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  1. torbjornhb

    Mail takes forever to load...

    Anyone else experience that it takes very long time to load mail? The red icon that indicates the number of emails appears, but nothing is displayed in the app. The Gmail app displays the mail immediately, but it may take 5-10 minutes for it to appear in your Apple mail app. By the way, running...
  2. M

    Mail app shows 1 unread mail badge when all mails are read

    I've been having this issue for about a year now (both on Big Sur and Monterey), where sometimes when I get an email and read it, the badge will still say I have an unread email. It's an iCloud account I use. Have tried removing the iCloud account from my Mac user and adding it again. This did...
  3. 0

    Gmail Starred Email Not Syncing with MacOS and iOS Mail Flags

    Hi All, Over the last couple of iOS and MacOS versions I've noticed that emails that I unflag in my Gmail (personal and Business) accounts aren't syncing correctly across experiences. I've noticed it's the worst in iOS where I've unflagged dozens of emails through Mail on my MBP or through...
  4. mac_in_tosh

    Restoring a deleted Mail folder using Time Machine

    I am using Mac Mail to access email on AOL Mail. I recently logged in to AOL Mail directly on the web and in a momentary lapse of judgment deleted the contents of the Sent folder. The next time I used Mac Mail, I found that the Sent folder there is empty as well. Not remembering everything that...
  5. H

    Your network settings prevent content from loading privately

    I just started seeing this error message appearing in my Apple mail. I had started using the privacy setting in mail to load remote content and it was working fine until this afternoon. I’m looking up possible resolutions and found that the options in settings have also changed. Now I am...
  6. Yoms does not update unread badge count (unless app is restarted)

    Hi all, I have a ProtonMail account and use the Proton's in order to configure with IMAP settings. MacBook Pro 2018 running Mac OS Big Sur 11.6 does not update the dock icon badge count (red circle) unless I quit the and restart it. For instance: I receive...
  7. T

    Mail - Any keyboard shortcut that allows you to move message?

    In outlook you can press a key command that brings up a window to type a folder name and it will drill into the folders as you type so you can easily select a folder. I prefer to use the native apps because they feel faster. Any keyboard shortcut for mail that does this or something similar?
  8. D


    I have three machines. A MacBook Pro, iMac 5K and an older iMac. All three run off the same email account. Emails come in to all three computers at once without issues and the ones that are irrelevant to each machine are binned as required. That is visible across the network - if one machine...
  9. P

    iPhone 12 Pro Face ID for iOS Mail and Messages

    Does iOS 14 allow the ability to require Face ID authentication when opening the iOS Mail App? I've looked in the settings (Face ID->Other Apps) but don't see the option to enable Face ID for the built in Apple Mail App. I'm able to enable Face ID for iOS Outlook along with other third party...
  10. R

    iCloud Mac Mail email account will not connect to imap server

    On all our earlier iMac's, Mac Book Pro, recently our iCloud email accounts, all of them, will not connect to the IMAP server. There is no way to manually edit the imap server since it is automatically configured with the iCloud internet account setup...
  11. Sir1Pocket

    iPad Can’t connect to Gmail from Mail app

    I am trying to use the Mail app to setup and connect to my Gmail account, but Safari says too many levels of indirection. Don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Why is Safari even involved because my default browser is Chrome? Any help appreciated.
  12. shinyheadmusic

    Music and Mail window unexpected behavior with second monitor on Big Sur 11.4

    On my 2019 27" iMac, I have a Dell 24" second monitor connected via a USB 3 hub > HDMI. I like to keep Mail and Music on that second display, however two unexpected behaviors occur regularly: The Music window shifts back to the main iMac display frequently - although I can't make it happen by...
  13. D

    Mail iOS iPadOS - Missing critical "Sort/date" filter? WTF

    I feel like I'm asking a really obvious question, or pointing out the biggest clanger of all time. Today I've upgraded an email account from IMAP to dedicated MS Exchange. No issue about apart from a slow merge of mailboxes, moving the "Sent" folder from the old IMAP to the Sent folder on the...
  14. Buadhai

    Mail "Move To" Predictions No Longer Working in Big Sur

    I updated to Big Sur this week and am distressed to see that Mail's "Move To" menu bar item no longer makes predictions. With Catalina and before the "Move To" predictions were almost always spot-on. Under Big Sur, predictions have simply disappeared. Now, every time I want to move a message I...
  15. R

    iPad Why won’t mail update properly on one of my iPads?

    I’ve got two iPads - an iPad Air 2 and an iPad mini. Both are linked to the same Apple user account and the Mail app has the same 3 email accounts on it. The iPad Air 2 updates very fast to show new emails. The iPad mini sometimes won’t update for 12 hours, although it finally always does...
  16. PhillyGuy72

    14.6 - Mail constantly running in the background

    I updated to iOS 14.6 earlier today, I look at my App usage under "BATTERY" and see Mail is constantly running now in the background, although my mail is not open. Mail "Push" is off, "Fetch" is off. You can see the chart has spiked since I updated. Anyone know how I can turn this off running...
  17. mac_in_tosh

    Question for people using Mac Mail to access AOL Mail

    I'm using AOL Mail because Verizon switched us to it a few years ago. In March, I received an email from AOL saying certain steps will have to be taken or else we won't be able to access our email using Mail after June 1 and I had posted some questions about it. It appeared to be a real email...
  18. Knowlege Bomb

    Change/customize Mail archive/trash button? (Solved)

    I've recently changed to an iCloud email as my primary and am slowly moving away from Gmail. I have both accounts set up in the default Mail app and while there's options under the Gmail account to choose where to move discarded items, the same menu doesn't seem to be available under iCloud so...
  19. jjffpp

    Hack Apple Mail to modify the default text formatting?

    Hello, Longtime reader, first post here. Niche question! I’m sure the answer is no, but please think about it for a second :) I’ve been wondering for years: is it possible to edit the default formatting in Mail? I hate the way Mail formats bulleted lists and I’d like to change that. Can we...
  20. M

    Mac: How to fix mailto links so they open in Gmail?

    How do I make mailto links open in Gmail? It always brings up Apple's Mail app, and I do NOT want to use it or to set it up. Help! \(°Ω°)/