having a hard time visualising whether this PCI card setup will find in a 7.1 MP. I've seen pictures of people running dual 6900XTs with room at the bottom - but it'd be nice to get some help. I want to run...
  3. S

    MP All Models Mac Pro Help Needed (New to macs)

    Hi All, I have been given a Macpro, the only other mac i have is a 1990 ish Performa 630 which ive had since i was little, so i have no idea about the new ones, and know very little about the old ones. It has a GT610 (i think) graphics card, and ddr2 ram, and i believe twin xenon processors...
  4. I

    Unsupported Catalina Install - but specific questions.

    My system: - MacPro 5,1 2 x2.66 6-core intel Xeon - 64 Gb ram - Radeon rx580 8gb - 4 SSDs in standard HD sled Bays - installed OpenCore… I did this because I was having computer issues last week…. trying to debug and test things I got to a point where I thought a boot picker...
  5. thmusic7

    Ready to upgrade my Mac and need some advice.

    Hi. I am a professional Music composer and producer. I need to upgrade my equipment for memory and performance sake. I'm on a budget of $1,200, but willing to spend a little more (or less??) to get what I need and want. Here's what I have right now. A mid 2012 MacBook Pro at 2.9GHZ DUAL CORE...
  6. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 11.6 Upgrade from 11.2.3

    I've spent all day getting opencore to work with my 5,1 and was able to get a fresh copy of 11.2.3 working well. I then decided to test the upgrade to 11.6 from the software update and it seemed to hang on the update when booting. I have attached a screenshot. Should I reformat and go back to...
  7. I

    MP 7,1 MAC PRO 7,1 ( purchasing advice or wait?) (from MP 2013)

    Hi, I have a MP 2013 12 core, dual D700, 64GB RAM, 1 TB ssd. I'm manly an editor video, I use often RAW files, I do also some color correction. At this time I use FCPX and DaVINCI Resolve. I have 3 big Areca Thunderbolt 2 Raid 5 with a lot of data! :) I'm thinking to upgrade my system now or...
  8. M

    MacPro 5,1 macOS Catalina/Big Sur boot on RAID with OpenCore

    I have read through the forums and it looks like it is impossible at this moment. @tsialex told me condescendingly that OpenCore doesn't just magically make this possible (For context: That ended the...
  9. SideStepSociety

    MP 1,1-5,1 Specific GPU recommendations - Exclusive Windows gaming use

    Apologies if this is a double post or covered elsewhere, but most of what I saw was relating to dual boot setups. I’ve got a Mid-2012, Mac Pro5,1, A1289(EMC 2629) lying around that I’d like to use exclusively with Windows for gaming. I realize it’s probably not the best computer when it comes...
  10. G

    MP 7,1 Marc pro 7.1 16 core with vega II card

    I bought a Mac Pro with 16 core about 2 months ago, it came with a Radeon Pro W5700X. I upgraded to a Vega II card so I coud have rendering of video done faster using the GPU of the card. At first it worked fine and Final Cut pro was using about 80% of the GPU when rendering and exporting file...
  11. C

    4k Logitech Magnetic Camera for Mac Pro

    Does anyone else get a kernel panic with the camera plugged in and then going to quick time > file > new movie recording > crash? I've tried on two mac pros and had two cameras (returned the first one) and it keeps happening.Does my $5k mac pro and my $200 camera not work together even though...
  12. M

    Some problems with Graphics after fresh install

    Hi... Sorry my bad English spell. I have a 2013 MacPro (Trash Can). Always worked with Sierra without problems. 1 month ago i decided to make a Mojave fresh install. 90% of the time we use this computer for audio production, with Avid Protools. Since the Mojave install i notice some graphic...
  13. daven85

    MP 6,1 Mac Pro 6,1. Freezes at random times

    Afternoon, I have a weird issue on my newly acquired Mac Pro 6,1. It will be working and then it freezes, time doesn't increase and I can't use any keyboard shortcuts... thought I can move the cursor around. Eventually it crashes and restarts (though this can take more than an hour to finally...
  14. E

    MacBook Pro makes small noises

    I bought this MacBook Pro in aug 2020, from almost beginning when I touch the trackpad, keyboard, body , all part of body mostly close to trackpad I hear small noise like small poping and bending. And about Apple, the most irresponsible company that I have ever seen, I took the labtop to the...
  15. Pilo Adami

    MP 1,1-5,1 Macpro with 3 external displays

    I'm looking to add a 3rd monitor to my set up. I'm currently running: Macpro 5.1 early 2009 with an ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB 1st monitor - Mindisplay port adaptor to HDMI into an ultrawide LG running SwitchResX4 for maximum resolution 2dn monitor - DVI out into DVI in a DELL monitor...
  16. S

    MP 7,1 New Mac Pro (2020) Is Cheaper RAM better?

    Hi all, I shall be dropping 10k on 12-core, new Mac Pro Friday....... Question: I'm buying 48Gb Ram out of the box, But would you suggest i buy the basic 32gbram, then upgrade to 64gb with the cheaper 3rd party Ram ? like this...
  17. JKruts

    Is the Sony HVR-M15U compatible with a older Mac pro?

    I recently purchased a Sony HVR-M15U in order to capture many Mini-DV tapes in both DV and HDV formats. The unit appears to be working as I can view video on an external monitor etc. I connected it to my older MacPro and connected it via a firewire cable. I launched iMovie and when I turned on...
  18. TrumanLA

    MP 1,1-5,1 MacPro 4,1 / 5,1 Adequate Wattage / Wiring: 980 Ti or 1080 Ti GPU

    SOLVED via 'Pisla's Mod" It doesn't appear as difficult as it looked at first glance: It consists of using simple taps on 8 long wires, which are routed from the DVD area through the HDD shelf, to the GPU. I'll post any extra details or pictures after I do it ... as I'm sure I"ll find areas...
  19. eikic1

    MP 1,1-5,1 How to Fix black screen MacPro 5,1 (mid 2012)

    how to fix black screen booting on MacPro5,1 (mid 2012) I'm using VGA Radeon VII can help fix it?
  20. Michael Pat Paterson

    MP 1,1-5,1 Early 2008 GPU

    Hi guys, I have a Mac Pro early 2008 which runs El Capitan and mainly Logic Pro x 10.3 The standard graphics card is rubbish, 256mb and not great resolution options for displays. I need a cheap upgrade. I have a HD5450 1gb card spare, will this work?