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  1. coolrock1

    Mail App crashes on 2009 iMac

    When I try to open Mail, it crashes on startup. Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.6 Early 2009 iMac
  2. petekjohnson

    Ventura why doesnt detect any sounds installed?

    I just realized that in Ventura no longer appears to have any idea that there are sounds located at ~/Library/Sounds, which as always worked in the past, for years and years. I only see about a dozen sounds, NONE of which i have been able to determine where they are located. Does...
  3. L

    Display names for email aliases. How do they work?

    I’ve got a couple of email aliases set up on my main iCloud account. Within iCloud mail settings on the web, it allows you to specify your name and the actual alias address eg: ‘Dave’ then ‘’ My question is this. When I send an email from the stock mail app, it seems to show...
  4. L

    iCloud Display names for email aliases. How do they work?

    I’ve got a couple of email aliases set up on my main iCloud account. Within iCloud mail settings on the web, it allows you to specify your name and the actual alias address eg: ‘Dave’ then ‘’ My question is this. When I send an email from the stock mail app, it seems to show...
  5. pedzsan

    My hope for Passkeys

    Being a crotchety cynical old man, I try hard not to get my hopes up but I fear that Apple's Passkey has broken down my resistance. I really hope the Passkey concept gets implemented and universally accepted. And it isn't really for web site authentications. If the institution has my public...
  6. R

    iPhone 14 Pro Conflicts in mail and battery life 14 Pro

    Hi, I used the Microsoft Outlook mail app for about a year, because I had sync conflicts in the Apple Mail app on my iPhone. Does anyone know what causes this? I see e-mails that are not present in my mailbox (also spam). I don't really know how to fix this. And the battery life on my 14 Pro...
  7. jagooch

    Can I include the "Junk" folder in "Today" smart folder?

    In Apple mail(macos), I want to use the "Today" smart folder to see every email I received today, regardless of what happened to it after being received. That would help me see what happened to a message that I expected to receive but isn't in my inbox for some reason. A mail rule may have filed...
  8. T

    macOS Ventura: Email - Schedule Sending with Image - Image Disappears and is not included?

    Anyone else having this problem? I just tried to schedule-send an email, then went back into the Send Later folder to see the email there, but the in-line, in-text image was not there. I've tried putting the image as a copy-and-paste (from a screenshot) but also from clicking the actual 📎 icon...
  9. Alvin777

    Disabling the 'Protect Mail Activity' on Mail App Doesn't Disable the 'Load Content Directly'

    Hello Apple friends. Disabling the 'Protect Mail Activity' on Mail App doesn't disable the 'Load Content Directly' and this has been going on for more than a year now since upgrading to this OS (the buggiest OS in Apple's history by far). How can it be fixed? Thank you in advance. Have a very...
  10. C

    Can you guys help fix my mail app? (CPU Usage)

    So I have had this problem with several versions of MacOS, so I think it's my mail account that is causing some issues, but I use a normal gmail account, so that should mean a lot of people should have this problem. Problem: Whenever mail app stays on for too long (I think it happens more...
  11. IberianTraveler

    Version 16.0

    Mail slow to appear when opened, Version 16.0
  12. kahlil88

    AT&T issues with Mail even after updating security certificates

    Troubleshooting email issues for a client. They have multiple email accounts configured in Mail, some of which recently stopped working. I applied the expired security certificate fix and now everything works except their AT&T account. Oddly enough they have a Yahoo email account that DOES work...
  13. A

    ~/Library/Preferences/ non existant??

    Hi, new to migrating from an older Mac w ElCap to new-ish one with Catalina. Trying to get my mail imported without losing it's organization, however, I cannot find the preference file that I need to cpoy? Library is visible, I've searched in users, etc, also in Go To Folder, it says can't find...
  14. blackxacto

    How do I delete from this SMTP list?

    19,1 iMac, Monterey 12.5.1: I have forgotten how to delete from this SMTP list from reshowing as selections. I use the + & -, but trying to select an SMTP server I created, they keep returning in the list.
  15. Buadhai

    Configuring MSMTP on a Mac

    I have MSMTP (a simple smtp client) running on four Raspberry Pies. It was easy to set up and runs fine on all of them. I haven't had the same good luck trying to install and configure it on an M1 iMac. I'm sure I made a silly error somewhere. I'm hoping someone will spot my mistake. The...
  16. R

    Out of Office

    Anyone else wish Apple would add a 2022-worthy "Out of Office" reply for Mail. Setting up "rules" that could wind up sending an out of office reply to every message already in my inbox if not set up right is so antiquated. This is the sort of feature that Focus Modes would pair beautifully with...
  17. E

    After connecting Apple Watch red notification tab not appearing

    I have an iPhone 8 after I got a new Apple Watch (se) the red dot above the mail icon has disappeared. How can I get it back.
  18. E

    Mail, Messages, WhatsApp not working following the update

    All of my mail accounts are getting the error "Connections to the server “...” on the default ports timed out.". This problem is resolved with a restart of the computer but within hours they stop sending and receiving emails again. I have tried to delete and reinstall the accounts but that did...
  19. C

    Apple Mail Mailboxes On My Mac Versus iCloud

    I have a question about the mailboxes I've created in Apple Mail. I create mailboxes to organize messages I want to keep. I've always just had them "On My Mac" instead of putting them in iCloud. I'm curious to hear what others do, as I'm wondering if I'd be better off putting all of these...
  20. B

    all Mail accounts gone after upgrade Mojave -> Big Sur

    Hi all, I upgraded Mojave to Big Sur yesterday. (2018 Mac Mini) On first launch, Mail displayed the usual "updating database" message. No error messages, but: all Mails for all accounts are now gone. I have a full backup (Carbon Copy Cloner), so I'm not breaking a sweat (yet). I tried...