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  1. D stuck copying messages is stuck copying messages from an Exchange account to an iCloud account. I've tried re-adding the Exchange account several times to no avail. I suspect it's because of a single message. Is there any way to find out which particular message is the culprit? doesn't seem to...
  2. mbert takes very long to come up

    I have had this for a while now. When I start, e.g. after having rebooted, it takes several minutes to show the window. During that time even SpamSieve tells me it has been deactivated (which it hasn't, it simply seems to have run into a timeout). Rebuilding the mailbox hasn't helped...
  3. rickpoet

    Looking for script or automator action to copy specified mail message headers

    Hi, I'm looking for an AppleScript or Automator action(s) which would allow me to copy specified headers in a group of selected email messages in Background - I run an online poetry magazine which takes submissions by email, I want to on a weekly basis copy all of the email addresses...
  4. glawrie

    Mail - closing of own accord after random interval

    Have Mojave PB1 running on a MacPro 5,1. Mostly everything works, but am noticing that the mail app will not stay open for long - if I open, leave the computer and return after (e.g. 20 mins) mail has closed. When it closes it leaves a comment of this form in the system log: Jul 1 18:22:56...
  5. I

    Is there any way to securely have a gmail account use an email alias with in iOS 11?

    Hey all, is there any way to securely have a gmail account use an email alias with on iOS? (Example, the "from" email is different than the gmail email address itself and looks like it's coming from your domain, i.e. the actual gmail account is “" and I want the email to...
  6. G and kernel panics

    Look out! Many antivirus (Avast, Sophos Enterprise and Avira reported so far) have critical bug, causing kernel panic after opening It can be fixed by disabling file system/e-mail shields, or uninstalling antivirus. Is there any antivirus working with 10.13?
  7. A

    Moving mail to in Sierra

    Everybody knows that Mail changed it format from V3 to V4, because of new SQLite database version. So, it is not works anymore to just copy mail/V3 folder to a new OS. It don't load previous mailboxes. I hate Import/Export function in Apple Mail because it exports/imports only one folder! (So...
  8. A not applying rules when downloading archived messages

    Hi all, In gmail I have defined a lot of filters with "Skip the Inbox(Archive it)" option enabled. I receive a lot of email and I like to have my inbox as empty as possible. And also I do the sorting in gmail instead of because this way I can change to another mail client and I don't...
  9. Crimson Hikari

    Mail app quitting a few seconds after launch (Sierra)

    I upgraded to Sierra a few days ago, and initially, it was fine. Everything seemed to be working. Yesterday, the Mail app quit unexpectedly and upon relaunching, will not stay open for more than a few seconds. Anyone else have this problem? And does anyone have a solution?
  10. N

    After an email is opened and the "Load Remote Content" is clicked, how do you reverse this for futur

    More specifically, future opens for the same email. I have always had the box unchecked for loading images just to notate.
  11. K

    Moving Files to New iMac; Advice Needed

    I’m getting ready to replace my 2011 iMac with a new one. Lately, the iMac has been showing its age with lots of spinning beachballs and general slowdowns. When I switch over to the new machine, I want to clear out as much cruft as possible by NOT merely using Migration Assistant to copy the...
  12. R rules to delete and mark as read stay unread

    I have several rules to delete emails and mark them as read, for some time now the rule still works and it continues to move the emails that fit the criteria to the deleted folder, however, they remain marked as unread. Not sure when the behavior changed from marking them as read to remaining...