1. T

    Mail notifications

    Is there any way to make it so that I receive notifications for some email accounts, but not others?
  2. S

    Apple Mail and Safari lose connection to internet, but Firefox does not

    I have an intermittent problem. Some times I will be using my MacBook Pro (Mid 2012) and Safari will lose the ability to reach the internet. At the same time, so will Apple Mail However if I then use Firefox or Chrome, or another application like Twitter, they will be able to connect to the...
  3. B

    Setting up gmail OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

    Hi, ive been trying for hours to set up my gmail or outlook on my mac mail. I have totally reached a dead end googling for answers and was wondering if someone can help. I can see my gmail or outlook on the mail app but i cant send anything. I keep getting a message that says 'cannot send...
  4. jagooch

    Apple Mail rule to alert me when I receive email from any address in a specific domain?

    I like to wheel and and deal on Craigslist a lot. Since deals are usually first come first serve, I want to be notified via alert when the seller replies to my inquiry. The challenge is the the sender's ( or from ) address is a dynamically generated address at the domain...
  5. dysamoria

    iPhone Specific Email “Invisible” in iOS Mail on iPhone

    Has anyone experienced this? I was looking for a sent email, subject “Today’s Exercise”, in a mailbox folder I named “Misc”. I was fairly sure it existed, but it was not listed. I proved to myself that it DOES exist when I did a search for emails with the word “exercise” in the subject line...
  6. B

    Mail keeps crashing

    Hi all, My Mail has been crashing consistently for a few months now. I believe it started once I switched to High Sierra, yet I have another computer at my work space which is older and can only go to El Capitan and it's happening there, too. All of a sudden Mail will just crash and I get that...
  7. S

    iPhone Mail inbox preview shows text not in email.

    Been curious about this odd little quirk. When looking at my inbox in the mail app, each email has a short preview of its contents. But for certain emails the preview contains text that’s nowhere in the body of the email itself. It’s not totally random text, however, because it usually deals...
  8. S

    All Devices Comma in "From name" causes iOS Mail to consider it Last, First

    If I put, for instance, something like this: "Jeffrey Lebowski, PhD" in the "From" field when sending an email, iOS Mail assumes the comma is separating a last name from a first name, and will render the name as "PhD Jefrey Lebowski." This does not occur in, for instance, Mac Mail, Outlook, or...
  9. lpuerto

    Mail app slow to open and while fseventsd using 100% of resources

    Hey! I has happened to me several times that mail app is really slow to be open, not just the first time I open it during a session but every damn time I open it. Like a minute or so. It just happens and it doesn't return to its normal behavior —opening almost instantly— until I delete...
  10. U

    All Devices Mail notifications do not sync across devices having same iCloud id

    If mail notifications are configured for display on the notification centre concurrently on two devices logged in to same iCloud id, then nothing happens upon clicking on one device of such a mail notification which had already been opened on the other device. Instead the mail App remains...
  11. U

    All Devices Unable to Move eMails on Apple Mail (iOS) from an imap account folder to Exchange/ account Folder

    On the native mail app of ios, can't move emails from any imap account folder to my Exchange / mail account, On native mail app of ios. the Exchange/ mail account appears greyed out. I have no problem moving emails from the Office 365 Exchange account or
  12. indychris

    Help with mail options needed

    Good morning, everyone! This has been an ongoing problem for me for years and I simply can't come up with a good solution. I work with several different organizations, and manage a 501-c-3 myself as well as working for a business where email ie essential. I have well over a dozen email...
  13. iangoat

    Missing emails

    Hi Forum. Since moving to catalina (10.15.3) the odd, but important, email’s gone awol. A major worry now, as they’re from clients wondering why I’ve not replied to work requests / amends etc. The frustrating thing is it’s so random. I’ll get other emails from same sender, just not the odd one...
  14. S

    iPhone iOS mail - Today smart filter/mailbox

    Hi all. I often use the 'Today" mailbox/filter included in iOS mail. However I've just noticed that it only shows mail that is in the inbox. I receive some emails which I move to various folders, these do not show up in the today filter.... Is there a way to include other folders? It's a...
  15. S

    iPhone Still having issues with Mail.

    Many people had reposted similar problems with Mail on iPhone. However even with the latest iOS updates my problems still persist. Listing them here: 1) When viewing new mail and clicking the down arrow to get to the next new email, it shows each email twice. They are not listed twice in the...
  16. Stuart Brodie

    Setting up a new default mail client

    Hi, Is it possible to set up Outlook for Mac as my default mail client without opening mac mail? For example, when I click on an email address online I would like to automatically open Outlook for Mac rather trying to reopen mac mail? Thanks!
  17. B

    Question about Apple MAIL

    Is there a search function or filter function, where I can search specifically for emails that I have not replied to? Thanks
  18. maverick28

    The "To:" field clears itself of a particular address, refuses to be populated, composing a msg in iPhoto

    Hi, I faced a weird situation when the address in question being typed into the "To:" field, composing the message within iPhoto app, does not populate it when selected from the dropdown menu, although it auto-completes as soon as I start typing it. At first, I thought this can be a formatting...
  19. elnbrg

    Multiple On My Mac folders in Mail

    I have 2 POP3 accounts set up in Mac's stock Mail app and 3x Archive On My Mac folders with the same contents. The contents is not a duplicate - its the same. If you delete a message in one On My Mac folder, it will be deleted in other two. This only happens when you have POP3 accounts, IMAP is...
  20. K

    Mail in Catalina - Undo Move Message doesn't work

    Anyone notice that Undo Move Message in Catalina doesn't work?