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  1. K

    Where is Mail config stored?

    I have had huge problems with Mail since 14.1, after reading a mail message it wont be displayed again only new. I have removed the Mail accounts, removed the Library/Mail folder, the /Library/Preferences/ file etc but all mail config with its errors are kept even after reboot...
  2. GH1852

    Mail - how to reset/repair one user

    A friend using MacOS 12.7.1 is having problems with Mail. Mail works quite well as long as they don't activate their IMAP account; they have some local mailboxes from an old POP account. Connecting and trying to synchronize with their one IMAP account causes Mail to increase its memory usage (in...
  3. M

    Mail app keyboard shortcut to display Rules?

    I'd like to have a shortcut when in Mail to display the Rules I have defined. I've opened App Shortcuts and can get part of the way there by creating a custom shortcut to get to the Mail Settings with: Mail->Settings... But how do I then select "Rules"? Nothing seems to work. I'm running...
  4. A

    Primary language is set to UK English - but suddenly autocomplete (Notes/Mail) is using US spelling

    I've just been typing something in Notes and autocomplete is completing words we spell with an 's' with the American 'z' spelling. I have checked System Settings and the default (primary) language is set to English UK. Mail is also affected. It only affects autocomplete, autocorrect isn't...
  5. Buadhai

    iCloud Mail: Can't connect to the account "iCloud". Enter the password for user "".

    This on an M1 MBA running 13.5.2 Suddenly I cannot send mail from this machine using an iCloud mail address. The mail fails with the message: Connection Doctor says that the iCloud SMTP server is down with the following error: READ Sep 22 15:15:03.104 [kCFStreamSocketSecurityLevelTLSv1_2] --...
  6. P

    All iPads How to make all email available offline?

    How can I have all my email from a given account downloaded and available offline on my iPad? I was hoping that being able to do this would be an advantage of getting 2TB of storage, but I’m having trouble figuring out how to make it happen.
  7. P

    Mail - After Highlighting A Message In Message List It Reverts To Greyed Out

    After the installation of beta 8 yesterday on my iPad Pro I didn’t see any obvious issues but today after restarting it, as I always do the day after a new OS, this issue occurred. Go to Mail, tap on a message in the message list, it becomes highlighted in blue. Wait a few seconds and it will...
  8. L

    Smart Mailbox Folder fails after 20 mailboxes

    A curious thing that I just noticed. When creating a smart mailbox folder in the Mail app (Mail 16.0 on Ventura 13.4), it completely fails when more than 20 smart mailboxes are added. Up to 20 it works great, showing the cumulative emails pulled from the smart mailboxes, but after 20 it...
  9. aquasky

    How to open Apps at login but keep the windows closed

    Hi there Anyone knows how to open Apps at login but keep their windows closed? I use these Apps on a regular basis and I'd like them to "load" when computer starts but without opening the App windows. This is different from having the window minimised. Basically, I need the App to be running...
  10. haralds

    Mail - rule with "***SPAM***" in header not firing

    One of my email servers marks potential spam as "***SPAM***" in subject line. A mail rule to track this and put them into Junk is not firing. - Search finds these - A SpamSieve rule to put everything into Junk first works. I have that disabled, since I ran into too many issues with its "corpus."...
  11. antmit

    Any changes in Mail?

    I've used Mac Mail on Exchange since 2008 when I first switched to Apple, and loved it more or less. However, our work email provider recently had to change over to 365 from on-premise Exchange, and I was forced to start using the new Outlook app. To be honest, despite being 100% Apple, I do...
  12. R

    Resolved Mac Desktop with High Sierra 10.13.16

    My Mac Desktop 24” with High Sierra 10.13.6 has just closed down Mail! A username and password error shown and a Thunderbolt icon next to the two accounts. It took me about ten days to realise after the usual update as I tend to use my iPhone 8 Plus for everyday mails. I now have to use a...
  13. Buadhai

    Intel MBA Keychain/Password Woes

    My wife has a 2017 MBA still running Catalina (10.15.7 - Yeah, I know). Recently she's had a couple of odd password problems that I think are keychain related: • The machine keeps "forgetting" WiFi passwords. When I check the keychain on her machine, there is no entry for the SSID she's trying...
  14. Haemoglobin

    Email clients and working email

    Hey everyone Aside from logging on to gmail or hotmail via a browser, is it possible to have email via a email client? Up until recently the default mail client in 10.5.8 was working fine, but now it will not connect to hotmails imap server.
  15. G

    iCloud Removed Custom Email Domain but Email Address Still Listed

    I associated two custom domains with my iCloud account and all went smoothly. No issues creating email address, receiving mail, etc. I recently stopped using one of the domains and removed it from my account. However, when I look under Preferences > Accounts at the iCloud Mail site, the address...
  16. jasnw

    Mail App Behavior in Ventura

    I've just switched to a new Mini running Ventura from an old iMac running El Capitan, and some of the changed behavior in the Mail app are, at the very least, annoying. My standard setup is to view mail in the "old" Column Layout format, with the Inbox list and selected email displayed on the...
  17. f00f

    Smart Mailboxes: utterly broken

    I have one mail account I use with -- my iCloud account that I've had since the days of MobileMe. In Ventura's it's impossible to make persistent changes to Smart Mailboxes, meaning if I add/remove/modify any Smart Mailbox configurations and then close and re-open
  18. Machist

    How you archive emails in Mac Mail?

    Hello! How you manage/archive your old emails? I have email archive starting 2008 -> and Mail folder size is over 22 Gb Example my 2008 emails are in /Users/<username>/Library/Mail/V4/3BB7B2B5-4123-4BD0-8D85-101E92801E73/MobileMe 2008.mbox Other archive files are in...
  19. GumaRodak

    Icloud+ Custom email domain

    Hello, i would like to better understand the custom domain email feature. I have my private icloud account and i would like to keep it as my main account and email. Is it possible to add a second email account with custom domain applied? As the custom domain email account would be for my...
  20. GuillaumeB

    iPhone Mail notification bug (?)

    Hello, I have disabled notifications for one of the two accounts that I have setup on my iPhone in the default mail app However, i'm still getting those notifications, even after a reboot. Am I missing something ? Thank you very much