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  1. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Can a MacPro 5,1 burn a rx580?

    it came with a 4870. Used it for a couple months (it was plugged into two 6 pin pcie power from the logic board). Now I got an rx580 and I'm using a cable I got from a chinese website like AliExpress (banggood) its a two mini 6 pin to 8 pin and I got my rx580. The first day it had an issue (the...
  2. superparati

    MP 1,1-5,1 Random session ejection / reboot with Lightroom

    Hello, I've this issue each time I'm using my computer (5.1 bipro) running BigSur 11.6.5 and OC 0.7.6 and Vega 56 I'm editing my batch with Lightroom and suddenly the computer sort of freeze, I've to wait, then black screen and either the computer reboot or restart the session. Few things I've...
  3. E

    MP 1,1-5,1 Noisy fans on mac pro 4.1 2009

    Hello guys i have a weird problem with my mac pro 4.1 5.1 firmware. my fans are spinning fast even before chimes it starts with loud fans and spinning like 75 percent. on my readings its 900 600 rpm with tg pro my tempatures are all okay even with north bridge cooling is ok i have changed its...
  4. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 installing windows 7 (UEFI) via usb (help)

    hi guys, ive got a question for you. ive been tring to install windows 7 pro on my 2009 4,1 flashed to 5,1 mac pro. i cant install it via usb for what ever reason. i want to use the half baked uefi microsoft made for windows 7 but i dont know what update that is.
  5. R

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 2009 Keeps Freezing

    Hi Hopefully someone can assist my 2009 Mac Pro 5,1 keeps freezing shortly after booting. I believe it’s Graphics Card related bc I was editing a lot of 4k footage recently. I’ve also been experiencing problems with the Titan ridge thunderbolt that I use for my audio interface and it’s causing...
  6. todesto

    MP All Models Does MacPro has to be on to complete TimeMachine back up?

    I know there is a feature called power nap on notebook but there isn't on MacPro. I recently switched my HDD on my TimeMachine so I am starting a new back up and can't remember if the Mac has to be on until back up completes or not.
  7. PowerPCFan

    Help making a Hackintosh!

    After days of bleeding hands and using the wrong screwdrivers, I finally finished a complete tear down of my Early 2008 Mac Pro (2.8) There were no parts left inside. Then it hit me. Mac Pro motherboards don’t use standard screw patterns! I am planning on buying a gigabyte micro atx motherboard...
  8. jelko

    annoying high pitch tone on expensive MacStudio ULTRA

    as mentioned in the title, my ULTRA-Expensive MacStudio Ultra makes an annoying high pitch tone! i tought maybe this comes from the fans. i tested the app "FanControl" in order to lower the fan speed. the high pitch tone is still hearable. this should NOT happen with such a expensive machine...
  9. T

    need help creating my first application for mac os mojave

    hello, im creating a boot camp auto installer for the mac. im starting with the mac pro. i want to know how i can go about and create a disk managment program that allows you to select your partion sizes then it will grabthe iso file from the folder you have set. then it will tkae that iso and...
  10. E

    MP 1,1-5,1 MP 1,1: Issues w/ Radeon 7950 (GV-R795WF3-3GD Rev 1.0)

    Hi Guys. I tried to use a flashed Radeon 7950 (model in subject) on my MacPro 1,1 (2006) flashed to 2,1 and running El Capitan (OSX 10.11.6). With the 7950, the system gives the boot screen and reaches the login screen without any problems. This, however, is where the issues start. As soon...
  11. A

    MP 7,1 PCIe slot usage / options

    Hi folks, I've checked out the official literature and looked at the pictures, but im having a hard time visualising whether this PCI card setup will find in a 7.1 MP. I've seen pictures of people running dual 6900XTs with room at the bottom - but it'd be nice to get some help. I want to run...
  12. S

    MP All Models Mac Pro Help Needed (New to macs)

    Hi All, I have been given a Macpro, the only other mac i have is a 1990 ish Performa 630 which ive had since i was little, so i have no idea about the new ones, and know very little about the old ones. It has a GT610 (i think) graphics card, and ddr2 ram, and i believe twin xenon processors...
  13. I

    Unsupported Catalina Install - but specific questions.

    My system: - MacPro 5,1 2 x2.66 6-core intel Xeon - 64 Gb ram - Radeon rx580 8gb - 4 SSDs in standard HD sled Bays - installed OpenCore… I did this because I was having computer issues last week…. trying to debug and test things I got to a point where I thought a boot picker...
  14. thmusic7

    Ready to upgrade my Mac and need some advice.

    Hi. I am a professional Music composer and producer. I need to upgrade my equipment for memory and performance sake. I'm on a budget of $1,200, but willing to spend a little more (or less??) to get what I need and want. Here's what I have right now. A mid 2012 MacBook Pro at 2.9GHZ DUAL CORE...
  15. T

    MP 1,1-5,1 11.6 Upgrade from 11.2.3

    I've spent all day getting opencore to work with my 5,1 and was able to get a fresh copy of 11.2.3 working well. I then decided to test the upgrade to 11.6 from the software update and it seemed to hang on the update when booting. I have attached a screenshot. Should I reformat and go back to...
  16. I

    MP 7,1 MAC PRO 7,1 ( purchasing advice or wait?) (from MP 2013)

    Hi, I have a MP 2013 12 core, dual D700, 64GB RAM, 1 TB ssd. I'm manly an editor video, I use often RAW files, I do also some color correction. At this time I use FCPX and DaVINCI Resolve. I have 3 big Areca Thunderbolt 2 Raid 5 with a lot of data! :) I'm thinking to upgrade my system now or...
  17. M

    MacPro 5,1 macOS Catalina/Big Sur boot on RAID with OpenCore

    I have read through the forums and it looks like it is impossible at this moment. @tsialex told me condescendingly that OpenCore doesn't just magically make this possible (For context: That ended the...
  18. SideStepSociety

    MP 1,1-5,1 Specific GPU recommendations - Exclusive Windows gaming use

    Apologies if this is a double post or covered elsewhere, but most of what I saw was relating to dual boot setups. I’ve got a Mid-2012, Mac Pro5,1, A1289(EMC 2629) lying around that I’d like to use exclusively with Windows for gaming. I realize it’s probably not the best computer when it comes...
  19. G

    MP 7,1 Marc pro 7.1 16 core with vega II card

    I bought a Mac Pro with 16 core about 2 months ago, it came with a Radeon Pro W5700X. I upgraded to a Vega II card so I coud have rendering of video done faster using the GPU of the card. At first it worked fine and Final Cut pro was using about 80% of the GPU when rendering and exporting file...
  20. C

    4k Logitech Magnetic Camera for Mac Pro

    Does anyone else get a kernel panic with the camera plugged in and then going to quick time > file > new movie recording > crash? I've tried on two mac pros and had two cameras (returned the first one) and it keeps happening.Does my $5k mac pro and my $200 camera not work together even though...